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Quick little video. Stay tuned. Here. Do you have joined or back pain and tried everything to get rid of it? Introducing the ever so popular, amazing vibrating platform with magnet therapy to temporarily promote circulation. I’m 83, so I use it every day and I’m sure aspects have a lot. When you stand on a vibrating platform, your muscles naturally, roughly, simply contract rapidly. Use increased flexibility, bone health, blood circulation and weight loss like a house for my muscles. Will improve the circulation of my water today. So you can start feeling better tomorrow.It was worth every penny and I spent. My body feels so much better. My doctor told me I had to get something that kept my body. Go on. Can I bought this for my aches and pains? And I just love it. For it makes me feel almost young again. OK, so you’ve all heard the term you use it or you lose it, but sometimes it really can kind of tricky and kind of confusing. How to get a workout exercise routine started. If your doctor told you, hey, you’ve got to move your body, you’ve got to get your muscle activated, you need to start doing something, stop sitting around. This is the smartest, easiest way to get your muscles activated. Activating up 295% of your muscles just by standing on this platform. We’ve sold over fourteen hundred. This week already over 17 thousand have flown out the door here. This is a platform that has really taken the nation by storm. So many people grab this and written amazing reviews about this vibrating fitness platform.Ours has magnetic therapy and has Bluetooth capabilities. We have restocked for you in three great color choices. We’ve got your read. We’ve got your blue. We’ve got your silver tone. We also have black available. Black has gone black already sold out. Black is gone. OK, black is gone. Coming to for thirty one dollars and change.Here’s everything you’re going to get. You’re going to get a remote controls. You never have to worry about bending down the change, the change, the speed. You’re getting resistance bands. We just talked about. But these come loaded with this platform. You’re getting the manual workout guides showing you exactly how to use it. Now, this is not technology that’s exclusive to here. These have taken the nation complete.Look at that by storm. So many people are selling these right now. This one that we’re finding out in the marketplace. Three hundred and thirty dollars. You cannot do better than our price. I love our price. Ours is just as good a quality. We have it from you to you medic therapeutics. That’s our number one. Perhaps proprietary brand here at the network. And ours comes with a 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty that you will receive with this vibrating fitness platform. We’ve talked about this so much at length. We’ve talked about all the great benefits, so many great things about this platform. One of them being how incredibly easy it is to use were being able to work out at home, getting our bodies moving at home without ever having to leave the comfort and safety of our own home.You have to go to the gym and wear a mask. You just get this part from home, you plug it in and you start moving your body, activating all those muscles, which is incredibly important. 0 0 3 9 8 7 is how you’re going to order. All right, Dr. Bro, like I said, these are really hot in the fitness world right now. I mean, you can’t look anywhere on social media without seeing vibrating fitness platforms. What is the buzz on all these platforms? What makes you so important? OK. So I have one of these in my gym. I am obsessed with this device. And I’ll tell you why. Obsessed with this device. And this is the latest innovation in exercise, equipment, health and wellness and fitness. What a vibratory platform does for you. And this is a deluxe model that has magnetic therapy, a vibratory platform. It vibrates, OK? It has one, two, ninety nine different settings. OK. When you vibrate and you stand on this device and if you’re not conditioned recently, you’re not able to stand up very well. You can sit and put your feet on this device. It sends what I call activation vibratory energy throughout your system.In order to stay upright, in order to keep your feet on it. Your muscles will contract and relax, contract and relax. That is what you’re or does when you are standing. When you are sitting, when you’re basically staying upright. OK? In order to stay upright on this, you active at your core. The Central two thirds of your musculoskeletal framework, this insta. Only increases your base amount. Metabolic rate. Burning calories this instantly elevates your pulse rate and your risk free rate.Adding to your cardiovascular fitness. But you know what I love about this circulation of lubricating fluids? Let me tell you about what your body wants to do. And the reason we say in medicine, sitting is the new smoking. When we sit around Lud fluid lymphatic fluid, lubricating Zenobia fluid and joints stay magnet. Just like when you take