Should you buy this sub $400 power rack? Titan Fitness T3 Power Rack Review

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the titan fitness t3 power rack shouldyou buy it find out on today’s video Selwynn now from ontoday’s video i’ll be re-examine the titan t3 power rack thecenterpiece of my home gym and it’s a piece of paraphernalium i’ve owned for aroundfour years now this’ll be an update on a previous blog pole i built for ayear of use so we’re gonna get a little bit more insightafter that three years i’ll too leave a link below for the titan fitness pagewhere you can find the t3 rack it is July 2020 as of recordingthere is a lot of paraphernalium deficits now exactly because of thethe gym shutdown and all the other type of stuff happening a lot of peoplewant to train at home certainly no one saw this all the gymmanufacturing shops and retailers are having a hard time remaining things instock peculiarly really popular portions of gear like squat racks andbenches and things of that sort they have aspecial page which is in stock section socheck that out and sign on for email revises that’s probably going to be thebest way to get a hold of one of these racks soi’m going to start off the review talking about value and the toll pointtitan fitness has made a name for themselves in theindustry in the home gym space by making quite affordable and relatively cheapequipment that may or may not be close copies of a lot of opponents equipmentthe reason you’re probably watching this and the reason that i boughtthe Titan 3 rack is budgetary constraints this isan amazingly affordable supremacy rack i bought this rack in 2018 during the black friday sale so all up “ive paid” 365 dollars that’s includingtax shipping has been free it’s currentlystill free at the time of recording shipping is free which is an amazingdeal for send 265 quirky pounds of steelso as of post this video i think this is like the thirditeration of the titan hunker rack it strays anywhere price from 410 to 575 dollars will vary depending on things like the colouring thedepth and the height of the rack i believe there’sregular and towering as well as a 24 inch penetration and a 36 inch penetration myrecommendation is to get the biggest one that’ll fit inyour space in your home basement garage because bigger isalways better but all kidding a feature if you are eligible to fillthe cavity up get the tall one if you can fit thatdepth get that 36 inch rack and that’s just how how penetrating the rack isi’ll go over into the dimensions a little bit later in the video but mybiggest recommendation is to get the biggest rack you are eligible to affordand fit into your space the rack the titan reproduced i necessitate inspired byis the rogue fitness r3 power rack they’re effectively doppelganger rackscreated on opposite sides of the world if you look at the specs and threw themside by side almost identical except for a couple of keypoints the rascal 3 is welded has welded areas whereasthe titan the titan t3 is is bolt on piecesso when we look at the price the r3 has a base price of 695 dollars and that includes j beakers and a duet ofpin hose safes when you’re factoring ship andtaxes the final becomes $873.25 that’s carrying to southerncalifornia so depending on where you live that’ll probably varyto lay in a fair comparing if you did purchase the rogue on black fridaythey do render free ship i think has on their auctions during that time of theyear i think it’s now a entire month of sales that’ll knock off $ 124.83 so if you day it right the lowest expenditure you’ll remuneration is $748.87 just over double the cost of the titan t3 don’t get me wrong if the budget wasavailable i would probably wholly get the rogue 3rack given that coin is feared and a factor in buying thingsi certainly extended with the titan T-3 because that’s a significantamount of money there and for the rest of thevideo this will be the last point of comparison i do betweenthe two only because simply seen in r3 on the internet i haven’t even stroked onein real life to do any comparing from my point of view will becompletely unfair moving forward i’ll merely focus on anything the t3offers so continue along with the appraise pointis everything you get with the titan t3 rack because you don’t exactly get the rackand everything you need to assemble it what you’ll get is a pair of j-cups, apair of pin piping safes, four banding pegs and four rack mountedweight slab purchasers and this represents pretty amazing valueand is pretty much everything you need for a basic squatrack setup in your residence gym so i think i have the secondversion of the j bowls if you buy it as of july 2020 you’re gonna do uhthe brand-new updated version of those j-cups so they think you’re a lot better andthey can handle more weight i’ve squatted 515 poundson the j-cups with no topics i use a rascal ohio power prohibit with prettyaggressive knurling so when you do when i do twist