Reviewing Cheap Activewear With Rave Reviews (Under $20!) – No Sweat: EP61

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the other day right i even want to go and try on this sports bra at this quite premium um place the sports bras was so thin who buys this you know like it’s so transparent nobody wants to be flashing their nips like in anywhere yeah the sales assistant told me oh you can go and sew in your own pets why would i pay like 80 bucks for a sports bra and then sew in my own pet why why why do you not have padding hey guys it’s tien so when it comes to activewear i think people tend to be a bit more brand conscious and i don’t blame them and that’s just because the perception is that if the active wear is cheap it’s going to be of low quality and the last thing you want is to have low quality active wear when you’re doing your workout and i think there’s also this perception that the more reputable active wear brands just have more funding to invest in their r d so they are able to create more quality activewear recently i’ve been seeing a lot more affordable activewear options online and some of them come with pretty rave reviews so i’ve decided to purchase some of the highest rated ones and i’m going to try them out in today’s video and let you know what i think and all the pieces i’m trying in today’s video are under 20 each in my personal experience with affordable active wear it’s generally a hit or miss for me with more misses there are a couple of pieces that i like and that have really done their job i mean i’ve kept like sports bras that were ten dollars for two three years but then on the whole i’ve tried a lot of tights that were really affordable like 10 15 but was so bad i think i only wore them once for photo and then i had to throw it away very bad very wasteful moving peach is an online store that’s becoming really popular and i’ve seen so many of their ads they have a super large selection on their store and they even sell underwear i couldn’t really find out much information about this brand but they have stores on shoppi and q10 but what moving page does is it tries to position itself as slightly more premium when you buy it it comes in a bag it has its own tag and you can see even through the marketing that it is trying to position itself as affordable but with slightly more luxury so these are the compression leggings and it’s one of the highest rated products on their store arnold 6 100 reviews it has almost 6 000 5 star ratings so i have this thing right when i go to the stores and i try it on i have this test where like if in the first 10 seconds if i’m not like yay like yeah i feel good i feel confident like this is awesome then it’s almost like um i’m not too sure about it so that’s like the initial reaction to it is super important and when i tried this on for the first time when i put it on i was like oh this glided on really well and i was actually really impressed it felt like it wasn’t tight and difficult to pull up it didn’t feel too thick and neither did it feel too thin honestly if you didn’t tell me that these tights were under 20 i would think that it’s somewhere close to 50 bucks i’ve even read reviews that say that these are so smooth and buttery and have even compared it to lululemon i wouldn’t go so fast to comparing it to lululemon i think it’s a bit of a stretch because they have a lot of r d to invest in their cutting and their material but for the price that this is i think that i could even compare this to a lot of the other reputable active web brands they are in the market so this is something i like to do with almost all my ties when i get them for the first time it’s a squat test and what it does is that it’s supposed to see its performance whether or not it fits well and more importantly whether you can see your vpl so it’s past the squat test for me because no vpl from just doing some simple exercises over here i can tell that this is going to help me with my performance it is very lightweight i don’t feel like it’s going to stick to me even if i’m sweaty and the cutting is as such that it just holds everything together actually for me right the worst kind of active wear is activewear that is too thick because i think the worst thing i want i mean vpl aside is when i’m working out it feels so hot and it’s just a sweaty mess and it has terrible sweat management but with something like this i feel that the sweat management is okay and it’s still gonna allow me to feel very comfortable even though i’m sweating a lot and lastly i really like the cutting i love how high-waisted it is i feel a lot of these tights they kind of you know they don’t have the right compression and support even though they call it themselves compression leggings here i can feel that there’s compression but it’s not too tight it cuts me the right places it starts at my waist because it’s high-waisted like it said it was gonna be in terms of the butt area you know it just fits really nicely overall for 1820 i think these tights are really great and i want to go and buy this in every color right now this is a pair of biker shorts from an online store called fannin out of a thousand reviews more than 900 have five star ratings so my first impression of these shots when i first took them out of the bag was i said okay this one compound cannot make it very bad i immediately felt the fabric and i just know because i’ve tried a lot of these affordable biker shots that i’ve gotten on fast fashion websites and they all feel the same is this rough like not really cotton material like maybe like slightly polyesterish material even in the aircon room wearing this i can feel that it’s thick and uncomfortable rough on my skin i wouldn’t wear these shorts to go exercise or do anything active just because the