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what do I need for p9 0x and today I’m just talking about material not talking about everything you need is for supplements and snacking right and things like that but I will talk about material because that’s the biggest question that I get like you know wow I get I get a few things in the box but I don’t get everything so that’s what you need to know because there’s actually three minimum things that I suggest that I most support highly suggested that you get if you’re gonna start p90x so I’m going to jumping over we’re gonna walking down and going to see my my gym my my garage and I have everything laid out for you so I’ll evidence you exactly what i use for p9 0x anywhere from the minimum some optional things and some supplementary things that you can look at peculiarly if you want to budget like if you require a budget that’s totally cool so was i I’m gonna give you a few minimum things along with a few alternatives you don’t ever have to get everything from Team Beachbody you can look around and get some things at Target and Walmart and things like that now there are a few detriments to that but I’ll explain that once we hop over to the garage so let’s get to it let’s talk about what you need equipment wise for p90x now we go okay this is the spread of everything that I personally use for my p90x journey and I’m gonna go over inch by inch equipment by gear because you don’t need all of this to start what I’m gonna start off with is just the minimum things that you perfectly need to start p9 0x now the first thing is this is what’s gonna come in the box you know you’re gonna get the the p90x DVDs you got all of them in this lovely little booklet so you wouldn’t get all 13 I speculate of you are familiar with 12 of the p90x DVDs right in there you’ ll get the two bonus DVDs if you say through a Team Beachbody Coach and then you’ll too get a quick start guide and a nutrition leader these are very important to use as well so this is what’s going to come in the box now the very first thing that I suggest that you need is that right there this is the chin up bar now the one that p90x sells regards different this is a picture of what the p90x one looks like and this is the one that I got now this one one’s for about 25 horses you can get it at our or Walmart or something like that the one on Team Beachbody is about I want to say it’s like anywhere from 47 to 53 dollars I’ll employ the exact price over on my blog pole but if you crave a cheaper alternative you can go with this type of bar you can get like I said you can get a Target or you can go with the Team Beachbody version looking back on my pilgrimage I would have preferably had that one the Team Beachbody cells versus this one because this one as you can see hangs over your door and it’s just a straight saloon the one that you can get from Team Beachbody actually has different railings on it so you’re gonna have stuff in there on the top stuff in the middle so that direction you can do different variants of the pull-up so when I was going through the p90x journey it was a little bit difficult with something like that but that is an alternative if you’re looking at this on a budget so that’s number one you absolutely need a chin-up rail and then this is my speedy push to say go over to Team Beachbody comm you can actually sign on and have me as your coach I’ll help you with some tips-off and subterfuges on how to do p90x pull-ups if you are somebody that hasn’t done them in a while or you’ve never done them in your entirety life and you’re just kind of worried about how this is gonna work this is effective there is a way to do it even if you’ve never done a pull-up before in your life and I’ll obviously help and help you with that along with all the other cool bonuses that you get when you get an account so that’s that that’s the number one let’s go over here the next thing is this is a wide variety and I’ll explain two different things with this first of all dumbbells is important I have a 5 8 15 s 25 s and 40 s that’s the spread that I use you can use whatever you want now I do recommend kind of learning from my past mistakes is don’t buy all these separately you can actually get a an adjustable dumbbell provided that can go from like 5 to 25 or like perhap I think there’s one for like 10 to 50 they’re a little bit more expensive I think they’re around 80 to 100 dollars but candidly if you would look through how much I invest for each one of these little things I actually waste more by doing it this method so save yourself the time and their own efforts and the money and just get the adjustable ones it’ll actually save you a ton of time versus each individual dumbbell and then likewise you got this yeah this is an alternative to the dumbbells is the resistance band that’s a pretty cool thing you can actually get them on Team Beachbody comm and I’ll include the link right here on my blog positions and you can look at that and it comes in three different load sizings so red is kind of the lighter force goes all the way up to black which is a but presents about 50 pounds of force so those are very effective if you’re not somebody that wants to use boobs personally I like the dumbbells because they are a little bit more effective in kind of movement and modification and things like that so the very last thing is actually what is underneath all of this as the third minimum thing that you need for p9 0x and that is a rug it is necessary to a plyometrics rug a yoga matted or something like this that I picked up at Target you can do whatever you