thatbarbell and adjust it it is starting to scratch up thatplastic liner the umhw plastic but that’s not really a crease of titan ibelieve anytime you scratch plastic with metal the metal is going to winwhich is a good thing the one thing i would like to see is that plasticliner go all the way over that lip my version is rated for 800 poundsi believe the brand-new updated ones are rated for thousands and thousands of pounds and if you’resquatting that sum of value probably get a better rack you’re closeto privileged height dominance promoting “youre supposed to” shouldn’t beusing a titan rack the other downside of my iteration of thethe j-cups is that they both swing out of the rack the same way it’s a veryminor inconvenience and something i’m just used to now but it would be nice ifthey swung alternating backs like that and the newupdated version of the j-cups swing out or in will vary depending on how youwant to framed those in there next up will be assembly assembly wasn’tthat difficult it was just very awkward beingone person trying to made this together if you had a mate come around be supereasy probably beat it out in a lot less time than i did probably tookjust over an hour to keep this whole thing togethermaybe closer to two hours but it was kind of fun i kind of like construct ikeafurniture so that wasn’t a big of an issue butnothing was missing in the package nothing wasdamaged in ship here i am thinking the bottom of one of theuprights was scratched but that’s on the floor so it wasn’t really changed buti didn’t get any major dents or noticeable scratchings thepackaging was obviously dinged up i forgot to take pictures of that or i’vedeleted them off the phone i don’t have those anymore that’s not necessarilysolely on titan the logistics treating companydoes have a part to play in that and i intend understandably it is 265 pounds ofmetal shipped in separate boxes but it’s still an ungainly thing to movearound so as long as it gets to you in one piece and everything’s there it’skind of punishment and that was my experience but other peoplehave different experiences with titan fitness shipping so titan does recommendbolting the human rights unit down to the ground the t3 does haveholes to employ concrete secures that’s something that i really recommenddoing as well they sell the x3 and x2 i think both ofwhich don’t ask bolting to the ground so obviously was down that routeif you know you can’t or won’t rod this into the concrete merely because ofthat extra stability and extra safety factori used the rack for approximately one year without bolting it to the ground i simply hadthe four load uprights on each leg i was never really worriedabout the rack tipping over time because of physics and i was inside of the racknot outside lifting and i had the four the four postsweighted down with as much load as i hadand i too have about five inches of clearance to the top of the ceiling soif it did manage to tip over it would take out beamsin the house so that’ll probably stop it before it tipped overso re-racking the values would slowly go the feet out over meter probablyabout an inch over the course of a month that is something you want to be awareof that’s why i recommend bolting it downjust to impede that stability swaying from the pull-up barsi was just curious to see if that would move it yes it does don’t do that thebigger reasonablenes you want to bolt it down is to reduce the sway and flexing withinthe enclose every joint is actually bolted togetherso when you have movement things are gonna rub against each other and there’sgonna have a tendency for those bolts to get loosened as you’reflexing and moving that metal and that’s gonna be the weak point ofthe rack there so when you bolt that down you compute in an extra piece ofstability that’ll take some of that pressureand sway off of the upright rods and that’s just not somethingthat’s probably going to be fatal but it is just nice to know that thatdoesn’t move around and sway and switching so the posts themselves are 11 gaugesteel the government has that westside defect spacing sowhich means for right around that workbench pressrange you’re going to have a one inch opening spacing for the rest of theuprights there’s going to be two inch puncture spacingand between those two arranges there you’re able to find the excellent heightfor both your bench press and like any other lift you want to do the onedownside is there are no counts on the uprights that’s something you kind ofget on more expensive equipment so i just comearound with a sharpie or an oil marker i’ve recently started puttinglabels on the right pits and that saved a good deal of meter trying to figure out whereto framed it the uprights again are two inches bythree inches which is a rectangular shape that’s a nice feature i think because it does help to minimize any knocks that you get when you walk outespecially for a diddly-squat as you walk out you’re patently swaying