Transforming Our Garage Into the Perfect Multi-purpose Bedroom, Office and Workout Space!

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Hi, Guys! Welcome, everybody. Today’s video is just extremely of the now because I don’t know about you guys. We know a lot of people who are living, acting, going to school, works out at your residence. And we are doing the same. So we need to transform a room at our home into the ultimate sleep, production and workout room. Also, with saving budget in mind, because we spend a lot of money on our residence. We’re not trying spend on more during this quarantine. Also gigantic thanks to Salesforce for sponsoring a portion of today’s episode. We’ll tell you guys about them in a little bit. But firstly, let’s get our sleep, slog and used to work on in one space. Transformation now we come. Can wait to decorate! There’s so much we can move. How will it turn out. OMG, We Bought A House! Kate, opening! Coming. So we bought this house, it was from the 1920 s, and they never touched this garage. I entail, it was just like solely unfinished. Inside all fresh wood, break-dance concrete floor. So we basically finished yet up with, like, drywall up.We coated the whole thing white. We put in hardwood floorings and we started using it as our gym opening. But now … Cut to now … we have moon. We have a pandemic. We have grandparents who live in Indiana who can’t see Moon as much as they would like to. So we’re creating the ultimate grandmother and granddad flat that mom and dad can still work out in more. Yeah. Plus, we want to make it also a cozy and inviting labor place because Joey’s papa, while he’s here, is going to want to continue to work on his computer, have hushed all of that.So, yeah, I know so many of you guys are working from home. So we have a artistic sentiment to seeing how to make a workspace in your bedroom. Let’s go in the gym and see how it glances in there. Can you drawing my water? Thank you. I know it’s ponderous. Alright guys so this was basically a small two gondola garages like 18 by 20 paws. And we don’t really need it for a garage because we park our one car that we have on the driveway in the front of the house. So our goal with this space is to mostly turn it into a self-contained studio apartment with a queen berthed effort province, a countertop with a refrigerator and obstructed drawers that double as a dresser for robes to be stored under, a lavatory and a convertible office infinite set up Oh my gosh moon. “Thats one” of the bottoms from our furniture line.Screw please. one inch and a half bolt delight expressed appreciation for Oh, another one. Do you think he is … It’s actually good to have more on hand, so you can go faster. Yeah. Drop it. Can you side me that article? The big-hearted patch. That one, that one, that one, that one. Can you delivering that to me? Oh, so supportive So this is screwed in now. Thank you newborn. So That’s at like twelve and a half inches. Yeah, I know it’s good. Yeah, it’s probably good. We’re really excited about the bedroom fraction of this room transformation because we get to use one of our brand-new Mr. Kate bunks from our new Mr. Kate furniture line, which will be out in precisely a couple of months. This is the Daphne bed. Very beautiful. The low profile. No footboard is also perfect for this design. Yes. Speaking of plan friendly, all of our furniture way is going to be under five hundred dollars. OK, so we have to talk about the belly in the office. Moon, this is where you … This was your first House Remember? I did not want to do this. And you like made me make love. Yeah, well it was a mawkish reminiscence right there. I was so pregnant, I was like I don’t want anything on me. Moon! Moon! What’s inside here? That’s where you used to live, bud. You want to play peek-a-boo in this thing? Where’s Moon? Peek-a-boo! I can’t believe you used to fit in now! I feel like this has just been living in here and its plaster magnificence. What do you think about doing a DIY? If I like depicted this in some way. And we have this is like a figure in here. Too, this is our gym where we we work out our bodies and this is. Well, that’s true. That’s an important person minute. Yeah, that’s true. That’s smart. The gym is about transforming your organization, converting your knowledge. And what a transformation pregnancy is. I wanna tested positive about it, you are familiar with. Yeah. Oh yeah. coming through, Moon. Moon! Here it becomes! It’s a bed! It’s a coil mattress. Well that’s probably why it was so heavy. Talk about spiderwebs! Jump! Jump! Jump! Alright now we gotta get the bedding on but examination how delightful! Ew. Ok I can’t with your grimy paw. Hey, everyone wanted to quickly say a huge thanks to Salesforce for sponsoring this part of the video and to tell you about their helpful product, Salesforce Essentials. We know so many of you creative freaks out there watching are entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized companies. We ourselves have to juggle raise a family, Filming videos, of course, but too doing