your car and you park it in the garage and you haven’t used it for a while and you go out there two, three weeks later and you start it up, it goes and then it rolls down the road. It sounds like an elderly car that’s not running very well.That’s because you are in engine. You are a machine. Your body is designed to circulate fluids. What this device does? Is it instantly induces your body to increase its arterial inflow all over the body. Venous return. Sandoval Lubricating fluid, the joints and lymph fluid, the protein that’s in your blood that goes your tissues, that needs to come back, that lymph fluid, it enhances and stimulates all of that. It’s like starting your engine and taking your car out for a ride. Now you see that is that those fitness bands? I’m not sure, but I want to show you something.I’m obsessed with this device. This fitness device with this is our brand new fitness band that is so unbelievably easy to use. You put it together and it gives you resisted training. You must get our deluxe magnetic vibratory platform. And before you check out, I want you to get this device as well. I am obsessed with resistance training and what that system can do for you.As well. It’s so important and so important to be strengthening our muscles. Our bones. Right. Especially as we age. It’s incredibly important to be able to avoid these different ailments that we have as we age and we get older. So couple things I want to give you, because we’re busy on the phones already this morning. So many of you shopping with us. I want to show you exactly what you’re going to get and your options. We have restocked in the red and the blue. But here’s my warning for you. I have about five dozen left in the red. I have about five dozen left in the blue. Silver is going to be your best bet. I’m okay. On the silver, but these are rapidly losing quantity as well. We have so many of you that waited for that red in the blue to come in. You are getting the platform. You’re getting the remote control. And I may take you on a full tour of this in just a second.Here. You’re getting the resistance bands and you’re getting manual and workout guides. That’s going to help you know exactly how to use this. Now, let me just show you really quickly. I want to show you what you’re going to get as far as a little tour. And then I’m going to talk a little bit more about the value, because we have a lot of people shopping with us over 5000 people have made this their first purchase here at shop HQ. So let me just say, I’m going push positive and stop my machine so I can show you exactly what you’re going get.You’re getting this nice, big oversized platform. So it’s gonna be really easy to stand on. It is in-car credibly high quality. You’re seeing I’m pushing on this. It’s not going anywhere. Part of that is because of those suction cups on the bottom. That’s going to give you a really, really nice, secure and stable fit on your floor. Then you’re getting this nice, big platform. The traction on here is second, you’re getting all these great little pads that have traction on them. The magnetic therapy is built right in here. All these little balls of magnets where to talk that in just a minute. And how important that is for your overall health. Then you have this nice, big, oversized LCD screen. So you can see exactly your time, your speed, how many calories you burned, which is so smart. My favorite part about this, though, is that you have the remote control, you’ve got that remote control.You’re able to easily turn it on, turn it off, adjust your speed, adjust your time. It’s also loaded with Bluetooth capabilities so you can listen to music through this platform. It is incredibly smart. It’s incredibly good looking with matte metallic color. So so many people shopping with us this morning. I want to say good morning to Mary, North Carolina. A brand new customer, Malvina and California Henrietta Barrow. Rebecca, Timothy, Pennsylvania’s new customer. Preston Illinois, wearing Preston hat. And Colorado is a new customer. We welcome thousands new customers into our network. From this platform. So many of you have found us because this item. Now, I want to read a review for you because we have so many people that have written incredible reviews about this platform.They absolutely love it. They feel like it’s life changing. This one to you. It’s so great. This I’d love it. And they give us a five star review. This is the customer choice rated item. So lots of five star reviews. I’m 71 years old and in reasonably good health. I’ve been using my machine for two weeks. Now and I feel a difference in my tush.And upper thighs. I haven’t set up in front of my TV so I can vibrate and watch the show. I have talked so enthusiastically about my machine to friends that two of them already bought. Oh my gosh, I love that. Here’s one more five out of five stars, outstanding exercise equipment. The best decision I could have made was to purchase this piece of equipment. I sit between eight and twelve hours daily as an I.T. professional, as I along