Workouts at home for women

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Hey guys so today what I think we’regonna do ….. it is freezing outside imagination you it’s June 2nd June 3rd I woke up thismorning and it was 53 magnitudes outside! Everyone else gets to enjoy summerapparently, where I live, we have to continue to waitbut anyway I’m freezing right now I have my coat on my dog’s hastening he’s justreally cold we’re just sick of the freezing but so let’s just make a video! What I amplanning on doing today I’m going to show you a little of the equipmentthat I do have that I am exerting and that I do plan on using that I have in thegarage we just got to clear out some room in the garage.We’re in the processof …. well we’ve been in the process of remodeling the dwelling that we’re in rightnow. Our goal is to within the next year, two years meridians, is to get out of here getout of the Midwest and move down we’re thinking Tennessee so that being saidwe’re trying to time plainly budget and really watch what we’re spending sowe can get out of here sooner not only so we can finish cook up this housebut so we can buy our next one and get out of here like I said but that entailsas far as budgeting goes we would need I would be required for personally to watch myspending so I am not really I know that there’s some economical gym membershipsout there like Planet Fitness I think you can get a basic membership for 10 bucks a month that’s reasonable I get wise I might look into that alittle bit later and the coming months as of right now I want to justcontinue to do what I can, workout employing is not simply my body load but the weightsthat I do have because I want to get into more of a value lifting training.I’m learning a good deal online especially through YouTube and the certified trainersthat are out there.I am NOT a certified manager or anything of the sortso I am learning mostly from the ground up on mymacros, nutrition, weightlifting, suitable kind, skill, muscle confusioneverything. So what I plan on doing, I want to do some challenges coming up too….so mostly what I’m doing now I pretty much I’m gonna do a weigh-in today. Ipretty much got the… far as weight loss drives -I’m pretty much where Iwant to be about 135 -1 30 this is fine Now I want to really paraphernalium into fat loss, losing more fatty on my figure. Now there is a difference between weight …. weightloss and fat loss within the body. I’m not gonna be so concerned about countingcalories or anything like that like I was before now I’m gonna be more focused and zeroed in on my macros inducing sure I’m getting, you know especially withweight lifting, you want to know that you’re getting certainly ample sums ofprotein and then figuring out if I need more carbs or more fat.I’m what oils my form more. I’m gearing towards a higher fat lower carb thing but everyone’s form is different so we’ll simply chassis that outas we go but that’s what I’m going to start with to see how my mas respondsto that. So what this video basically is I’ll time a weigh-in simply to see where I’m starting at and then I’m going to start posting workoutvideos. I’m gonna be doing them everyday so I just so you could see a progressionof vogues progression throughout my body. And I am working out without my shirt, obviously a sports bra on but without my shirt plainly I’m not showing offbecause there’s nothing to show right now I’m pretty much vexed that I’meven doing this but I have to keep myself accountable save myself going sothen extremely at the final results when I do start getting more defined and the weighttraining is really pay for I will have evidence of where I’ve started whereit all started so that’s my motivation.I guess word-paintings is a big deal like ifyou’re make drawings before and after videos that’s awesome I believe that’snothing more than a great motivator for you; me, myself included. So I’m gonna let – show you what gear that I have laying aroundhere at the house, what I’m currently working, what I plan on using because Ican dust some gear off that I do, like I said, had in the garage or I have inthe garage. I did do a immediate ab workout earlier ….. I believe too, because I do havea big problem with my midsection, that instead of doing tons of cardio and tonsof crunches which I don’t believe is going to be as effective as …. Zoe …. aslifting loads in general. I believe that’s gonna take care of all my problemareas but I’m gonna do them nonetheless now and there whatever because I dowant to build out muscle under the fat in the meantime. So when this fat starts defrosting off, then I have some muscle to sounds on through…atleast that’s my mindset.So yeah, so we’ll go ahead like I said do that…do theworkout and then I’m going to do another dinner figure out what I’m gonna break myfast with today and this will precisely be my I guess daily enter for the day as far asmy continued passage through to going fit So I’m gonna present you just whatequipment that I’m working with at the moment being that I is not go to the gymor have any kind of gym membership or any kind of like really big fancyequipment here it’s all reasonably basic so I just wanted to kind of get it onthe record. Um let’s start over here I guess. We’re in the midst of remodelingthis home. We’re gonna flip it before we move so if you realize unfinished project likethis opening here it – this is why. So I predict you it’s gonna be