from sideto back and using an ohio supremacy rail thecollars are somewhat restricted to allow you to load more weight onto that but whatthat means is that those value plates are closer to the uprightsso i do occasionally hit the values on the side as i walk out nothing major butit is nice to have that extra inch ofclearance on each side the unit does come with both anarrow a regular grasp and a solid grip pullup barrooms so one and a one-quarter inchesin diameter for the normal pull-up bar which is about the same sizeas an olympic-sized barbell and then a two-inch diameter fat grippull-up bar both are awesome both are smooth both of those pull-up bars arestructural so there was one trouble i did face when i received the unitafter i settled it together uh one of the upright poststhe holes didn’t get drilled properly so one surface had them off so what thatmeant was a safety pipe the safety pin that went throughactually came in at an inclination so it meant it didn’t i couldn’t usesafeties for a certain section of the rack simply likei think the midriff openings didn’t line up but got a couple of emails back and forthwith titan and they specified it up but that was a pretty slow process soall in all it made about a month for them to get back to mei wrote i wrote about that more in depth on the blogbut i did end up getting an extra pin andpin and piping security precisely with peculiar miscommunication i guessbut eventually they sent out another upright which had all the holes lined upand they told me to precisely keep the other upright they determined it right in the endbut it did take about a month to get that rectifiedbut again it didn’t rate me anything i got out of the slew a free pin and pipesafety as well as a free upright and one interesting thing to note is thatthe finish on the new upright that well or the replacing one is actually nicerthan all the other three posts so i don’t know if that’s a sign of theQC at the time of titan or that they werein the process of modernizing finishes for the titan racksso after the user use none of the bars have loosened up which i’m not reallysurprised by i bolted it down i’ve anchored it into the concrete so iwasn’t expecting any bars to loosen but nothing’s really altered out ofplace structurally the unit is just as strong today as it wasfour years ago they do include lock washers which i most recommend usingso that’ll stop any pussyfoot of the washers for that progress precisely becauseyou are hitting that punching those uprights every time youre-rack the forces because it is i’m not sure if this is about thequality or the thickness of the steel or therelying on the rods for structural stability but there is movement wheneveri rack the forces even readjusting the barbell sidewayscan sway the rack side to side but clearly when you do re-rack thatweight particularly with a squatting you’re gonna notice the the entire unitdoes shake even when it is bolted into the concreteand i think that’s just that’s just the squat rack so let’s move on to safetythe t3 is currently rated for a 1100 pounds rackable weightand a total rack value of forty four hundred pounds i’m guessing this meansthat you can load a thousand pounds onto the bar and then havea thousand pounds on each affix to keep it safe so if you haveunder 4 000 pounds of value platefuls in your gym you’re probably gonna get awaywith this being very ability squat rack theupdated t3 j-cups actually support 2000 pounds each for a 4 000 pound weightrating total my older edition of the j cups merely hadan 800 pound per unit load rating so a 1600 poundrackable faculty again with these load readings you’re gonna have to bebreaking world records and i said it before if you’reat that rank “youre supposed to” should have a better rack look ata nicer more expensive rack just because at that point you various kinds of deserve abetter rack but again for most lifters this is going to be very overbuiltand very stable my current diddly-squat pr is 515 poundswhich is obviously held up just fine i did have a failure at 505 poundswhich i declined the value on the safety pins good-for-nothing inclination good-for-nothing got certainly damagedapart from my narcissism we all strolled out of that alive i thinkbut i’m not the biggest fan of the pen and hose safes justbecause they’re kind of finicky to get in there if you canafford it get the straps i think they’re slightly easier to put in and out butagain the bolt and tube security do the number of jobs what i’ve done is i’ve actuallywrapped some really thin rubber around each of those pipes and that wasmore to protect the barbell than it is to protectthe rack really because i am exerting the Rogue Ohio power bar whichcosts about as much as my rack does so it’s for a $20 speculation that’sdefinitely something i want to do is protect thatreally expensive barbell so now let’s talk about function the rack itselfis really great doesn’t move so it does everything