getting older. I can be stiff with a little tenderness below the knees. This vibration sensation has stimulated my blood flow, loosens the stiff feeling. I plan it regularly to better my overall health and wellness. And that’s so important. I mean, Dr. Dubrow, we talk a lot about how important this is as far as health, wellness, and keeping your body moving.So when we get this home, what do we do? How do you want as a doctor, as a medical doctor? We listen. Yeah. Ever listen to after the bro? Because he is a professional. I’m a fitness professional. He’s a medical doctor. So he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to health and fitness. What do we do? We get at home. OK. I’m obsessed with this device. Just for me, what it does, my wife is what it’s going to do for you. Let’s say you have a history of recent prolonged sitting. You’re not moving very much. Let’s say you have a history like me of recent prologue standing. In other words, stagnation of fluids in your body, predisposition to blood clots, stagnate, flexible, inflexible, joints. This is the best, in my opinion.Vibratory platform on the market and certainly at the best diet. It will take any level fitness you’re at, whether you’re at this this amazing gentleman who’s in great shape. Obviously, it will take even his fitness instantly to the next level. Let’s see. You’re more like someone my age and you haven’t been moving much recently, so you’re even fresher at the hospital or you’re just totally condition. There are 19 9 different vibratory settings. This is remote controlled. It’s a big staple platform. There’s no assembly required. You get the some you’ve turned it on. That’s OK. You stand on it. I want you to turn it on and has rollers, by the way. Super move around. And it’s got a very non slick state surface. So it’s really super easy to stand up. All right. You said it maybe four, five, maybe for 10 minutes. Turn to 1 1 and put your feet together. Step on this device. And as you get more comfortable, open up your feet with a little bit shoulder width. And the more you’re the wider your feet are, the more vibratory platforms are going to go.And the energy is going to go through your system as it’s doing that, your muscles respond by flexion, by contract action, by relaxation, the lymphatic fluids response, by increasing their return, you’re getting mobility and flexibility. You’re getting this credible support, core strength by active dating, your central court and you’re supporting your muscles. This device is perfect for you no matter what level this you’re in now. If you have a history of a job where you stood around a lot or you sat around for prolonged periods of time, this device basically gets your physio allergy moving. And listen, your body is like your dog. Your dog is sitting there looking at you in the carpet, going, when are we going outside? When are we going for a walk? Well, I want you to take your dog, parentheses your body out for a walk and run your body around.And this device allows you to do this without leaving your house. I love that you just said that because I’m thinking about the winter. Coming up, face. So we live in Minnesota. We live in a very cold climate, about half of the year. So we’re in right now. It’s beautiful. But I want you to think about the last time you were at the doctor and he said, you know what, you’ve got to get moving. You’ve got to start moving your body and maybe you don’t belong to a gym or you don’t want to be intimidated when you go to gym or with the winter coming up, you don’t want to go outside in the snow, sleet in the cold, This is all about you.This is all about you being at home. In the comfort of your own home. Nobody is watching. You’re not having upon fancy workout clothes or equipment. You’re just getting this home and you’re using this. It’s easy to store into your couch underneath a chair, underneath your bed. But you’re getting this home. You’re using every single day. And you’re feeling your body wake up again. And that’s what a lot of people report. They say that when they get home and I can attest to this, this morning, I asked my producers that my producer, my director this morning, about an hour and a half ago in our pre production meeting, I was yawning. I was tired. This jump starting at your body. ENERGIZES your body like you’re seeing on your screen. But it’s like jumper cables for your body. It’s taking your sluggish, tired, sedentary body that maybe you’ve been sitting around a lot lately. You know what? No shame. We all have been sitting around a lot more lately, especially this last year. And a half or so during this pandemic.Because we haven’t wanted to leave the house. It hasn’t felt safe to leave the house. This is a platform that you can use at home. It is incredibly safe and stable to stand on its. Very, very solid and very sturdy, really well-made. We’re slashing the price on it for you at an incredible discount, 180 dollars and eighty two cents. Thirty one. Sixty four is your value pay. That’s how you can get this home today.But you’re working