material is so thick and i know has really bad sweat management i know that if i was at a spin class or if i was running or at the gym if i was sweating buckets down there it would feel so warm and uncomfortable and the last thing you guys want is a yeast infection i have my own personal gripe with biker shorts because i just think that overall it just doesn’t look good on most body types in general that’s just my personal opinion i feel that with biker shots if you are not like a model or if you’re not a size zero somehow it just looks very unflattering on your lower body especially for myself i’m more petite and i do have slightly thicker legs it just cuts off at a very awkward position that i feel does not look flattering on my body type and for me to say that the cut and design of this looks pretty flattering on my body i think that you know it says quite a lot about the design i think it looks really okay but i just cannot get past the discomfort and quality of this material i guess one saving grace about these shorts as well is that they have pockets and i always love to have pockets in my leggings or shorts or tights but for 11 20 if you want something just to like look kind of cute i mean they’re okay i might buy them but purely for fashion not for actual exercising this is a pair of yoga pens that cost seven dollars out of 900 reviews 800 plus gave this a 5 star rating on first impression when i put it on i was like hey this is actually okay like i was really expecting a seven dollar pair of yoga ties to have just the worst scratchy and comfortable thick or too thin quality of material but when i put it on i was thinking hey this is actually quite comfortable if i didn’t know about the price i would think that these are maybe 20 to 30 dollars in terms of smoothness i don’t think this is as buttery and soft as the moving peach one but it is smooth enough i think that it’s also not too thick like i feel that for something that is a supposed to have certain compression qualities it is decently comfortable i do appreciate that it is high waisted because it has this material over here and it cuts right above the belly button but it does also have this elastic band at the top that just feels a bit cheap and after a few washes i feel it’s going to loosen i did say in the reviews to size up if you normally wear an m you might want to size up to an l that’s a thing of cheap activewear sometimes the sizing is a bit inconsistent depending on the product you might have to size up or size down so do read the reviews i’m gonna do a very quick squat test so here we go okay so i think as far as the squat test goes this kind of passes there is a slight vpl but nothing that concerns me too much i would say that i am wearing seamless underwear so if you are wearing a thicker underwear or if you’re on your period and you have like a pet it might be a bit visible um but yeah that’s my only like right with it oh and something else is that when i was squatting i did feel the fabric move around a bit it doesn’t have that compression quality that you would get in other leggings so you know having that fabric move here and there especially in the butt area it was not the most comfortable and i think that is why this is a seven dollar pair of tights i wouldn’t say it’s bad though like i wouldn’t say the performance is absolutely terrible um i just think that there are maybe like other leggings that if you pay just slightly more you’ll be able to get material that helps to support your performance a lot better than this one can okay so in terms of working out at home i actually think that paying seven dollars for these pair of ties is okay i i really think that if you’re let’s say you’re a student on a budget and you want to get just like affordable shots on leggings so throw on and get a 25 minute workout in the morning and maybe wear it for like two three months i think that something like this is okay this is a bit of an unpopular opinion from my part just because i know a lot of people are very against like fast fashion brands and i personally have my gripes with fast fashion brands like on the ethical side but at the same time i can also understand the other side of the argument where if you are a student who is in school and you’re budgeting i think that seven dollars pair of tight stats is affordable um mildly utilitarian and you know it does the job for low impact home workouts i think that something like this is a really good bed this sports bra is also from moving peach and it retails for 14.70 and out of 4 200 reviews online it has more than 4 000 5 star ratings when i first tried this on my initial reaction was also like a yay it’s like how i felt when i put on the tights just because the material feels premium it’s super smooth just like the tights and it’s cooling so i don’t think that you know if i am out on a workout or even just like walking under the sun i’m gonna be sweating like crazy and it’s gonna have really bad sweat spots all over and it is very padded which is so great this is a bit tmi but even with the more premium sports bras that i have tried they just have not had the right support and padding for all body types like for me the thing i hate like my biggest pet peeve is when i wear a sports bra and my nipples are sticking out like that is such a like why why why do you not have padding i i don’t understand and then you know the other day right i even want to go and try on this sports bra it is quite premium um place and there was the the sports bras was so thin there was absolutely no support i don’t care if it’s for your yoga or anything like nobody wants to be flashing their nips like in and anywhere and i tried it outside how is that how does this warrant like anyone buying it even like who buys this you know like it’s so