Rebecca Took the Bowflex Six Week Challenge

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I’m getting married the summer months I know and I’m going on my honeymoon and I am so excited to start the next page of my life being fit inspecting extraordinary I would really like to get flat abs and aimed at strengthening my thighs and my loot oh I’m so excited for this challenge I couldn’t I was blown away 20 minutes three times a week I was able to lose 12 pounds in six weeks and I look fantastic it implied it meant so much on the day of my wed I felt so beautiful not just on the outside but on the inside because I felt strong I had power I am proof that both legs succeeds I didn’t believe that you could do an part exercising with one machine you can it’s so cool you get these beautiful sculpted legs and limbs and it starts you gape strong and like you’re fit not like you’re too bulky I feel so confident I wake up each morning I stand more alive I am simply ready to take on the day and I desire it my favorite story is right after the wedding we were somewhere returning something and he just stopped dead in his roads and I said why and he looks at me he goes you gaze stunning and it virtually raised me to weepings I was like actually he goes you ogle so astounding and it’s it utters you feel so good

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