out in the comfort of your own home. You’re moving your body. This is moving your body for you in the comfort of your own home. Not having to leave, not having to go out there into the world. Just being able to stay on. It’s so smart. We’ve sold almost 14 hundred this week. If you shop for this elsewhere, you can expect to pay right around 300-250-0030 dollars for the same technology. We’ve got it for you. Almost half that price. I’m so proud of here at shop HQ because in a time and place when prices are rising everywhere, gas prices have notice are going way up. Food prices, butter, milk, bread, everything is going up. We keep our prices really low. For you. And we’re also throwing in a 10 year limited warranty with everything medic therapeutics. So it’s a great time right now. To shop with us, especially when we have them in stock, because when they’re gone, we never really know when we’ll be getting more in stock.So please, if you’ve been waiting for that right in the blue to come back in a stock, make sure you check out your shopping carts right away. All right. Just under four dozen that red 0 0 3 9 8 7. I want to show you a quick video from Joe. So check this out. Grab another cup of coffee and come right. I’m back. Enjoying myself and Dr. I recently bought a vibrating platform to help with my leg circulation and my blood circulation in my legs. And it has made a great improvement. For years, I worked as a journeyman machinist standing on concrete floors all day. And I would come home and I would my legs would ache.They would twitch. They would jump. And since I’ve used this unit, I don’t have that problem anymore. I’ll be 86 in a few months. And I like it. It’s something I can handle. It’s not something that throws you off balance. But it just makes you feel so much better after you’ve been on offer. Couple of minutes. It’s something you can handle. It doesn’t throw you off balance. It’s in the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to leave your home. It activates a 1095% of your muscles in your body as you are standing on it, as you’re even sitting on your couch, on your chair, on the edge of your bed, with your feet on it.You’re still getting the benefits of that muscle activation, that circulation, getting back, going through your body. It’s incredibly important that your body is moving and that your circulatory system is in really good health. Now. Joining me this morning, Secretary Dubrow. He, of course, double board certified plastic surgeon. I just reintroduce him. He’s 20 years of clinical experience and extremity disorders.He is passionate on all things health, wellness, fitness, making sure that you are living your best life, making sure that as you age, you’re feeling strong. Because after you, bro, this is we’re not we’re not like we don’t like barely eke it out and make it to, you know, a hundred years old. Right. We want to do the have a really great life. Right. Now. Is it ever too late for anybody out there to, like, get going on this? Oh, not at all. You know, it’s funny. I see myself in Jo Jo reminds me of me in so many ways. Joe is a journeyman machinist. You saw him. This is a gentleman who stands on hard concrete floors. For his entire career. Would come home and have these muscle twitch muscle aches and that feeling of stagnating fluid, lymphatic fluid, blood, dioxin blood in the lower extremities. That is so me. Now, what this device does and it’s for absolutely anybody. And by the way, the older you are in way, the better. This device is for you because of its ease of use. And what it does physiologically, this is the latest innovation and this is the deluxe version of a vibratory platform with magnetic therapy.Magnetic therapy are saying magnetic pulses through your body that enhance circulation further and designed to stimulate. It’s called bone mineralized. Now, I don’t present very many things to you when I come into shop HQ. I come on frequently, but I come on pretty much with the big ticket items. I come on with mass things that are designed to keep you safe, to keep you out of the hospital. I come on with vibratory platform things designed to get the circulating fluid in your body moving to increase flexibility, decrease muscle pain, increase your metabolic rate to allow you to burn more calories to start your engine.A lot of us, as we get older, you don’t. We do. We basically stop moving. And when we stop moving, our body stops circuit leading and we’re like the Tin Man in the Wizard of. We just start to rust on the inside. It’s like you’re vacate you for these vacation homes where people don’t go the entire winter and then they go into summer, the spring and the pipes doesn’t work because the fluid has not been circulate.Zach Lee, the way your body works, I want you to get this home and I want you to get one for you and one for someone you really care about as a Christmas or holiday present. Get it home. You can build ship to them now. Time to open. December 25th, or wrap it up and send it to them when it comes time for the holidays. And realize