all of the things we do behind the scenes to keep the Mr. Kate empire proceeding, like working on our upcoming furniture position. That’s where Salesforce Essentials comes in. Salesforce Essentials procreates it easier for your business to adapt to evolving customer needs in an increasingly digital work from anywhere world-wide. It’s a CRM which stands for customer relationship management. And basically, it’s a super strong implement that allows you treated with your customers so you can grow your business.If you guys are anything like us, we all invest so much time drawing our online vicinity and Web sites perfect. But you are eligible to conclude your website even more effective, By using the Salesforce lead capture patterns, you’ll be able to generate brand-new business and develop relationships with purchasers from your Salesforce Essentials CRM, when you need to get a message out to your purchasers or share a special promo. Salesforce Essentials can help you transport meanings to a specific list of recipients get as wide-ranging or as targeted as you like. Go to mrkate to learn more or click on the link in the description below. Thanks again to Salesforce for sponsoring this portion of our video.And now back to our regular material. Ooooh, look at that bunked! Right ?! I signify, is it merely too much moon? No. Never too much Moon. Not for grandparents. That’s true there’s no such thing as too much Moon for grandparents That’s why they are coming out here! Or as my mothers came from Indiana. They’re staying in a compartment up in the lumbers. I employed them up there because my daddy just is like I don’t trust him to quarantine as much as I demand him to. They’re quarantining up there. They’re getting their Covid test and acquiring it comes back negative, then they’re going to come here and stay here with us for a while. Tomorrow! They’re getting here. Yeah. So we have a huge to-do list today and we are having the first moment of this Effie chair. Which is also a Mr. Kate piece. We’re position it in now. It’s going to be our sort of floater chair. This is actually a test, though, because we’re gonna change this fabric. We decided, yeah, we’re gonna do a horizontal stripe and it’s like a turn on stripes.You’ll construe! You’ll meet! So we’ve got to come that done. And I’m going to do some DIY artwork. I’m going to do DIY on the belly. And we also are going to hang some curtains here and on these windows, exactly to bring in some softness. They’re just like lily-white lineny sheers. Speaking of softness, I have a crazy idea which Joey is going to humor me by actually experimenting it out. All privilege. So what? I have to go up in the attic. Yeah. Pull down that ladder! OK? OK. So the strategy with this is to do maybe some kind of almost like divider type feeling with fabric? So we had just this old bolt of muslin at the bureau which you guys know, muslin is like the cheapest fabric that you can get because we’re you know, we’re trying to like, do this on a budget , not devote too much money. Yeah, like just two panels of that but kind of almost act like a canopy.That is one single panel. What’s he doing up there? Wow. And now exactly various kinds of like assemble it up there and I demand them actually like somewhat overlapped. All right, Joey stapling up there. And there is our committees. So I’m jolly fortunate with how these sound. And they’re very like misty like if I had like a loft opening. I would want some committees hanging. So, you are familiar with, I’m just making my loft dreams is true because I’m stuck at home. So, you know what? Just let me have this. OK, just let me have this. Curtain hanging time. Ok, Moon has woken up from his catnap. So now Joey’s taking care of him. He’s on child job. I am on DIY art duty and I’m going to be doing two projects, I represent, was endeavouring to fly through these projects. They only have like an hour to do them. One “re gonna be all” the pregnant belly cast, which I’m going to draw something on, and then the other one is taking a photograph and I’m going to update it with some cover actually to fit in more with this color scheme.So let’s DIY !! All right. So here is my finished covering. Certainly, it’s like a sort of the stages of the moon starting on my mind, the full moon and all the phases coming down my belly with the down arrow, kind of implying like moon coming down from the heavens into my belly to be delivery on earth. OK, so for the next commodity, I have this enclose photo that we used to have in our hall wall set up in our breakfast nook. I can remember if it was me or Joey who took it in the Netherlands when we were on vacation there. We had such an awesome vacation. And I thought of this idea and I have no idea if it’s going to work. So you guys are going to experiment with me right now, but I want to take away the lettuce from the photo.So let’s see if paint a photo with acrylic draw are really manipulate. I’m stimulated about the challenge of making this a work space as well for your bedroom, because I feel like that’s what something that all individuals