My UK Home Gym – on a budget!

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hi friends welcome back to the channelmy name’s Sophie and this is Just Doing This Now and I’m going to show you mygarage gym ultimately we are at last got it done quite a few weeks of doing nothingon furlough for me Ruth carried on working I made the decision to positioned my time into somethinguseful and turn our dream of a garage gym into reality and this video is howwe did it so first things first we needed to clear of clutter so Ruth and I boughta shed and we replenished it with all the garden stuff and anything that couldpossibly “il be gone” that wouldn’t perishbeing in a shed, the remain we’ve put up here in the apex in the roof it’s reallyimportant to make sure the concrete floor is closed you can perfectly justput your mattings down not a number of problems but you would still have a lot of dust in theair we had to sweep all out I belief I believe we’ve got Hoover and we hoovered it all out that exactly was in the air we had to wet the floor precisely to dampen downthe junk and that was before we exploited the sealant, it’s quite a messy job sotry and do it on a warm day just so it bakes quicker the same will apply to thesealant it will dry quicker and the same applies to the paint now at this item Iwill say if you do want to keep your gym budget to a minimum you don’t actuallyneed colour you simply need the sealant so you could absolutely place any kind offlooring down without having to paint the storey nonetheless me being me I wantedto paint the floor so we started with this lovely grey and this is from WilkosWilkinsons in the UK and it was 18 for the container it’s never gonna be aperfect racket but I think in terms of for what we want it for really happy withthe finish there are more expensive brands out there but it precisely wasn’tnecessary for us so all in all so far our flooringcost us 48 then we go onto the mats so these are our rubber rugs theseare from a brand that I’ll insert here but they are available throughout the UKand I have considered other CrossFitters with them on their Instagram pages theyreally are easy to get hold of, we put the matting down throughout the whole ofthe garage it merely wasn’t necessary in some parts, but because we can get hold of it we’ll probably buy some moreat some degree won’t we Ruth and with that you can buy advantaging as well so if you want toneaten it up that’s fine but for us we knew we weren’t gonna like consume it rightup into the wall so it didn’t matter for us all in all precisely doing a flowing total, these mats expenditure around 150 pounds but you can get horse stall mattings time get them insteadit’s a lot thicker than what we’ve got but we just use these for when we wantto drop forces on the flooring when we’re doing substance overhead the other thing we foundwith these mats is that they were really greasy and slick so it was reallyimportant for us to ensure that they had better tread because you wouldn’t wantto be doing a prick on this storey and then go flying with values over yourhead it’s quite a state and safety probability this is why we continued them outside to weather butwe too clean-living them with degreasers but certainly think about weathering yourmats I know it hubbubs strange but they were just ridiculously greasy when wepurchased them and yeah I can’t imagine this being any different for anyone elseit must be what they put one across them when they construct them we do have a Concept-2rower and it’s been so handy if you’re like me and you don’t peculiarly like runningout in the freezing puff and rain this is great, aged IKEA mirrors because who didn’t own these when they were 18 “hes also” an IKEA mirror but this is from an age-old wardrobe so and the Wardrobe entrances are up thereso it’s quite helpful this is my Wolverson 15 kilo barbell that Ruth kindly boughtfor me one Valentine’s daylight I cancel Thank You Ruth and it’s been great tofinally applied it to good use because I’ve had it for about two years but neverhave any loads and still don’t our are on loan from the Bullpen Thank YouBullpen here “were having” our little screen to do handstand push-ups a bit moreexperience probably should have articulated something weary behind it so it didn’tcrack but it does mean you don’t scratch your favorite Metcons so and that wasabout 25 from B& Q you could get a smaller one to time fit theheight of where your feet get but if you like me and you really put your ass ontothe wall then you want to keep your bum clean just got an old-time sign up heremy mom get this engraved on my fifth and final London Marathon bless her andwhen your legs get tired run with your heartit was meant to say “don’t trust that fart” but my brother-in-law forgot whatmy mom wanted to have on there delight on loan from the Bullpen so it exactly meanswe can drop the weights and not perturb too much about the floor sell powerand I will fix those to a heavines vest when I get one or a handbag when I get onein the meantime they decorate in the gym we’ve got our lovely ribbons before doingCrossfit and functional fitness Ruth and I used to cycle a lot we both had roadbikes I sold mine because mine was terrible fit anyway we used to run andcycle and this is Ruth’s and mines on the other, you can’t callyourself or garage gym if you don’t have a clock and we gotthis one from Amazon I can’t remember the rate I’ll insert