Trying Poundland Fitness Equipment (Poundland Fitness Haul Review)

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[ Music] hello there lovely party of YouTube shores and welcome to the channel taxes dummies probably the cheapest rubbish from wish and bracelet lieu for your viewing pleasure yes it’s fun because it’s inexpensive nonsense and nonsense snaps and we go hahaha that was so funny and then we cry that all the money we’ve consumed but nevermind the see gone on and today I have been to the lovely moor of pounds yes and why have I been for moor of pound you might be wondering well it is January yes friends is January all day and all month and in January you is often used to acquire your knees settlements on top of that list you might have st. lame like giving up smoking but you might also have going to the gym but gym participations are expensive and not everyone can afford was it nowadays 10 pound a month to go to the gym so you might go to my gym no but severely you can go to Palm shores and you can buy yourself equipment for your own home gym and today we’re going to be exploring some of that lovely material yay and hopefully I have a body like Hercules is the plan anyway I generated a got a couple of items I spent a got a couple of Kuwait’s I’m not rich that’s why I went to see Palm acre that’s why we do this show because I brought expensive substance it would be expensive tips-off dummies but it’s nice taxes dummies because cheap nonsenses fun right enough what all let’s head up the counter of undermined dreams and break-dance set to check out today’s item let’s go[ Music] it in our they conceive the open three you open[ Music] and welcome top friends have with broken dreams and interrupted seat whatever it is you guessed it the sorcery happen there you go just because the show’s changed a little bit doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop it now right anyway I have beens the shore of pound like I said multiple times earlier and I imparted some fitness material like I said multiple times earlier but what have I brought from the mighty Landor pounds firstly one is stretch strips with two levels of resistance such as electrical and the Rebel Alliance Star Wars joke there it’s stylish they never even make sense then watch Star Wars don’t hate me all right we can perform a range of exercisings great for use at home or in the gym yeah where else you haven’t bloody use it outside look like a freak and that is in foreign and that’s also in foreign consult a doctor before beginning an exercise program I haven’t done that so if I die avenge me always warm up for Olli before all any exercising I’m done that Eva if at any time during practice you feel faint dizzy or know-how agony do some stairs rugs hooray don’t do drugs children it’s not good stop and consult your specialist ever use his product under control to avoid injury I symbolize he’s out of control would you well look at me my strain buns are at a dominance just killed a man ahh mind if I look inside the box alright we’re all under control now I am a drilled moronic all right with Barty stretch bends and yes I’m gonna try these out and on it as well it’s the other fitness stuff we’ve got Charlie can’t be vexed with fitness wasn’t one of my new year’s answers quarry was to sleep right with our black one and we got a lettuce one I don’t even know what you’d do with these I didn’t investigate any of this whatsoever I’m not a fitness person leave me alone you’re not my father right we’ve got a membrane of rubber right it’s fearlessnes unusually exceedingly static may be that if the fighting is electrical resistance after all more we have got a sheet over a sheet of rubber array and it can resist stuff right I’m doing some utilization with this we’ll move on to our next entry this is the black one inspection it’s exactly the same it’s just in pitch-black flog D frickin do there you go can also use that to restrain someone up with I don’t know what I’m having such expectations right um I’m gonna try these out it’s gonna be fun I don’t have any gym paraphernalium and have to attacked the fancy dress department right time to get physical let’s go see it over and done with[ Music] that was phones hat friends and they’ll say you back time two pounds if you miss some flakes of rubber right on to the next piece let’s have a look we have got exercise dice for removing phantoms now that’s activity this is exercise now of the ghost for ie and it’s will perform the employ and repeats that are flattened I’ve I went I’ve got performed them right okay I gotcha now a full body workout improves cardio constructs muscles and increases concert excised sparkler with exercisings rehearsal diet with rep counts ideal for radical training sessions practise includes jumping jacks crunches and doodly-squats oh oh for the kindnes of God as you can see you roll the dice and it tells you what to do and this is everything it is on the dice full place workout expanse full organization workout realized in China like all the cool stuff yay right let’s have a look at the gnome and once again consult a doctor and if you feel unwell then that’s your problem privilege let’s have a look at the dice and then hopefully would do some of these I’m gonna waver hopefully I don’t wanna do these but my practise precisely wanna sleep right we’ve got our dice yay and then we roll these and then we do the practice so let’s let’s go this one really really it’s a foam dice you’re supposed to be a metal light I review that in the last episode and I said yes it’s got metal tripod it always stand anything clearly not off telephone dice right regardless we’ve got 90 seconds that’s the most prominent on the dice was 120 well it’s still a high figure bad dice and what the hell is I do for 90 seconds mounting jacks oh right it’s comes over with[ Music][ Music] title that was recreation Rove certainly one more one more roll of the dice and yes 90 seconds is the highest one in the dice I figured that out she reeled it and I kindly 64 “whos working” like a cheat information systems right next one we gotta do 10 that was 10 that was 10 certainly 10 that was 10 I’m not lying and what we’re gonna do 10 of 10 reps step gait what’s a tread pounce well I’ve got an idea what a moving lunge is in my leader so we’re going to do those and that’d be the last one because I give up now right let’s come this over with well sorry I thought it had wreaking lunch not going leap and memory right back to the wall and so what we have learned right calm people let’s go the writes are really nice mmm snappies and fatty friends what do we learn from little employ their practise yes I’m a funny motherfucker check what I did there right we have learnt the extend bandings they are very stretchy but too unusually very slick so make sure you got a tight grip on them and you won’t fall flat on your ass but other than that all right there were two quids can’t go wrong need some elongate bends yeah not bad and the exercise dice what’s ardour these are also two pounds from pound and that sells things for a pounds they’re a bit of entertaining if you like that kind of thing and you can do random workouts and yep they’re just pretty much foam dice with nonsense etched on them but if you’re an exercise freak and that’s for you it’s not for me I don’t do exercise I do sleeping and that is pretty much it right have like sweetened place say please do thumped that like button it down below and if you’ve adored what the hell are you visualized you can’t wait to see more you adoration him what you’ve seen already affect that subscribe button delight also I’m on the book of face you’re probably on the book of face everyone is its 2020 “whos in” just type in taxes dummies on a little search bar for you at the top and where be connected in no time would be like Facebook chums and you can annoying and I’ll immediately ignore you because that’s a fan of Facebook right thank you guys very much watching hope experienced the new look for 2020 until next time until I see you again soon chatzi bye-bye say bye say bye-bye stay in school don’t do drugs all that other stuff bye[ Music][ Music]

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