transparent you know what the sales assistant told me she actually told me like oh you can go and sew in your own pets i was thinking why would i pay like 80 bucks for a sports bra and then sew in my own pets just doesn’t make sense for me i always like sports bras that have good amount of padding um lana jane is one of those really great brands and so when i put this on i could liken this to a lana jane sports bra that has very good support i like the way the neckline scoops is not too low cut so you can feel a bit more like comfortable that it’s not going to show too much i can even imagine wearing this with a cute skirt or a pair of jeans another thing i love about this bra top is that it has added fabric over here so if someone was a bit more conscious about your abdominal area or you just want just prefer to wear something that covers up more then this sports bra is perfect for that in terms of the back cutting i think it’s really sexy i really love the crisscross straps and the bands at the bottom in general i don’t think these are the designs you’d expect when you buy a cheap sports bra it’s super cute i really like this i think that i want to buy this in another like five colors as well and i just love how you can get matching pieces for this brand so for me i don’t like to think about pairing things so if i can get this entire outfit for under 35 i think it’s pretty much a steal i’m just thinking right if i buy like five sets of this i’ll be able to afford like one lululemon tight i think this is really quite amazing i think this is like making me re-evaluate my life choices i got this sports bra for 8.99 it has no brand but it has got some decent ratings as well out of 600 plus reviews more than 500 gave it a 5 star rating my first impressions is that i really love this sports bra the padding is sufficient for me the neckline doesn’t cut too low and i just think overall it feels like there’s quite a lot of support because the fabric is thick enough for it you know if i bounce i feel like it kind of holds everything in place so i like it and there’s obviously no nipple action going on here as well in terms of the cutting for the sports bra there’s also this little like design over here which is where the padding starts and i think that that is great because it kind of like you know it separates and lifts very nice as far as affordable sports bras go i have actually personally purchased in the past a lot of sports bras that are around this price point that have lasted me really long and comparing this to those i think that the fabric of this is a lot more sturdy than the ones i have and the padding is really impressive the razorback design is also very nice in general the material is comfortable it’s not too thick on the skin not scratchy i don’t really have anything bad to say about this sports bra i would personally purchase it in different colors i think for 8.99 this is a no-brainer for me the only thing is that for this sports bra at the back there’s a clasp and something to note is that it might get rusty after a couple of washers so that’s just something to take note of all right final thoughts on these affordable active wear pieces i think that it kind of just reconfirms what i thought it would be it’s a hit or a miss there are some pieces that were great like the moving peach ones the tights and the sports bra i wear 10 out of 10 re-purchase and the sports bra from the brandless one that was really good as well i would definitely not purchase the biker shorts i didn’t particularly like the seven dollar pair of tights i feel like even though they’re all highly rated it really depends on the function that you’re going to use it for are you using it for fashion are using it just for like a home workout 20 minute quick and easy or are you using this to you know go to the gym i think all these factors definitely come into play when you are choosing activewear but if you are looking for a pair of leggings that you will see longevity in that you need like good material for a high performance in whatever spot it is running or going to the gym then i don’t think these might cut in at the end of the day i personally would still rather invest in a few pieces that have such good quality and i’m gonna use for at least more than a year so that’s what i have for you guys in today’s video it’s been a while since i did one of these activewear try ons and if you guys have any activewear brands that you see online you want me to review or that you personally like do share it down below in the comments and of course if you’re looking for a structured program to help you progress on your fitness journey then do go download the no sweat app there you’ll get personalized workouts that are tailored to your fitness goals you’ll also get one-on-one fitness assessments from me and yes i do personally respond to each and every single one of you it’s kind of like having a personal trainer in your pocket you also get access to live chats live stream workouts and even exclusive invites to our meet and greet sessions when you download the app you’ll get your first week for free and after which you have the option of signing up for a one year three month or one month subscription and if you sign up for a one year subscription you also get a free set of no sweat resistance bands we also have a merge store where we have useful supplements for your home workouts so head on over there to check it out and lastly with all our other videos please remember to give this one a thumbs up click the subscribe button and hit little bell so you never miss a notification every time we post a new video or you can download the click network app to watch our videos over there i’ll see you guys in the next one take care bye

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