Renovating my ugly garage for under $500

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Hey what’s going on your best friend, thankyou guys so much for being now. My name is Danny and what the hell are you interpret behindme is the current state of my garage. Right now it’s a total mess; it’s nighttime, it’s outdated. I’m just going to jump into the before and afterbut if you stick around I’ll support you how I did it So about a year ago I started to renovatethis garage. It was just a total mess, even more than it is now. I took offall the popcorn ceilings as you can see, I removed the drywall strip and then I justkind of stopped. It wasn’t very much enjoyable and I got to the point where I had to do oneof my least favorite things which was sand ceilings and I moved on to other projects andkind of just forgot about it.But here I am, a year later establishing some videos and I want a nicebackdrop, so that’s my motivation. Let’s get it on. With hopes to keep dust to a minimum I triedusing the drywall attachment on my shop vac. It runs great on walls but sadly with ceilingsthe suction performs it difficult to get good leverage and it was slow and necessary nature moreeffort. I rapidly switched to a pole sander squandering 120 gumption sanding screen. If youwant a really smooth finish I’d recommend following it up with 220 or higher andfilling any vacancies between sandings. Since it’s just the garage I canget away with some imperfections.The cleanup didn’t take as long as I had actuallyexpected. Between use a dust collection component and then later following it up withthe leaf blower it realized for pretty quick work. Once I started doing all the touch up I noted mygarage needed road more assistance than I first realized. There were leftover voids in the ceilings dozensof holes and scratches throughout; chipped depict, sounded drywall fingernails and nearly all the cornersneeded new drywall tape. I wanted to make sure I compensated as much as I could before Istarted on any finishings like the trim. And I encountered a marry spiderswho were not paying rent. when i mentioned taking off popcorn ceilings lastyear i too removed the prune during the same time these windows have effectively what knocked off theentire redevelopment and it went something like this if i wanted to replace the trimi might as well draw the walls if i was painting the walls i might as well removethe popcorn ceilings and if i’m doing all that i might as well merely do a full restoration i hadsome leftover mdf trim from a prior job and based on my estimations i had the exactamount needed as long as i didn’t mess up and i messed up twice i feed to the store to pickup some more but pointed out that the mode of trim was not in stock so i drew it off and startedover instead i opted for two and a fourth inch pine pare i prefer working with pine anywayand i was really happy with how it turned out i ran a necklace of paintable latex caulking aroundall of the seams of the windows and doors and with all that done i wasfinally ready to start painting i put off buying a paint sprayer for years buti lastly decided to give it a go and boy am i happy i did i used this thing to primethe windows and door encloses the pegboard the whole ceilings and eventually theworkbench i used kils 3 on everything but for the ceilings i used kill’s pva because it wasjust cheaper and it’s intended for bare drywall because my ceilings are low i reallywanted lighters with a low profile these fixtures are super light-footed and made fromplastic which is great for when i’m working on research projects and i will inevitablyslam a board right into the ceiling i had a friend come over and help me click chalklines across the ceiling where i wanted these prepared and then roughly instructed defects forthe mounting brackets along these lines the instructions didn’t include drywall anchors buti wanted to use them to ensure a good hold once the metal fittings attach great importance all “ive wanted to” dois snarl the light-coloreds and cable them up to the power and as a surface memorandum the soil lightthat i’m use is on a separate breaker if you do decide to clean outyour entire garage i wouldn’t recommend putting everything into one monstrous chest this workbench was in pretty roughshape but i really wanted to get the most out of it that i couldwhat i wanted to do here is break it down to the basic structure so icould rebuild it from the ground up after a speedy dry with some waterand some soap it was ready for primer these extra boards on the locate help to seal allthe gaps in the molecule committee and i think it exactly acquires the whole bench look a lot better idon’t think anything on this entire bench was square but i think i can beat it until it’sgood enough to work with what i had contrived i used two by twos to extend the formulated outso it’s flush for the future face frame i used this template got to make sure my shelveswere