i want it to beand it’s kept me alive after a couple of omissions sohey two two out of two right there but the neat thing about the t3 series isthat titan presents a huge amount of supplements that you can add on you canbolt on other extensions so you can have a bigger rack have more weapons added outof it you can use it for a whole host ofthings so only check out that t3 accessory page and you’re going to seehow just how versatile this can be i only have two attachmentsone is that extra upright berth i mentioned earlier i just put a crossmember in all the regions of the top and then i bought the double land mine attachment so ihave one landmine on one landmine component on each basepost so as i mentioned earlier i bought the 24 inch magnitude one thing iwould change i would highly recommend it if you can fit it and open it get the3 6 inch profundity rack and that time gives you more cavity toplay with it does it it is fine for hunker for doing all the movements idon’t have an issue with actually performing the movements in therack so i’ll squat overhead press bench press all inside the rack uh but thedepth becomes an issue when you want to store value plateson the uprights when you try to bench i make theweights if i don’t change my bench simply at the claim positionwhich gets really annoying uh as well as floor pulps is another thing or zpresses uh you have to set up where you’re liftingfar enough away from the value storage at the bottomso you don’t jolt those when you’re going up and down extremely when youhave 45 s the whole way around that’s just goingto get annoying so again if you can afford to get that 36 inch extent just for that extra room for storage especially if you plan to usethe rack to collect heaviness now if you don’t need to store loads on that therack i would still say do that 36 inch rackbecause what it does it’ll allow you the extra option to use both sides of therack to do supersets or to have a workoutpartner training at the same time so the finish the finish is what it is iit’s held up pretty well over the last four yearsi’m here in southern california so no real harmful weather conditions itdoesn’t get crazy anything certainly apart from theheat and that doesn’t really affect metal but the biggest wear and tearon the finish is really the taking in and out ofthe j bowls and the spotter weapons that’sreally all you’re going to be playing around withoccasionally the the barbell is going to hit the uprights but doesn’t reallyhappen that is something that it’s really exactly that wear and tear on the decorate and thefinish when you take those j goblets on and offand again not that bad the j-cups actually get the most of that so more justaesthetics and good-for-nothing that really concerns meabout the safety or stability of the function of the squat rackthe included value slab holders are gonna probably get the most amount ofabuse and show the most signalings of wear and tearjust because you are sliding that more frequently than you’re not andas “youre seeing” with the with the zoom in here it’sit’s really time aesthetic again just like the squat rackit’s currently held surprisingly well actually i thought it would have been really bad by now but it just seems to hold up just fine so soundnes i personally face-lift maybe three to six times a week over the last four yearsabout an hour or two experience and i’m really really chiefly face-lift i’m always usingthat squat rack to some way or another over the course of a workout day andit’s held up just fine again nothing structurally seems to be wrong with itat all really it’s just finished wearing off whenon those high-pitched touch levels and the high rub parts where there’s metal on metalhappening i can’t imagine the sword going wornaway gradually over hour unless there’s some sort of disastrous failurewhich i think should have happened by now especially declining 500 poundson the rack that “shouldve been” destabilized and feigned somethinguh repeatedly racking re-racking weights over 400 pounds i think would have donesomething very i’m not exactly the most gentle re-racker when it comes to thoseheavy forces so if it hasn’t happened now i don’tthink it’ll happen in the future too qualityi think the quality is great for what you pay but again that comes from mylimited personal experience with residence gym equipmenti haven’t touched anything plainly more expensive than this i haven’tplayed around with a rascal rack before so i have no point of comparisonthe only point of comparison i have is a cheaperCAP barbell squat stand which was using actually thin metal that only had a weightrating of 400 pounds so i really wanted to upgrade from thatjust from a safe attitude but it is a huge this is a huge step upfrom something that costs perhaps two to three hundred dollars so i thinkonce you enter this realm of racks that are made by reputablemanufacturers that hold thousands and thousands of pounds i don’t think there’sanything