QUARANTINE HOME GYM TOUR | [筋トレ] ホームジムツアー 2020 #9

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What happened, parties recollected I would make a video about the home gym In this quarantine/ coronavirus I hope everyone is safe, this is very important Second, listen to the rules Going to visit my gym Share what i have Less than 500 I will iterate through each device and add them up Tell you how much it will cost Focus on the focus from this babe Yes, so I have a immersion terminal Raise its shoulders a little bit higher Trolleys and immersion terminals are all sold out These are announced “power towers” So they are all sold out or really expensive I don’t think it’s worth it This immersion station is only 50 I can do push-ups, squats and squats And shoulder press So currently it is high enough to lift the ground If I need to dip, I will use the following steps Like a nutrient roll( haha) The next project in the home gym Is my multi-bench I think this multi-stool has everything I need I bought this for 199 Have a shelf The only problem with the rack is that you actually have to control the rack to reduce weight In the gym, you are eligible to employed it back on the bench You have to control it in a small cavity It’s very challenging That’s the only negative I can’t adapt to chest flies either Can’t really feel the muscles But its better than good-for-nothing, I can feel it This is just a very strange action They are the only 2 negatives In additive, the positive is I love to get rid of hamstring hair s You can mash well The quadruplets are a bit close The report contains missionary curls, but I dont squander it From now you are eligible to raise the bench The report contains saloons that fasten it in place The workbench has 3 stature defines I might try to figure out other ways to use the bench Forgot to say that the dip station took 1 hour to frame Drill into the wall, lent the wall and clamped it in place These are also tightened by nuts and bolts So far, 250 I used to have the heavines of Argos About 30 I have more weight to come The 120 kg force I will shoot Cost me 180 pounds They are still moving during the quarantine I bought everything during the quarantine Bought from eBay, lick everything with decontamination cleans before using I too use gloves when putting everything together Be extra careful at these terms Since we have a house, this is my bike About a year and a half The treadmill is a thing of the bride A treadmill is about 400 pounds, a bicycle is about 150 pounds Don’t remember where i bought it from Think it is from Amazon or eBay nearly In total, my gym is about 450 I have a sandbag last thing Therefore, I expended about 430 pounds to build this gym Hope you guys like this video This is everything I can use to practise Squat, workbench press, workbench press, chest, appendages Everything is really why i improve this Very effective for me If I have more spare fund, I will buy more, but let’s wait and envision Hope you guys like this video I like the idea very much and hope to hear from you About what content I is generated by Anything you are willing to to talk about Work-related, life-related, relationship-related Just ask me Finally, if you like the video, delight share and subscribe It really causes me, I want to attract 1,000 customers And facilitate me get more rulings So thank you for coming up quietnes

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