a beautifulhouse. It’s already becoming a beautiful residence but I don’t live like, you are familiar with, uh..In a shit excavation I approximate. lol Okay so this is just my mat I’ve consumed it in my video sofar well a regular I approximate yeah yoga matting that I have. I have … I do havethis foam roller I am brand-new to the foam roller. I believe they might come in different sizes I just go to the TJ Maxx HomeStore, this shit is pretty cheap. So I don’t know but this is just the foamroller that I do have that I intend to be using more often, lies in the fact that I am going to focus on weight discipline. These are my husband’s weightsthese are the blocks that he use I don’t use these they’re superpower blocks Iguess but I do have the women’s one over here that I’m undoubtedly exercising now.I’mnot a big fan of these. I see that they’re pretty expensive. My husband gotthese awhile ago at some auction or whatnot but …. I like the ones- I meanthey’re nice and all but I prefer the barbell ones precisely because I don’t likehaving to adjust these all the time for my force. So like if I just wanted to do somesuper sets or whatnot you know I has got to stop adjust the force and then liftagain. So I don’t know I’m still kind of getting used to it. I have these- there notbarbells but I suspect they’re um what are they … kettlebells! This is a 15 pounderagain, my husband got these. I’ve had them around the house forever before Idecided I wanted to start working out. 10 and then I have a 5 in the garage, these are awesome … extremely where reference is do legs. These arejust from Amazon I deemed to be like 20 horses or something like that. It’s just afive three and two pounder , nothing special here. Sometimes I make the fiveand three and and framed them in one hand and use them because again I’m not ahuge devotee of this but I’m getting be applicable to it.I’m getting used to the whole weightlifting thing anyway. Over here I do have a bike. Again, I don’t really use it -thestationary bike. I exploited it a little this wintertime when I was starting to getmy motivation back up … not bad. I do have an awesome mountain bike thatI’m -being that it’s getting- becoming nicer outside. I’m just starting to rideoutside um I do live in Chicago its like 53 units! it’s June 2nd or 3rd its 53 magnitudes HA But regardless that is that and then I willshow you what I … Oh, before I do I do here’s my exercise ball in now. So I have um stabilizer clod – oh and I do have let’s see some resist circles in herethat I am expending. I have I really dictated these from Amazon. Amazon is like my best friend – and it gives people little practises on them more – you wanna, so I have a illuminated, this is like a heavy job, most light-footed, what does it say on hereokay so heavy.This one should be like extra heavy yeah extra heavy and itgives you little activity on now that you could do with these which is nice ifyour brand-new. Light-footed and then this is medium I belief … yeah medium. Cool so I got those I’m working with , not really exploiting the bike, doing the values and then I’llshow you what I have in the garage. Alright so let’s head out to the garagehere. Turn on the light..let’s go out here. We are straightening this up tooobviously we use our garage for a wood store right now being that my husbandis pretty handy with the timber. But I do have some substance out here we want toclear out -myself a angle for again works out. So we have this forbid now forchin-ups and substance. I thoughts I need to use it the other way. I tried to just see some worklifting mitts here yeah so this is for the bar.A bar and chin up bar thislittle contraption now which is nice. I do have a weight bench yeah gotta dust that off. Um with a buzzer, another disallow so I can do some lowers and whatnot again Ihave to -here’s all my forces back here or all thee forces back here -shouldn’t call them mine till I start using them. There’s that five pounder is about. Oh and here’smy bicycle -so here’s my freaking bike again my husband bought me. Yes I have the best husband ever! It’s got all these dang gears on it and Idon’t even know why cuz I don’t not you envisioned his imagination material but no it’s coolthere’s my husband’s motorcycle it’s my son’s little go-cart that we just got and here’smy daughter’s bike oh there’s her water bottle I “re looking for”. So again we haveall our heaviness back there I plan on using this forbid hopefully within the nextweek we can clear this little section out back here for….None existentroller blades- yeah we haven’t consumed those in forever …. and I can start using thiscorner to be addressed a bit being that I do have this rig and I want to startweight teaching. Okay off to the scale- Zoe’s sock sheplays with. I know it’s Monday … I usually do weigh-ins on Friday but I don’t weighmyself this past Friday. Let’s taken away from some additional clothes here- I ever feellike it helps even though I know my shell that I have on, or the sweater that Ihave around my waist doesn’t weigh a pound so( LOL) but … I even have socks on but we’re gonna go ahead and merely weigh it.Anyway all right … 138.4 !!!! Now see let’s take off thesocks and watch what I weigh because that’s bullshit I weighed 135 three daysago( more like a week ago) Yeah 138.4 – maids fluctuate though…so alright- that’s our weigh-in so now … let’s go on !.

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