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hi everyone my word is Sean welcome to my canal see you have the best that’s designed conceive and achieve this time is dedicated to all the fitness maniacs wanted you to workout and don’t want to give any pretext I came up with this home gym because I don’t have time to go to gym every day because of my turbulent what should you do it made me almost a year to set up this gym and I’m going to community report and I will be evidencing you what all things we can have in a room so that we can be fit all the time so let’s get started so the first thing is we need to do the Walker with the warm-up so for warmup I have got this feedback you can get it to administer theories on national budgets since good fitment will cost you more than a lakh I didn’t have that is something that of plan so I’m on for the invent bicycle this was said me around 30,000 so we can do a small warm up now maybe for 10 minutes you can just do a small warm up this has the severity named over here you can increase the strength here i am other commands the report contains variants epoch you can sit and just relax into the spinning so now we will go into the next thing so once we have done with our warm-up then generally “youre supposed to” do the basic bodyweight exercise that is sleeps parallel by these are pull-ups so I will be registering you the knees you can just put your hands like this give one like that and you give this loop directions so you can do as much as you can infinites on them so once we have done with the immerses then comes the final prohibit this is someone custom-made I have done this designing on this superpower rack I requested my employ that drill here and determine this up so this is a good setup you can do a lot of immerses another disallow dips which helps you to build your triceps chest and shoulder I will be simply proving you we can just go down up down down down up so the next thing to be showing you the chin-ups so once we have done with the parallel prohibit dips then comes the best exercise to get appreciate that is pull-ups so let me show you with you you are able to have this digit or do we just deem it we’ll go and you can try as many as you can the best is to give me move 10 formerly you’re done with the chin-ups now we’ll be going to the next thing so once we have done with the chin-ups the next thing which I guess the connection in dwelling gym or a professional thing should have is a movable bench so here you can see this is the bench now we have the 300 I just mentioned which you can use you can use it for the lower press you can use it for the shoulder pulps and usually more like that for the sewer addresses so this is something which I anticipate I concur homes in should have now then they started between you so formerly you we have the good movable pitching that the next essential part is a flat bench so this is also very important to have because we have bought of usage into our maintenance of this you can do a signal not put one across this batch of exercising can be done on this so this is also very important so be present at the next one so formerly here we have a good flat bench then the work requires the parcels these kinds of stimulate par as you can see this diameter is a little thicker so I have got three bathrooms the first one is the seven paws the second one is the six hoofs and then I have a small one which is the four hoofs so this one I use for the British the biceps bends in the tricycles and the big ones are used this one I can use for my shoulders and minded elevation this rock and roll for my terrace press and my squats okay once we have done with the Bible the next thing is the double rack so I have to admit that this is the single because too expensive I don’t because the numbers are very expensive but nevertheless it’s very important for our health so as you can see I have the entire scope that’s commencing from the 7.5 till this is the basic the lightest one is 7.5 if this is 35 kg I it remains to get 40 kgs but maybe soon I will be going to get that as well just to the bureau point 5 10 kg 15 kgs then we have 20 kg 25 kgs 30 kgs and 35 inches I’m also having this belt that’s the universal loop basically we use for when you are doing a ponderous athletic or maybe you can use that as well depends so the next one should be once we have a good doubled now that is the sake of the weight free weights plates so as you can see this is 2 station 5 this is 5 that’s 10 15 and 20 kgs so we need all that as well as I want to show you this is ready but I just wanted to – my moves for the back the next would be going through the hams now I likewise have this is one ponderous punch bag so as you can see whenever I get go I’m doing some boxing as well which is very good for your cardio for recreation role we need you can install a good tech with us good speakers now you can also have a white board where you can write your WOD workout of the day and you can also have a good this is also very necessary to have a good value weighing flake this one is from Omer on that gives you a figure solid percentages with this is that you just used to keep it and I want to time have some recreation so guys hope you like my video to send me your statements tell me how did you find my j-hope it allows you to your own the next video I’ll be demonstrating you the top back exercises which I believe are the best back builders I always remember CPA Fitness can see belief and achieve do subscribe to my channel if you think that I am going to keep it with the advice and have you building your fitness qualify thank you

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