it here but it’sgreat for the width we don’t need any biggerwe don’t need any louder it’s just brilliant and having the timer justreally adds that a little bit of incitement I need when I’m grooming fromhome obviously we’ve got some neat cute Contributes here umm 1.50 from therange usefulnes every penny if “youre gonna” me what was really important for us was thelighting’s so before we had a single bulb in now but our electrical friendscame and they installed to striip sunrises for us it’s really important just so youcan see what you’re doing but also you need the good lighting for the selfiesand all the Instagram posts and videos you’re gonna constitute here are my leanmedals compared against Ruth’s obviously we’ve got my signal because you need to know who I am the pride pennant this was literally about2. 30 off Amazon lovely thank you Amazon and also we needed a whiteboard and this was literally about 18 off Amazon and we did get fragment of adiscount because it’s got a bit of a dent in it but you know it doesn’tmatter but we thought we’d fill it with some photos because it’s not reallyfilled with PB’s yet but we will get there we’ve got a LUSH knot wrap up there Iabsolutely adoration that pattern and one thing I’ve realized with your garage gymis if there’s things that you don’t want to get rid of that you really like butmight seem a bit too shabby for your house then you know you gym is the place to set them because you know why not why not, again another patchhere that I need a bag for yes like medals, magnets of theplaces been so as much as we affection this brick we decided to paint the garagejust to make it feel a bit bigger the intention was to paint the whole garagewhite but there’s lots of little vent flaws in these bricks and it was a painin the arse so Ruth and I decided really to focus on this back wall but we think itlooks great I necessitate it did take about 80 hours but 80 hours well devoted ourlockdown workout won’t be the same again if the Bullpen has known exactly theirplace like I can’t even imagine I can’t even do the maths to seeing how much this would expense if we’d have bought it as we know it’s really hard to get your hands onany kind of gym equipment at the moment it was about six weeks and to lock downbefore I got hold of these but 15 kilo dumbbells and they trimmed we got these from the The Gym Company I’ll insert their relation now really helpful howeverit was 105 including postage which which hurt a lot when I know thatI could buy these from Argos for 60, if only I got there quicker butyou know what no bitterness working our road through we’ve got all of our like bandsand material and towels I’ve got my grip and nonsense, this is just an old IKEA coat stand and it was too good throw away and it kind of fits well in the reces herewith our freestanding pull-up dip stand thing Ruth and I foundthis on Facebook Marketplace literally two years ago and it is 40 I thinknow if you bought this new it would be literally 200 we’re very grateful for this and it time meant that we could get a strict work inand not lose that during knockdown in order to save space Ruth’s bicycle usuallysits along now as well I highly recommend these bicycle hits justso it’s just out the route and yeah your bicycles gonna be safewe have shelving crap we’ve got our ab mat loaned from the Bullpen but we’llprobably get one of those ourselves at some theatre such is shoes now and then we’ve got a few bit of Globo gym bits I’ve still yet to use my Olympic ringshave the best desires and these were for the Wolverson pull-up bar we haveoutside hanging off the garage wall but one thing I’m really pleased with is ourplyo box this was from a gym about 40 instants away they were obviously sellingsome old-time trash and we have been successful in come this for 30 tried and researched it’sgreat the only thing we’re missing is a little punctures you can put your hands into carry em I’ve got a few old-time kettlebells here but my favorite is my2 0 kilo kettlebell which I acquired with Wolverson for my event from my PB dance…Really truly chuffed to get this wedecided to go with a bit heavier than the various kinds of prescribed rx heavines justbecause we recalled why not chalk we are only bought the chalk from Amazon and then bought this pail it was literally 4 yeah any gymwouldn’t be right without your own personal branding and I do have more onthe mode foam rollers I mean how large-scale is this this big you get two on that, myother favourite part of deco actually is my female lifter flag there’s stillsome flecks that we want to buy for the gym one of them being a squat I can’tsay it’s easy for some to say I find this very difficult a squat rack stand asquat rack squatting rack yes and so we still want to buy squat ask you stillwant to buy some squatting rack so that’s all that’s missing truly from what wecan do and apparently when the Bullpen have their material at will need to buysome and bumper illustrations but we’re really happy with our setup here you cancertainly get a sweat on and get a good workout in so thanks for watching thisvideo on my garage gym if you demand some more information on anything you’ve seen orheard in this video comment below and I’ll get back to you in the meantimestay safe and I’ll see you in the next video it’s 2020 what isn’t powered by USB? these light-coloreds apparently

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