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– Hi I’m John Greaves the third, journalist and publisher of the Homes and Recording Magazine, the only magazine in the world written by and for home-gym owners. Our YouTube channel isall about helping you achieve your fitness aims at home with workout tips, simpledo it yourself projects you can use to upgrade your home-gym and interviews with theindustry professionals who serve the home andcommunity, and of course home-gym safaruss from all over the world. Now, setting up your home-gym is heavily influencedby where your home-gym will be located at your residence, these sorts of exercisings are you gonna do and the amount of equipment that you have.But what do you do when you don’t have enough space for the paraphernalium that is required do the sort oftraining that you wanna do to achieve your fitness points? On our next home-gym tour coming to you from the Philippines shows how CrossFitter Tobey Kwe fractioned his home-gym equipment up between his garage and his balcony. Check it out. – Hi, this is Toby. I’m from Manila in the Philippines and I exactly wanna give youa tour of my home-gym. Its in two parts, one is a balcony gym that’s just right out of that doorway and the other one is going downstairs to see the garage gym, so. Like a lot of places, Manila is under quarantine so what you gotta remember is gyms are gonna be closedtil around September. So, I’ve thought about house or putting together my own home-gym for some time now andbecause I do open gym at the CrossFit box that I go to and its often time kinda me alone in like quirky hours of the afternoon it sorta acquired sense to movethat training over to the home, and started with a little bit of gear that I started gettingfrom local suppliers before the pandemic startedto really, genuinely scale up.And then precisely the bulk of it, like layers and prohibits I came last week so, genuinely all into the garage-gym lifestyle. So, we’re gonna head over to part 1 the balcony to check it out. So as you can see nothing super fancy its maybe five and ahalf by like twelve hoofs so not a lot of room, these are my sons old Disney play-mats from back in the day. No strategies of putting in some thicker rubber matting for now. But I guess that should do with what I try to do here, so. You know the balcony-gym is used for kinda a lot of mat contact production so anything with a likesix, ten, twelve minutes even to longer ones whereI can time use kinda boobs, kettle-bellsand everything else. You know, the boobs are from PlayHard the prescription ball is from PlayHard plyo box is from PlayHard that kettle-bell is from PlayHard. So, I got a lot of substance from PlayHard. They’re a exceedingly, verypopular regional supplier ya know over here, ourPM and rope mount lines,( mumbling) and then the uh the gymnastics rings.Which I came last week fromjust a regional online browse and then these grills kinda suffice uh kinda as a rigging for pull-ups, so can’t really do anything else outside except pull-ups right now. The aim is to, just whereI’m pointing right now to get a very very nice pull-up bar there maybe twenty-four inches deep just enough to get toes to forbid and a little of kipping pull-ups in and then maybe if you go down here maybe a little cute pegboard. But everything here is just kinda meant to really do immediate workouts so this place has participated a lot of burpees, lots of double-unders lots of box hops, lots of swings.Ever since the quarantine in the Philippines started. And again as I said earlier, I started getting the heavier gear like plates and barbells which we’re gonna attend downstairs when we go right down there. Okay so we came the whole way up from there and now we’re here, so, welcome to my garage-gym. So we’re moving three storeys down, was just trying to offset most out of the infinite so the first part of every exercising is taking the car out of the garage. So you are able seethe familiar Disney matteds from upstairs, this timeabout a two one inch high density rubber matteds on each side. So hopefully there’s a good deal less sound there still is from like the collars or the sleeves making the metal collars of the plates, but it is what it is can’t really get away from it .( metal tinkle) So this disallow is from a littlecompany called Strong Fit, pretty sure they imported from China, but you are well aware good spendgood enough for the toll we got some plates fromStrong Fit also as well, five kilos those extraone pound increments on each dish aid whenyou try to go for P.R.’s. Here’s fifteens and these are twenty-fives on the bar and those are forty-fives from PlayHard, I got a lot at PlayHard and Jax Chua, they are the leading outfitter for all of the gyms andboxes in the Philippines and they’ve helped me a good deal inputting this nonsense together. Even the stuff fromupstairs if you recollect is all from you know PlayHard, so … There was never any plan to become kinda this thepermanent garage-gym space I gotta park the carevery night so everything needs to be stored on theside or somewhere else so for future plans I’mgonna get a rack now a foldable rack like a PRx style one that folds up or a Roguestyle one that either crimps inside or creases to one side so…These guys ship to the Philippines but it’ll cost you know, two forearms ten legs for me to get to do so. So we’ll probably hook up with a local company to try to see if they can do something similar, and the ceiling was enough for maybe pinching me in for a muscle up if we get that stuff in place. So if we can’t get the rigging it’ll be, you know movable, separate squatting stands and then a regular pull-up bar up top. A nice twenty metre driveway I get like sprints and everything else in, that’s my other gondola I hadto get out of the way. This white piece of the ceiling now or the roof there is wherewe affected our wall dances. It’s I mull accurately a little bit shorter than ten paws but you know, good enough. I only did Karen a few weeks ago so it actually cured out. So there ya go this is the garage-gym, gym part two so hopefully you’ve enjoyed kinda this little space I generated for myself certainly a lot moregyms out there in Manila that have very very muchmore outfitted than mine you know gazes road better, have a more dedicated detained cavity, but ya know, everybody’s gottamake use of what they have and this is what I did with mine, so.This again is Toby from Manila, remain safe abide health, thank you Garage Gym Life Media for having me here andI am signing off, enjoy.( click, bell peal)( closing jingle ).

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