this is one of the easiest, most powerful ways that you could take someone’s fitness and their entire circulation physiology. To the next level instantly. It’s so important. It’s so important to have our bodies moving.It’s so important to pay attention and it’s never too late. If your fifty five sixty five, eighty five, just like Joe, you can use this platform. You can grab those great benefits from just standing on a platform with the stimulator muscles improve your circulation. It’s such a smart thing to pick up on today. Now here’s happening right now. I’ve got a lot of people on the phones for the platform I work under four dozen left in the red. In the blue I’m racing towards four as well. The silver tone, we’re OK. But here’s what’s happening. So you the red you’re seeing 46 silver is going to be your favorite.They’re beautiful. Matin Metallic colors, by the way, So it’s a gorgeous looking machine. Because you’ve got that red matte metallic. The blue is stunning. The silver is nice and neutral. Everybody is loving the silver this morning. But this is what I want. You know, we sold couple thousand just in this week. Alone, over fifty five hundred sold in the last month. And 17000 of you have said yes to this special edition of the Vibrating Fitness platform. It’s loaded with Bluetooth technology. It’s loaded with magnetic therapies. You’re getting great benefits all the way around. It’s very, very stable and easy to stand easily.Have your feet on the traction. It’s phenomenal. And it’s the best way to get your body jump started again. So if your doctor said to you, look, you’ve got to do something, you can’t just keep sitting around, get this home, you always have 30 days to get it. To return it to us. Actually, now we have extended a return policy for the holidays. You have until January 28 of 2022, to return this platform. If you don’t absolutely love it. But if you’re like the other almost twenty thousand people that have said, yep, I want to give it a shot and have written in five star after five star review, you’re going to absolutely love it. Those resistance fans in the front are going to help you with your upper body workout.It’s such a smart thing to pick up on right now. Especially when we have them in stock, go to shopping to .com. We’re busy on our phones. 0 0 3 9 8 7 is how you’re going to order. This is about you doing something really good for you. And I hope you take advantage of it today. I was sure to one other quick little video, so check this out. Don’t go anywhere and come right back. We’ll wrap up with Dr. Dubrow. Do you have joined or back pain and tried everything to get rid of it? Introducing the ever so popular, amazing vibrating platform with magnetic therapy to temporarily promote circulation. I’m 83, so I use it every day and I’m sure states love it. When you stand on a vibrating platform, your muscles naturally, reflexively contract rapidly use it to help increase flexibility, bone, health, blood circulation and weight loss. Feel like it has for my muscles will improve the circulation my wage quarter today. So you can start feeling better tomorrow. So my mom just went the doctor recently and for her, you know, her physical exam. And he said to her, you’ve got to start moving your body.You’ve gotta start moving. That’s such a common thing for people to hear when their in their 70s and 80s, even 16, sometimes to start moving your body, it’s important to move. If you don’t move it, you lose it. So it’s a really critical component of aging. It’s to continue to move your body. And we’re not talking training for a marathon or train to do crazy. We’re just talking about keeping your body strong and healthy so that you can bend down and get on the floor and play with your grandkids or reach those top items on the upper shelf in your cabinet. We’re not talking right and crazy. We’re talking about basic life abilities. Is this wouldn’t help improve your circulation.It’s going to help strengthen your core muscles. It’s going to activate 95% of the muscles in your body as you use it. So this stimulate everything in your body, waking you up. People also use this to relax at night. A lot of people have reported when they struggled with restless leg syndrome, that is going to be a great way for them. To be able to relax their muscles 0 0 3 9 8 7. How you’re going to order. OK. Dr. Dubrow, I want to kind of reset a little bit here for everyday. That’s just tuning in. People are just waking up. You and I have been up for a couple of hours here, but some people are just lucky enough to be able to be just waking up. So what is this all. About? Vibration therapy? We’re standing on the platform. I’m vibrating like crazy.What is this all about? So if you just joined us, you’re seeing Jen, who’s obviously extremely stand on what’s called a vibratory platform, a vibratory platform is the laser at latest innovation in health, wellness and fitness. You’ll find them in big resorts. You’ll find them in gyms. All over the place. And now you can get a very high one with magnetic therapy, which takes the