require but it’s most important is just to get something in fact the plyometrics mat when I firstly started p90x didn’t exist so I had no way to buy it you know I could buy a inexpensive little yoga rug but I demanded something a little bit more wide so knowing what I know now certainly go over to Team Beachbody comm get their plyometrics mat it’ll help with yoga and with plyo if you’re working on something like this which is a garage storey and it’s you know you don’t want to be doing yoga and you don’t want to be doing sure-fire moves on this floor it’s too hard and it’ll actually hurt your body so get a mat get something good and that is it that’s all you need for p9 0 action you know chin up bar dumbbells or opposition ensembles and the mat it doesn’t come with the programme unless you get the deluxe edition but this is what you need this is the minimum thing now there’s two or three supplementary things that I like to use the very first thing is right over here and it is a heart rate monitor now this little thing this will strap around your chest and this you can wear on your wrist that’s actually very important as a minimum thing because what is necessary is you need to make sure that you’re tracking your heart rate for two different rationales you don’t want to be doing too much and risking yourself getting too high of a blood pressure too high of a of an severity but more often than not you actually got to track and make sure you’re not dogging it you’re not just kind of doing this thing where you think you’re working out but you’re actually at simply 120 flogs per time when your target heart rate should be 140 to 150 so like I said if you’re a part of our team graph fit calm on Team Beachbody I can help you as your coach kind of show you the resources to find out what your target heart rate is that is the tool so that way during the different you know the different exercisings in the various moves you can look at that and read exactly what you need as far as your target heart rate and make sure that you’re actually following it make sure that you’re actually get the right target and then the next thing now this is another this is more of an optional thing these are these are ankle values and these are cool for a couple concludes you know this is I think it’s male I can’t remember I think this one is two and a half pounds the style it feels it’s about two and a half and this can go either around your ankles and sometimes eventually threw these around my wrist even though that necessarily wrist weight and this is cool if you know Kempo gets easy over term because fortune of beings find that the Kempo ex workout gets easy as like week three four five and six come along so this can actually contribute some intensity to help continue to work your muscles out you can kind of wrap these around your your wrist you can wrap around your ankles and then your kicks and your punches within tempo will be much more efficient much more intense so that is another optional thing and then the very last thing is this now this essentially is something that they recommend with p9 0x 2 but I’ve actually concluded it effective with all that is I do nowadays specially falling in love with this thing this thing is awesome it’s got a foam roller you can get two different versions you get this basic one on Team Beachbody which I went this is what it looks like or you can get the the rumble roller which in fact has different trenches throughout the entire foam roller which is intense now how this is you know the reason for this thing is this is actually more of a recuperation tool you mostly framed it under your muscles whether it’s your limb your shoulders or your hamstrings material like that and you just let this thing roll back and forth and then you find a distinguish that is weak or that hurts and then you precisely rest on that because what that’s doing so I’m just giving you what they call my own facial release which is almost better than a massage so if you think about going to an expensive massage salon that you know charges 100 horses you can get one of these things but I think about like 30 to 40 bucks on Team Beachbody and this any time that you have close-fisted muscles any time that you have sore muscles this foam roller will literally transform your life it will oblige you feel so much looser so much more flexible and it’s just such a cool little tool so like I said they recommend that in p90x – there’ s actually a exercising program in p9 0x – that uses this thing as part of the recovery workout but for p9 0x that’ s and that’s an option but it’s cause you can use that time to kind of roll out those sore muscles so if you have p90x you’ re interested in get that transmit me a observe and I will help you find the ways to use that the best way if you haven’t done p9 0x 2 yet but that is it guys this is the spread this is what you need you don’t need anything more anything lasts as far as equipment is involved now if you want to know what else do I need for p9 0x as far as supplements things like that go over to my blog and sort up a search for what do I need for p9 0x that will give you everything including the equipment and includes the supplements to get everything to get all in to get serious pected and stunning results of p9 0x and kicking buttock so get these at minimum connect with me get your Team Beachbody note get excited because you’re going to get some arises with this awesome awesome program thanks a lot for watching guys we’ll see you next time on short-lived fit comm Bob sharp-worded out

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