Workout Encouragement – Getting to the Gym

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Workout Encouragement

Workout Encouragement

For many of us, we don’t have a problem working out, we have a problem actually getting to the gym. When you get to the gym you kill it but getting to the gym may be your issue. So how can we get that extra dose of workout encouragement that actually gets you out of bed?

Workout Encouragement

I’ve broken down workout encouragement into a science.

What exactly do you need to do every day to actually get to the gym?

1. Learn your “WHY”

Learning your “why” is the most effective method to get the workout encouragement it takes to make it to the gym.

Learning your “why” means figure out why you are working on your body. Why are you trying to get a more defined chest or a thicker ass?

Common reasons include impressing a girl/boy, getting revenge on an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, sports, trying to get laid, stress, or health reasons. Everyone has their own reason for getting in shape.

Be honest with yourself. Most people site “health” as the reason they want to get in shape but in reality, they just want to get laid. The worst person to lie to is yourself.

A good way to identify your why is to think, when did you start working out? After a breakup? During a stressful period at work? After getting turned down when sliding in someones DMs?

Really take the time to identify your why.

Knowing your “why” allows you to move on to the next step. You can now use the “why” to your advantage to get you out of the bed and into the gym.

2. Use Your Imagination

Take a moment and think, what will you look like in 10 years if you work out, then think about what you will look like in 10 years if you don’t work out.

Somedays this step alone is enough to get me out of bed and into my gym shorts.

Think about yourself being fat and sitting on a couch. Imagine your ex, pointing at you and say, “I used to date that fat guy/girl over there, I really dodged a bullet”.

On the other hand, think of your ex, pointing at you and saying, “I really shouldn’t have broken up with him”.

Go back and look at your why. This should help you use your imagination to identify the right workout encouragement to get you to the gym.

This can also be used during a workout to increase intensity.

Play out scenarios using both your why and your imagination.

For example, let’s use getting laid as the why (because I think it’s the most common).

As you’re at the gym laying on the bench press and aligning your hand on the bar, think about having the chest you want walking on the beach get looks left and right.

I know how cheesy this sounds, but I’m telling you it works.

3. Get a Gym Buddy

Nothing gets me excited to go to the gym like meeting a buddy there.

The “Are you on your way?” texts really keeps me accountable to actually go.

Having a gym buddy is not just good for gym encouragement. They also hold you accountable and more importantly have a spotter helps you take your workout to the next level.

This is also a good opportunity to share your “why” with someone else. Don’t be shy. Tell them why you are working your behind off to get in good shape and encourage them to share their why also.

Workout Encouragement

4. Make Working Out Fun

If you are having trouble going to the gym and are here for workout encouragement, chances are you see working out as a tedious task you need to get out of the way.

If you can find a way to make working out something you look forward to every day, obviously, working out won’t be a problem.

Something as little as jamming out to your favorite song in the car everytime you go to the gym can make a big difference.

Your mind starts to associate the gym or the drive to the gym as a task you look forward to.

This could be the extra piece of workout encouragement you need to make it to the glorious doors of the gym.

5. Reward Yourself

Ever have that good pump after a workout where you just feel like a beast. That feeling is everything. For many people, that’s reward enough.

But if you’re here for workout encouragement, that feeling may not be enough. Rewarding yourself after a good workout can be a good way to ensure you don’t just get to the gym, but you push yourself there too.

A few things I would recommend you try:

  • Take a long shower/bath.
  • Masturbate (I’m Serious)
  • Eat a snack you love
  • Have a beer

Rewards release hormones that make you feel good. So our goal is to associate the hormones of the reward with getting a killer workout in.

Make sure you don’t overdo it. You don’t want to add inches to your waste because you are rewarding yourself every day.

Mix and match your list of rewards.

Workout Encouragement

6. Create a Workout Plan

Creating a workout plan before you leave your place can really help with the laziness. 

Also, as you write down each workout, imagine yourself completing the workout. Imagine yourself doing the workouts and feeling that pump.

You can create a workout plan for the week but I prefer to do it daily. Usually, when I plan for the week, by Wednesday I am no longer following my plan and end up doing whatever I’m in the mood for.

7. Pre-Workout

If all other workout encouragement methods fail, I guarantee you pre-workout (commonly referred to as c4) will not just get you out of bed, but it will get you flying out of bed.

If you live under a rock and do not know what a pre-workout is. It’s typically a power that is primarily caffeine.

You put this power in water (or milk if you’re bulking) and 20-35 minutes later, you will feel a massive burst of energy.

I usually encourage people to use this when they are still building the rhythm of going to the gym. 

Pre-workout is not recommended for those that workout at night. Because of the caffeine, it can be incredibly difficult to sleep at night.

There are quite a few options out there. But from the ones I’ve tried,  Legion Pulse Pre-Workout has the best kick.

Sometimes even when I’m not really in the mood to workout, I’ll take a scoop of Pre-Workout and suddenly find myself super pumped and ready to go.

8. Just do it

No this is not a Nike commercial.

At some point. You actually just need to get the hell out of bed put on your shorts and get to the damn gym.

Just stop overthinking. The longer you contemplate whether or not you should go, the more opportunity you have to come up with excuses.

Use these workout encouragement tips to get yourself to the gym.

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