circulation enhancement and bone development to the next level.So what is five retreat therapy, vibratory therapy is stimulating, vibrant Tory energy that goes through your body as you stand on it or as you sit with your feet on it that instantly, immediately induces your muscles in the areas in which the vibrations are also through it. The central two thirds of your core, the front back part of your musculoskeletal system, your muscles, contract, relax, contract, relax, contract, less. What that does is burns calories. It uses ATP. It elevates your pulse, elevate your respiration. Remember when you were a kid and you went with your buddies outdoors in the front before people, before kids just laid in bed and looked at this ridiculous device? Remember that you’re parents and say, go outside. What did your body want to do? Instinctively? Your body wanted to move and run around.Remember that in degrading feeling you would get when your body when you would stop moving and you could feel that invigorating energy throughout your body pulsating. That’s exactly what this device does, except you don’t have to go outside. You don’t have to run around. All you have to do is either stand on this device or sit on. Now, when you get this home, I want you to turn it on. I want you said for FY Mini just five minute. Put it on the very lowest setting. There’s ninety nine different vibrations. OK. When you first step on it, put your feet very close. Together, close your feet together. The less the vibrations go through your system then as you get used to it, which will take a few seconds, open up your legs a little and you’re going to feel more of the activation energy instantly.It’s sending your muscles, your entire muscular skeletal framework into contract relaxation so that you could stay upright. By the way, you know, as we get older, our balance is very good. This will improve your balance, your fitness, your circulation, is so good for you. By this for you as a holiday gift and then buy it for someone as well. I love that idea. Train yourself for this as a gift. Give yourself a gift of wildness and of how a great balance that’s so important, too, to be able to keep your balance, your core muscles really strong as you age.We all know how important balance is, especially as we get a little bit older. I want to show a couple of different things. I want to show you what you’re going to get, what your options are. We have red. We have blue. And we have your silver town. They’re all beautiful matte metallic colors. Gorgeous looking machine to having your home. It’s got wheels in the bottom.So it’s easy to move around. And it has suction cups, which is really smart. You’re getting the remote control. You’re getting resistance bands on to show you all that in just a second. You’re getting a manual on the workout guide. It’s such a comprehensive one. Done way to really start moving your body again, to start paying attention to your health and wellness, your fitness levels again. But you’re not having to go to the gym. You’re not having to do anything crazy. You’re just getting home, super afford. So elsewhere, if you shop for these elsewhere, you can find vibrating fitness platforms in so many different places online. But we have an incredible price for you online. You can find it for about three hundred thirty dollars. We’ve got one of the best prices out there in the marketplace at one hundred eighty nine dollars. It’s thirty one dollars and change on an interest free value pay. I want to show you really quickly what the features are, and then I’m gonna have Dr.Bro toss it back to him and talk more about this. But one thing I love is you have this remote controls. This control everything from a standing or sitting position, controls your speed. It controls your time. It can tell you how many calories are burned. So really great feature with that remote control. I absolutely love that. Dropping racing towards forty nine left in that red, by the way, a nice big oversized platform. You’re going to get this home. It’s so stable, it’s so solid. I don’t know if you can see this. I’m trying to move it and it’s not even moving here. On air. Then you have business traction on the on the top of the platform. You can easily stand on it. It’s going to give you a nice non slip surface, the magnetic therapy, which then help you again with your overall all magnetic fields in our bodies.That’s really important. And then you have the big LCD screens. You can adjust your time or speed. It will tell you your calories burn. And of course, up to ninety nine is your levels. One up to ninety nine. It’s such a smart piece of equipment. All you do is plug it in. There’s a little power switch in the front and then the resistance bands as well are going give you that nice upper body workout.If you want to use that as well. It’s 0 0 3 9 7. One of the best things that you can do for yourself and for your loved ones is to give yourself the gift of health. Get your body nice, strong. Do it for you. And then you can help other people. Such a smart