The 5 Best Home Fitness Products for 6 Pack Abs !

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[ Music] hey everybody how “are you doin ” de Tocqueville gear from six-pack factual explain and today I’m going to show you what I to guess five of the best home workout commodities now listen I would now to sell you anything or to promote any makes but we get a lot of parties transmitting us emails saying what should we buy we want to get some stuff to learn it how we work we want to get equipment but there’s so much litter out there it seems that almost every week is something new that promises to make this because of your rely in a month or got to get rent in a week that is anything we can recommend well today I’m going to show you five concoctions that I use it how then I devoted my own hard-earned money on and things that I conceive will be here for quite some time and substance that they are able to realize you workouts harder more effective now before we go I time wanna talk about two things number one is not money really simple for you guys to get to the exact makes I could lose in the description box and including information on my website if you wanted to get directly there and then number two there’s three things that any dwelling bro must do for me number one it must not just train one specific body part if I attend a home fitness burger that says you know a pan constable thigh employer anything like that I’m not interested at all it must allow me to do a lot of different efforts asking the whole body number two is it must bring something to the table if I can do the exercises that this is a specific exercise equipment is for with a pair of boobs or employ band then why do I need the rig so you must allow me to do more exercises things that I can’t do with disappear of dumbbells and amount three a piece of supremacy fitness gear is required to be really that home equipment it must be cheap and affordable and it must be portable you know these things that you make seven days to a simple and takes it off your residence those things to me isn’t home fitness concoctions at all so let’s look at the first one the first concoction is one you’ve probably identified before it’s been around for a while and then he said opening melton pull-up bar now I genuinely desire these pull-up bars because the one thing that people always trouble up at home is they don’t have any way to gather themselves up word and you drill your back but you can do so much more you can train your abs you can even use it as a residence to secure your use straps around and improve reasonably pretty much all your other body parts like triceps biceps etc etc and then pull apart I even do cardio on it so it certainly returns a lot to the table and allows you to do much more exercisings and likewise quite ponderous utilizations to build some muscle the next is a suspension training piece of equipment and mostly adjournment merely wants consuming fastens to do different usages now there’s been many of these in the market and I came across this one because the one I used to use very famous one equipment braking and it was just a big big hassle and actually get off adjournment training for a while and then when I came across this make again genuinely really loved it it represented it so easy for me to train and it had a few tricks up its sleeve it moved different than more now it’s called a human trainer and what I like about this one is it has two advocates instead of simply one whatever it is you normally have in the middle and then allows you to do a lot of different exercises and distrait one part of your torso or one surface and then the second thing is it has another so hook’s weighted with your handles on how quickly adjust the length of the strap by simply swapping your handles now the ones that I used to have you have to adjust the whole strap every time you just wanted to do different practice with this you is taking the handle off positioned it somewhere else and get along with with your workout prepares for the human trainer and once again if you’ve never abused expulsion set it makes it possible to do a lot more and use your person to really build some muscle at home and do so many employs that’s the definite if you want to get something to take your workouts at home to a next height the next patch of equipment is called the eventual figure press and this is another thing I like it’s light load is not that expensive and you can take it anyway and it genuinely makes a lot to the home workout table so to speak and move this you can do so much more you can use your figure heavines again to do a lot of different employs I love developing my abs on this one and it was so easy to make and yeah huge customer services from this busines and once again you can do a lot of practices with this piece of equipment and you’ll emphatically if you’re looking for something to make your workers to the next degree this is obviously make love as well now the next two things I would like to speak about is things that will actually deepen your work and they’re not officially home labor our produces or paraphernalium the first these earphones now for me a good pair of haircuts is essential I imply it doesn’t help you out the best iPhone or iPod or mp3 player but “youve had” rubbish earphones now when I came across these and I for free when I bought a laptop the responsible front that had have loudspeakers that were sponsored by the same company and that it’s trounces by dr.Dre and dominance forges or the earphones I enjoy I really like and it’s actually designed for composed in four activities and the first time I threw these babies on what’s insane I never knew you could get in-ear headphones that gives people this kind of sound and I predict you I don’t think I could train with any other earphones now it just takes my workers to the next tier it provides you a good music good beat a good deal of countenances and that’s the sort of thing I need when I do my workout so check these out they then can be quite pricey but they were fit they’ll probably last for quite some time if you look after them it one thing I like about it is actually their little pocket it comes in and I can throw my iPhone and everything in pocket and it’s a nice protective case that I can precisely throw in the towel my gym luggage or use at home and it always stays safe and won’t get divulge that readily and then finally is a product announced Jimbo’s it’s a timer and for those people always foresee why do I need a timer well if you’ve never civilized at home and you do the type of work as we do like to barter type of workouts where you have to go for 20 seconds past and then taken 16 seconds slow or respite or active identity don’t into form exercisings all those features works with timers now if you ever had one of these big clocks that you add to that you put in the angle there like I use doing you look at it every 10 or 15 seconds it only shambles up your workout now at this time to use such of seasons you can pretty much set any lull in there stick it on your plenty will tremble or drum actually need to change and it exactly utters you work out so much easier so much more intense because you don’t have to stop and look at a timer sure there’s also a lot of apps these days for your iPhone your hydrogen and even for BlackBerry they also have timers so you can grab one of those I don’t have any of those phones I like a phone that precisely rebuttals can send SMS or verse contents so by the time it does a specific job and this is I love to set the rush chest persist it on time use it and get going so there you go five products that you can stick on your Christmas wish list so your birthday hope there so if you only want to upgrade to your homework went hands you already have the normal stuff like the boobs rehearsal then exercise balls because those are the first things you need to get anyway and then if you just wanted to make your things up to the next stage check out these concoctions cause they cured me a great deal I experience them and if I invest my money on something it’s normally worth getting so I’ve been trying to talk about how you can get your hands on these things for free as one of the purposes of a Christmas giveaway if you go to this link which is six-pack factory dunk on thrust less Christmas we do a Christmas giveaway each year which is safe and get your readers and yield nonsense apart and we’re going to give away one of the following options concoctions every day for five days starting today and all you have to do is go to this place sign up nothing no coin nothing to pay and then we’re too going to give you other concoctions for free like ebooks and stuff like that and too special presents and some of our other concoctions but you’ll be able to perhaps when you sell one of these we’re going to give you a little toss to do each day and just go to this link so forward flog Christmas signup day and you might win one of these products that we showcased today there you go chaps so now you know the products I believe in and by now you know ten questionable I don’t simply promote products because people asked me to or depict me – these are makes that I enjoy I exercised my own money to buy these and they labour and I use these on a regular basis every week and next year I’m actually going to start using some of them in our workout videos for those people who bought it and want to see how to use it effectively so hope you experience this one go grab yourself some produces and now you know what to tell your other arm your mother your papa or your what to get you for Christmas had a great time bye-bye

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