Monday Workout Motivation

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Monday morning tasks have made a bad reputation among people for some time now.From getting ready for work to tiding up the living space and nothing suffers more than getting started on your exercise routine. This is why it’s so important to get your Monday workout motivation in check. Embarking on a body altering journey such as this can feel somewhat challenging. As a beginner it’s even worse.Frequently staring in the mirror checking for little changes on your body then suddenly remembering the joint and muscle pains that followed after completing a full workout routine. That alone can make anyone frustrated and wanting to give up.I won’t leave out the intermediate or advanced workouters, they sometimes fall short of that Monday zeal too. This is why I decided to compile a few tips on how to get that spark going

Committing fully

Procrastination is one great symptom of not committing fully.You will need to learn to stick it through on a body goals journey because ,it takes time and effort and the word to describe that is committing fully. Committing is key component to succeeding.

Motivation is not found but created

It’s about time people stopped believing that motivation comes down like a drop of sunshine to get you hyped up and ready for the day.Its all about creating your own motivation. Think about were you would like to end up in a couple of months when the hard work finally pays of. Let that be the fuel which drives you every morning. I call it mindset goal prepping. If your struggling with this technic another effective way is ;turning workout days into a duty rather than a choice. Treat it like a job. Done to completion at the allocated time.

Its all in your mind

The thoughts you have determine your perseverance . Positive thoughts yield great results. Telling yourself you got this even when it’s far from true… can really help you stick it through. Instil in your mind that every successful body transformation started where you are. A persons success is a result of the growth and learning they do.Advanced gymers are one example of success that comes from constant learning growth and going the extra mile.Know that situations only improve by acting apon them.

Discipline and Mind game

For everyone days are different. You feel lighter and energetic on some days, reluctant to even move an inch on others.Mondays tend to feel heavy given the hard work we do every other past week .Energy levels are often low because weekends don’t last long enough for us to fully recover. Now your wondering. How can I fix this?Well we can’t, we just can’t help it. But a simple adjustment to your planner definitely will. Make every Monday workout easy and doable. Start with easier exercises and later during the week build momentum to more challenging ones. I get all my workouts done because my mind and body knows that Monday workouts are easy workouts.

Prepare a Calendar

I suggest creating 2 calendars.For the wall and phone. The mobile phone calenders are great for giving alerts on events and tasks on the go.The Google calender is my favorite and most reliable although any simple one works .Knowing that your day is planned out properly can really help with getting things done.

Motivation through music

The Power of music to turn people’s moods around is something we really don’t understand.But what we know is that it works. Make sure to pick a great Playlist that will brighten your mood.This method definitely works if your struggling with the others.


Remove repetitive exercises to avoid boredom. Try re-arranging their order or make substitutes —doing situps, for example, instead of pressups. By switching things up, you’ll keep both your mind and body invested in the routine.

One last Monday workout motivation trick. You must resist feeling insecure and emotional about your current situation.Feelings tend to suppress your potential. Positive thoughts help ease the journey.Now you are ready to kickstart Mondays.

Monday Workout Motivation
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