thing. It’s like putting oxygen masks on yourself and being able to help other people. But take care of yourself first. It’s never too late. I want to show you this quick video from Joan. She’s to tell you about her experience of the platform. So check this out and come right back. It was worth every penny. And I spent my body feels so much better. My doctor told me I had to get something to get my body. Go on again. I bought this from my ex. Payne’s and I just love. For it makes me feel almost young again. I love what Joan says, how she says it makes her feel young again. It makes her she does love it, makes her feel so good. And that is what this is all about.This isn’t about, you know, again, trying to train for anything crazy. But what I want you to do is I want you to get this home so that you feel like your old self again. You feel energized again. You’ve got your blood flowing. And if anybody out there ever spent any time exercising, maybe back in the day like when I was a kid, I would go to exercise classes with my mom in the big the big gyms, the big rooms, very popular back in the 70s. And 80s. And everybody would be there exercising. You feel so good after you just move your body, even if you just go for a walk. You feel so good, but not all of can get out there and walk right now. Not all of have that capability for mobility. Reasons. Get this home. Try this out. See how you feel.Let your body be re-enter tries again. You’re good for a mile more. It’s incredibly important for your mood to be able to feel really good about your body, to be able to get that energy going to your body. That always helps improve. Improved my mood at least I know every time I move my body, I feel so much better.I feel happier. You get those endorphins going and you just the happy hormone, the thirty one dollars and change the value. Pay So really easy to get this home interest free. That’s just a nice easy way. Your brand, it was here at shop HQ. I want to say a big welcome to you. I’ll pop up my customer, my customer ticker in just a second and say good morning to all of you individually. But value pay is just a really easy way to able to get this home afforded. Let me take that.One hundred eighty nine dollars price tag. That’s at this day only price tag, by the way, is we just marked it down again. And we chop it into six monthly payments. There’s no club or anything. It’s just a nice, easy way to kind of stretch payments on your wallet. Want say good morning to Lisa. Linda, in Michigan, we said New Jersey is brand new. Customer Edward 3 said Colorado. Mariana, Colorado, a brand new customer. I’ve got Penny in Texas is a new customer. Welcome. You guys. I’m so glad that you’re here. I’m glad you’re shopping with us.Dr. Deborah and I are both very passion about wellness. Health, fitness, giving everybody right after the their very best life going forward, because it’s I feel like so many people out there tell me they’re like, it’s too late for me. Jan, I’m sixty five. I’m eighty five years old. I’m just gonna give up. And I just like, no, no, it’s never too late. The is not too late. It’s the perfect time. You know, I’m going to be perfectly honest with you in many ways. As we get older, we betray our bodies. We know intellectually we know you learned it in first grade, second grade kindergarten that you’re supposed to move your body.You know, the best way to live a long, healthy life. With a good quality of life is to get your body fluids circulate. Well, what do you think this deluxe magnetic therapy vibratory platform. That’s for you. Exactly. The moment you step on it, it energizes your body. It targets all of the muscles in your body. To contract and relax and increase circulation, increase venous return, include increased lymphatic return and snow, build joint fluid lubrication. This is what your body is designed to do. OK. Remember what is the function of your body? It’s designed to move. It’s designed to go from one place to another. To go from sitting to standing, to go from here to there. As we get older. And we stop moving and we start sitting for a longer period time, we literally betray our body and we betray what our body wants it to do to stay healthy.And that is to get the fluids circulating. This is exactly what this device does. You get it home. Ninety nine different vibratory days. And what you started out on this level 1, get make it simple because it’s really simple. Scan 9, if you’re very deep condition, you’re fresh out of a hospital situation. You can sit down and put your feet on it and instantly by putting your feet on this, it’s increasing the circulation, the magnetic therapy pulsating through your body, increasing bone mineralization, increasing arterial inflow, venous return, lymphatic return. All firms or circulating fluids, your body is your sports car. It’s not your jalopy. Stop treating it like it’s an ancient jalopy from 1981. The model T that can barely run treat it like it’s a modern day sports car is. That’s what it wants to do. So don’t be your body’s enemy. Be your body’s friend. Get