needs right now. So my goal is to come up with a DIY that will function as a multi-purpose desk that you can even hide away if you don’t want it. Let’s see if we can pluck this off. So I got some poplar and it’s light-headed, but it’s considered a hardwood. It’s like a medium hardwood. Hardware accumulations have to get it in a 12 inch pieces. But then I got these hinges that mostly your leg will be here disappearing under your tabletop.And then when you want to not use the bed, you simply flip that up, you know, time mash closed and then slide under your bunked. And then on the bottom of each leg, I’m going to employed two these casters. So that course you can roll it around, move it up and down on your bunked. Look at that hinging table. Going to be perfect when it’s in the upright position it fastenings out. So just got to do it on that side. Be good to go. I’m doing a rooster impersonation because it is bright and early woke up at 6:30. We ever like to try to squeeze in a little bit of a workout every day. It’s really good.Just apparently for our organizations, but also for our thoughts. So we thought it would be a good opportunity to show you guys the exercising run of this room. We wanted to figure out how to get like the gym in our residence. Right. Because Kate and I both like to lift forces. We like to run on the treadmill. Kate likes to dance to yoga. The question is, how do you get all those things in the gym into your mansion, especially without taking up a ton of space? This is the first awesome gap saving thing we got. Which are these really cool, smart dumbbells whatever it is you basically just can go up in weight. So what’s so cool about this? Is it actually folds off the wall and then opens up to be fully ready for a bench press doodly-squats, all that. So we desire this weight rack because it is basically the same price as a traditional stationary value rack.But it has obviously the convertibility to it. And these are amazing. For let’s say you did want to have a weight office in your functioning garage, you might be able pull your auto in. Patently, the treadmill is more of a splurge part, however splurged on that when we were first putting this gym together because we really wanted to be able to have the option to do years and nonsense like that. Also, we adoration. Yeah, I have liked to do saloon now. Love to do forbid world-class. Dance party whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.Look at those moves. So I think this is a really good solution for the workout part in that sleep, task and workout office. You out of breath there, crony? Are you wearing Dada’s shoe? That’s a big shoe. Point the toe. Point the toe. Cool! Good job, bud. You’re going to be able to play on this carpeting with granny and grandpa. They’re going to be so excited wants to talk to you. It’s a beautiful. This it’s like the excellent tone for this room. Yeah, tones of gray. Hey, where you going? Hey! Hey! Hey! Alright, we got a lot to do, people. Moon, a serious talk? We have got the space in order.Let’s clean up. Let’s do it. Shoop, shoop, shoop, shoop. Oh, Hi baby. Oh, yeah. Those are very sharp, child. That’s your hands and your foot when “youre gonna” five months aged. Yeah, those are your feet. Ok sir. Is that going up there? Yeah, it’s going over there. And then I’ll place the gestation failure underneath it like full circle. where should we framed these? I see these are good for in now for a little floor accommodating, right? When you’re playing on the flooring. Heavy! Oh. I’m doing a delivery require for grandparent snacks for the refrigerator, How much do they charge ya for a bottle of irrigate? Yeah. Should we charge them for the minibar? Yeah. Yeah. Surprise them at the end with a greenback. Oh, you suck five bottles of water. That will be 50 dollars We’re 5 star now. We came 5 virtuoso expenditures. OK. You know what I’m going to get because I’m say from 7-Eleven because that’s the most wonderful place.I’m going to come some white wine for your mom. They have these like individual receptacles of it. Oh they’ve got freezing press lettuce liquid. I’m going to put a couple of those in the fridge. See if at the end of their stay, if they drink it. What did you make? What did you is taking? No , no, Joey! Put them back! Snacks for the grandparents! They’re my mothers. They’re my pretzels.OK. I think we’re officially done. It gazed so good. It seems so good !! What do you guys remember? I mean, how good do your screen DIY turn out? It softens the chamber and it genuinely starts now the bad definitely sounds like it has its own little part. And what’s great about them clearly, is they can tie them over to one side or the other side, like they’re very movable because it’s fabric. And I adoration how our bunked looks with this convertible desk we built.I know. Super cheap and it’s so functional you can sit on the bed while you’re working. It’s like long enough for two parties. The information that it’s on those casters And those casters fasten. It’s really nice. I affection the smart workout equipment. I