you really need to worry about i’m sure if there was catastrophicfailure that resulted in death or gash from applying titan fitness material it’dbe plastered all over the internet and given that it’s held up to prettyfrequent abuse over the last four years i think it’s it’s doing itsits occupation of maintaining me alive while lifting and giving me extra versatilityand functionality in the home gym when it comes to carsit’s a toyota versus mercedes both will get you to the same placethere’s huge premium degrees differences between the two of thembut you can’t compare the mercedes to the turn definitely because you paidfar different extents for them i don’t have any major objections with my t3 the welds aren’t quite but they do the number of jobs and they’ve held up over theyears even with some abuse and some hitting them so again i think you can’tgo wrong by getting the t3 and for the cost travelled i don’t think you’ll regretit so a pair interesting things that i haven’t been able to mention yetfirst thing is i talked about the degree i’ve talked about the altitude nowmy rack appraises at the rack that i bought steps at 91 inches in summit uh my ceiling meridian is eight feetso 96 inches so you get about five inches of authorization i’m about five eightand i’m able to do overhead pressing with a regular barbellinside the rack i do have to stand on my tippy-toes to getthe pull-up bar i generally only use a little foam stand so i can justget my grasp or i’ll jump up and grab those pull-up bars but i can hang fromthere with exactly my feet kind of brushing the floorthat kind of gives you a perspective of heightif you’re taller again try and get that towering edition of i am only stand againstthe wall and weigh how high up your hands reach on a wall and then see if that is going to clear the upright post becausethat’s going to be the biggest hurdle you haveif not your ceiling summit is going to be the limiting factor there becausethose 45 pound dishes on the outside are probably going to hitthe ceiling before they make this rack uh one thing to keep in mindis i only have five inches of authorization from the top post so that gives me abouteight inches of permission between the pull-up bar and the ceilingi’ve hit my manager got a couple of terms when i first gotthe rack one solution to that would be to mount those pull out tables slightlylower on the rack so you don’t have to worry abouta start up to stumbled that to reach that pull-up button be stumbling your heading onthe ceiling there so overall i think t3represents an amazing value option rack for the budget mindedconsumer which is definitely targeted residence gym useds i don’t thinkyou would find this part of gear or elevation equipmentat a commercial-grade gym but again that’s not who it’s made for the one thing i wouldrecommend undoubtedly is to get the biggestrack that your cavity can fit and your budget can allowrecently it does look like titan has stepped up their activity in terms of likeimprovement of the features improvement of design improvement of the quality thefinishing is like slightly nicer than what i have itsounds like overall you’re probably getting maybe a 10% better titanexperience than i will have but again that’s just from what i’ve read on theresearch i’ve done so i don’t think you can go wrong bygetting a titan titan paraphernalium the one thing iwould suggest is staying away from their copy onesof things so if they just release a brand-new article of equipmentwait for the version two to come around precisely because it commits themtime to implement that feedback from the real world applicationand the form twos of a lot of their trash are far better than the versionones of a great deal of their equipment is it the nicest rack on the market? Notby a long shot but to answer the question of if you should buy this rackor not i think it’s a yes clearly in the top five of the rackoptions available in this price point i don’t think you’re gonna get more forthe amount of money you’re gonna pay for now when you’re looking atgetting more a more high quality rack you’re gonna look at spending more moneyso if you can stretch that fund surely do that but if you’re tighton the budget and you’re looking for something thatcan help you safely face-lift at the house the titan t3 is probably going to beone of the best ways that you can go down that street and when you purchase itput together use it for a couple of years i don’t think you’re going toregret buying this rack so hopefully this videohelped you reach your buying decision contribute some moredata points to your considerations for what type of rack youshould buy i’ll leave relations below for the titan fitness webpage for that t3rack as well as all the supplements that we can see just how versatile the t3rack can be this has been Selwynn from WynnStrength and recollect a high quality of life through forte

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