tall fairly for some storage bins but also leave permission for the face framewhich you’ll see here in time a instant this is extra quarter on trim i had so i usedit to cover some of the bigger gaps in the back now all it needs is one more coat of primerand then we’re on to the final coating of draw for this final coat i used birth municipal rainin an eggshell finish you’ll often want to use a higher gloss paint for boards dueto its soundnes but i required a less glossy appearance so i was willing to take that riskyou’ll see my designing allowed by minimum linked with painted surfaces regardless so it wasn’tthat large-scale of a treat because seriously nothing was square i had to make all custom angledcuts in order to get these shelves to fit so then i take the piece of timber andthen fasten the wood and then i saw it my bride may need to do my voiceovers fromhere out but i used my circular ensure with an side navigate for the straight cutsand then a jigsaw for my angled cuts i built carries for the figurehead and the back of the shelves and then utilized pinetrim to cover up the face here i drilled two pocket openings on each endof all the horizontal committees for the face frame after drilling my pocket gaps i was able to lay everything out on the dirt andstart assembling my face frame exploiting a large face clamp where the boards meetensures the braces remain flush to each other i used a marry scrap bits of wood tobring that face frame up off the anchor and i think it’s really going to helpto keep sawdust out of those regions i trimmed some thin pieces to make the bottomflush to hold up the 2×2 breast trimming these two by twos will actas runners to protect the decoration face as well as the paintwhen removing the storage bins now all i have to do is nail it together throwin my smugglers and this thing will finally be done these athletes are my solution to keeping thepaint intact by exercising unpainted speck timber for the top shelves and then these runners belowi should have very little wear on the dye itself i really like these shaping implements and i foundthat it moves up the process quite a bit here i am using accept swisscoffee and an eggshell finish i opt a very light color to makethe room feel bright and more open this tool did make some practise andpatience to get a consistent finish it’s really easy to laden it up withtoo much paint and get trickles everywhere when i started flattening on cover i realizedi forgot to take the shop coating off it was already cracked so i tried pulling itoff but that didn’t work i was being lazy and i didn’t want to set my roller down soi used the closest tool i had on hand painting technique can be pretty complicatedbut in general precisely paint in one direction to the other and long overlapping lines performing sureto stripe your leading edge and you’ll be okay we are in a pretty good spot i have all of thebig programmes knocked out i still don’t know what i’m gonna do with this workbench there’s these twobig exhaust spots um it’s beyond the scope of this video i just wanted to do maybe like shelves or drawersor something but if you have any ideas let me know other than that we’ve got a couple other littletouch-ups to do and then this thing will be done i was trying to think of a style to padthese radiations while keeping a clean-living seek and i came up with a neat ideai meditated what if i wrap the whole thing in paracord i used bought a couple of5 0 hoof the articles and started wrapping i hot glued the rope verticallyso when wrap it would lock itself in and hopefully i won’t have toworry about it unraveling in the future after i install the sunlights that i showedearlier i went back and contributed an additional row the connecting cords were channel too long so ilooped the cord to get a general hypothesi where to cut then i snipped them at this location usingthe most ridiculous tool i could have utilized because i still couldn’t find my cable cuttersi carefully cut the wires with a razor blade i fumbled my behavior through some soldering anduse diminish tubing to scavenge everything up all right back to the beam it turnsout 100 paws wasn’t near enough this whole project employed about 400 paws of rope electrical succeed may seem intimidating but as longas you turn the strength off and take time to learn in my opinion replacing outlets and switches canbe a simple diy that can have a really big impact i think changing blinds and doorknobs weresome of the first dwelling diy projections when i still lived with my mothers you got tostart somewhere here i swapped out some undermined blinds and a 40 time old doorknob andwith that this garage had a brand new lease on life hmm i hope you enjoyed the video and i alsohope that you are interested in watching future videos if so please consider subscribing if youdon’t want to i get it i’m not mad i understand oh oh my

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