mean, it only becomes it so that we can come back here and certainly, like, pick from so many options to be addressed, which is what’s really nice. But it only merely takes up one side of the area. And I affection the cabinets and counter top set up all of it, obviously, from IKEA, super inexpensive, the butcher block countertop and the little fridge is really nice to have back here for workout refreshments. Or obviously when we welcome our guests, they can have their boxed wine-colored because we’re super classy. And of course, the most important part in the sleep, use and workout seat is the bed.Our berthed from the Mr. Kate furniture line, the Daphne bunked precisely ogles so lovely and luxurious. I cherish this pigment. Undoubtedly, the emblazon forms it manipulate really well in so many different seats. And I love the Effie chair in the region, it precisely searches so cozy and welcoming. This can be our portable chair in a move and be part of the desk set up or to merely be here as a little reading chair, put one over your shoes, chair. Your DIY artwork is so cute. Moon even contributed to the DIY with his publishes. I know this. We found in our decluttering we came across this in a stack of newspapers. So that was worth decluttering to find his little charming footprints that we did. and your cool depicted photo. It turned out so nifty. I am haunted with the decorated photo, you guys. I was just like a really quick idea, but it turned out so cool.I think it’s so much jug than the actual original photograph. So guys, decorate your photos and post visualizes because I want to see them. You heard it here first. And the lavatory in this place is very small, certainly, but like the little tender touchings with the marble shelf and the artwork behind the toilet, I think it’s faceted light bulb just really stimulates it mystical in there when you open the door, you’re like, oh, I didn’t know this was in now. And likewise contributing more textiles, like genuinely inexpensive palls that just softens the windows, pays them a little bit of privacy. We once had blinds on these big windows, so we didn’t need to do it there. This carpet is super nice underfoot and this whole area here in the breast is just nice and clear for Moon to play, for us to use it, for extend or yoga or whatever.So it is truly multi functional in here. It is a extremely sentimental bedroom. Genuinely misty bedroom. Sorry. Bedroom. Office. Workout, gym. Yoga studio. High five. Ya! High five Moon! High five! One for me. Wow you’re so strong! You push things over! Yeah. I’m so excited with how that turned out. It’s so cozy. I, I, it’s like I kind of wish I was our bedroom. Be we can you know, we can take vacations, we can go. I convey staycation literally. Yeah. We’re gonna insure what my mothers think of it. But firstly make sure and subscribe if you’re not subscribe. Yep. And also we want to shout out our Rainbow representatives. Yes. Our Rainbow representatives are our special tier of our membership where we shout you guys out in our main channel video.So if you miss more info on our membership, check out the description below. And we have Tiffany Angel and Cat simply me. Thank you guys for being representatives. We love you so much and we cherish all of you creative freaks so much. So stay creative. Stay you, because why not? And now let’s see what the parents think of their Pied–terre? Is that what it is? It’s a granny flat. Their granny and grampy, granny and Grandpa flat? Here, hand on my shoulder. And you’ll step up right now, Yep, you feel it? Ok. ok. I generated our gym shoes I foresaw I’d be be using the gym paraphernalium. Yeah, yeah you should utterly use the gym equipment. You guys get to see your little granddad and grandmother flat. Now are we supposed to cry like some of the person or persons do If you feel moved! If you want to cry, we won’t stop you! One, two, three. Wow. So Whoo! This is elegant. Wow. Yeah. It’s beautiful. That’s a Mr. Kate bed. Oh wow! And that’s a Mr. Kate chair! Oh, I adore that chair.Definitely my wording. And gaze, we furnished the fridge with my Diet Coke. Oh my gosh! and a chest of Chardonnay. Oh , no. Oh , no. So after a workout, you can pop a delightful dry Chard. We also know you have a lot of work to do. So we have a desk that bends out. Oh, yeah. So you can also cultivate back here. I knew you had some kind of work. This is a multi .. what’s it announced … multi-purpose. Multifunctional room. So do you think you’re gonna becomfortable in here? I think we’re going to be very comfortable in here. We have to stay in now like 24 hours a day. Yeah, it’s going to be okay. This is a choice. Did you get a rug cuddle? Oh! Ok.I’ll do that. Today is a special episode. We are working with a family of three Marijana, Daniel and newborn Daniel. Joey Two Rolls I just made the Joey Two Roll dance What functionality of this room is going through? It’s beautiful. I’m structure the berthed still a little privacy, satisfy. Little privacy here. Is it nice and dark in there ?.

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