NO TIME TO WASTE | Home gym setup + Q & A

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Welcome chaps to blog three of the roadProSeries 2020 Corona eras I’m happy you guys on my direct having a welcometo me again for the third fuckin episode I’m just really strung on ideas of what to do next so we’re going to show you the dwelling gym today gonna go through a littleworkout and then we’re gonna do a Q& A in this session to answer any questions youguys to be presented to me in my DMs in the last few daytimes so that’s gonna be pretty coolso this is my blog episode 3 enjoy I think you’d see guys like we’ve all beengoing on fucking shit’s happening but you can’t make that distract you fromwhat you want to do in your goals and dreams like everyone’s just sitting athome fucking playing video games or nothinguse this time to do more shit more shit that you wouldn’t commonly do like yeahthat’s it, don’t be a lazy c $$ t that you want to do business for yourself, whether it’s an online business, e-commerce or more opinion sort of niche in the industry it’s goodto build that type of skill set now while you have the time to do so you know what I mean youdon’t compile numerous behaviors precisely sitting around doing nothingexactly if the world still got not many things to happen in so he’s wonderfulnews is time to do Liza to procreate something of yourselfand I necessitate potting it’s all towards the goals in memory you heard it said that guysstraight from the fucking og horse’s mouthdon’t use this time to be a lazy cat liberty you are able fix measuring it’sstill train you can still do all your shit alright nothing stops the testify mustgo on the evidence if container must go on we’re about to show you guys the firstglimpse of the Garrett’s Jim of the gods are you ready what is it supposed to look like uponcompletion finishing okay machine on the way we’re gonna be adding a cablemachine back here after the cable machineI’ve buy a coward diddly-squat which I’m going to be 14 probably somewhere aroundhere and then I’ve got to see the car dishes coming next week which I’m goingto be putting probably somewhere British and they’re all beginning through thesystem in order to be allowed to really framed this one bitch at the moment but as you can seeit’s a multi depot we can do leg expansions hamstring curls and the bestthing is a super clients forward flat them back so this is why we’re gonna getcables and then it’s terminated I make if you guys can must be considered any little tissuesyou can after this you we have done such suggestions just leave them in thecomments I think it’s pretty soon there’s a guycome in smartermeasure employers give one year accurately the working day you stoparrests one fall over there one over there so whenever the second itchyreally good time gushing more coloured rubber flooring the cane machine will goover there and so that all the quality much needs a certain direction basicallywe’ve got everything so the patty is coming CCS for cynicalpraises and then everything would really look easy as a service which a liquidpress and lateral you know if that’ll manufacture the truth so episode three this iswhat we have now wait to see the next bout is incomplete version two my too bad wayit’s good guys so what to the cure a part of the video are you guys sendingsome questions to me last week on my Instagram so I’m going to be answering afew of those now and to start off with Abdul is asked what instantly startssmoking weed startedno she yeah but wasn’t inhaling all the time Sahil as the question how it is avery short college dude with reasonable appears ever improving my physiquefashion is actually not a problem moreso questioning about gain with daughters justsay he wants to know how to improve his activity do not come around pressing everyone somy best advice is just to be yourself smile be happykilling what doesn’t feel the same way about youyou know that’s why it’s natural precisely people to the next notice it’s gonna besomeone out there that doesn’t create you before you so time be yourselfum the next question is from captain conflicts what’s your all-time favorite raver myall-time favorite proportion that I thump you I probably have to say Stereosonic 2008 absolutely followed I dunno I’m gonna alteration that superstar 2009 sleep followa gather sonic in 2008 so those were probably the two biggest commemorations thatI can remember sensation why it was real else else my first massive like eightyninety thousand but beings attendance at a gala that I travelled you know state sothat song that was pretty good that was yes we’re crazy crazy memory is hazy wasthere hard to choose between the two years I thought he flub yeah I entail Ithink Stereosonic is just like colleague saw you know I was gonna say stair sonicfirst I do I do wrap it up let’s have the last one forMorris who is curious what your life will look like in the next five yearscareer-wise and you’re probably 40 by then our teenagers and family in the hope wecontinue in body building in the same discipline and sort and in whichcountry will you be doing this in Australia in the US or anywhere else inthe world that’s that’s that’s that’s a multi-faceted question is Iquestion there’s like so many things II think tier 3 one description well letme start by saying I understand myself in Fitness the rest of my life one behavior oranother whether I branch off and do something else in the future is alwaysgoing to be like and that concludes episode 3 goes on the road to pro 2020 streaks or thank you guys again for tuning into this week and I can’t waitto see you guys next week for episode 4 will you find out if I’m going to finishoff that hold you and I conceive max wants to come inside so that is a cup

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