this home. Get on this and get your body moving. Yes, I am. Yes, I so agree. I like seriously apply that doctrine about because it’s so important for us to be moving and so important have the right mindset around moving your body.You know, I think so. Many people say, I don’t want it’s too late. I have it for a walk three years. That’s OK. Get this platform home. Stand on it. Sit on your chair. Sit on your sofa. Let this machine do the work for you. Moving your body, activating up 295% of your muscles, just by standing or just by sitting on it. If you want, you can absolutely hold on to the edge of us of a chair or sofa. If you’re standing by I to tell you it’s incredibly stable. So you’re not going to feel like you have to do that. Now, couple updates for I have to give you before we have up three and a half minutes left. I have 40 left, right. I’m said step over here, 40 left.In the red in this beautiful red, spicy metallic red the blue. We’re just about at that same number, I believe. Thirty seven left in the blue, OK. Thirty seven in the blue. Silver silverware. OK, silver is the most popular this morning. Silver tone, beautiful matte metallic silver tone. Thirty one sixty four and a value pay. It’s coming to 0 0 3 9 8 7. Is your offer? No. You’re getting the remote control. You’re getting that nice big oversized fitness platform. The resistance fans are getting the manual, the workout guide. And listen, this is so important for you to know. This If you don’t move your body, you run the risk of major health crises later on in life. So I really, really want you to get this home safe. You haven’t picked up on it yet. If you’ve been watching the last couple of months presenting this, you’ve seen thousands of people picking up. You’ve seen the reviews. Get this home, sit on your sofa, watch us on shop, HQ while you’re using this platform. We’ve a lot of people that write in and say, I watch you while I’m standing on my platform or one sitting on my couch drinking my coffee.And I use this for five minutes a day in my family. It’s like your whole day is jumpstarted. It’s a great way to start your day. Also a great way to end your day. I want to speak of ending your day. I want to read this review to you. This one says five to five stars and says relaxes me. I bought this a few months ago and my husband and I love it. We both have back problems and it loosens our muscles and lessens the pain. I’m on a diet and have already lost weight. I love it. And then this next one, I love a whole lot of shakin going on.I recently received a vibrating platform. It’s been so much fun to use. I’m 60 years old and in pretty good shape. But I wanted a product. It would keep me moving and the platform is easy to use. I can totally balance it without any issues. I’ve been using it at least once a day. And it really makes you feel invigorated. And I love that so much. I love the fact that it makes her feel invigorated.It makes her feel like jump started like a live again. It’s never too late. If you haven’t gotten this home yet. If you’ve been looking for an easy, affordable way to be able to move your body. This is so important. 0 0 3 9 8 7 go to shop HQ DOT. Dr. Bro, the last minute a half. I want to toss it back to you for final thoughts. As a medical professional, why should people get this home so as a medical profession? Want to tell your body wants to circulate, your body wants to move. Now if you think about your body is a machine because it’s really a machine. It takes in calories like you fuel. It burns the fuel. It has moving parts. You need to get those parts moving. This will move all of your parts. What I want you to understand is this is for any fitness level, but it’s particularly for you who have been standing around or sitting around for longer periods of time. You know, in the back of your mind, that you should be moving.My mom used to say when I was growing, why don’t you go outside and move your boat? Me, me, Does your body moving? Take your body for a spin? This is taking your body spinning before you check out, we have a brand new device. This is these fitness bands that are the most genius things I’ve ever seen. In order to enhance resistance training. These come in four or five different band settings for weights and it’s for resistance training. You don’t need weights at home, but you do need resistance training to build up your muscles, to increase your metabolic rate. So get this fitness platform, get this fitness band home and vibratory platform. These make the ultimate on the day. Yeah, I back well we might have to have like a flex offer or something later on that and maybe in for the next hour we’ll have a little we’ll have a little. You’re you don’t. Is this. All right guys. All right. We’ll see you in just a minute. I’m going to switch studios where Dr. Braun I’ll be back in just a second.We’re about something very important. We have hearing coming up for the next hour. The best price in the nation. So smart. Make sure you stay tuned..

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