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want to stay sung for the smartest, most afford all most invisible hearing aids you’ve ever seen. So check those out. Make sure you stick around with your broke. Going to be with me for the next two hours. But firstly, where kick things off this morning bright and early, something really important. We’re talking about your physical fitness, your health.We have this exercise band change for you for twenty eight dollars and reform. You’re getting all five members of these circles in ten pound increments. This is 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. You’re going to start with that ten pounds of opposition study your way up to 50 when you get to it. Coming to for four dollars and eighty two pennies on their rights and interests free price repay. Now it’s under thirty dollars for all five members of these. You’re getting carrying container, you’re getting a doorway fasten as well. So it’s a really great channel to be able to get your fitness started. In a really inexpensive mode. What these are going to do with every help.Tonia entire body, your upper body, your lower torso, your limbs, your core, it’s going to help you with your shoulders, with your. Chest tightening, intoning all those trouble spots in your mas. But what’s so incredible about these ensembles is that not only do we have the best price out there, in the market that we could find for this set of five, you’re seeing this competitive. It’s about forty eight. Forty nine dollars for this very same set. But this set is coming to you again for 20 eight dollars. Ninety four pennies. It’s incredibly economical. It’s very versatile. As well. We’ll get into all of that in precisely a hour. And it’s going to allow you to travel these as well so you can take a home gym with you in one little luggage. Here i am 0 4 four 0 7 2. Is your offering. No, Again, it’s for a 2 on that ethic. PD also make a great gift idea. I really want to pop that in before we get started. Secretary Dubrow is my guest this morning. He has a board guaranteed plastic surgeon.He is heartfelt on all things state and wellness and fitness. And Dr. Braun, I have so much merriment together, talking, fitness, talking all things therapeutic sector. Good morning. I told you in the oh ah. Thank you for taking time out of your period to be with me this morning. Vishal I want to tell you something. Thank you for welcoming me this morning. Generally, I want to tell you something, OK? We talk a lot about cardio vascular fitness.OK, we’re going to talk to you about it. Vibratory platform. It’s all about dissemination, the benefit of lubricating liquids and starting the engine. That’s coming in a few minutes. But this is the first device that we’ve had that I think is the most innovative for resist exercise. Now, this is part of what I announce functional exert. Functional exercise is practise that’s very easy. And your figure that are related to all of those physical therapy and fitness needs that you have, that’s super important.For functional, active elongate. Toni, backbone prepare. And it’s really about resist. You know, the route it works with the body is, you know, the number one cause of fatality in this country is cardio vast are ailments. Right. That’s why we talk a lot about treadmills. We’re good to talk to you about a vibratory pulpit. That’s the key to coming a ended workout is fighting instruct. When you pull on your muscles, when you have resistance training, this device allows you to get it on in ten pound increments in a very functional low impact. Genuinely easy is channel. What we’re doing is we’re pulling on the ligaments, we’re attract on the muscles, we’re draw on the braces and we’re attract on the bone.You know what that does for you? One muscular fitness increase your metabolic proportion. The more muscle you have, the more burn. And I’ve told you this before, I love to eat. And in areas of your basal metabolic pace, what’s your heart rate comes down after physical cardio, Bhaskar size, you stop moderately calories when you get increased muscle gen. What happens? You get an increase in base of metabolic rate and increased calorie burn when you’re doing nothing more about this. In a minute, we’re going to talk about what it does for bone mineral Nation that is such an important thing to when I was first discover all about fitness and health and wellness and what muscle does for your torso. The detail that the more muscle that you have really helps to increase your metabolism. That was a huge game changer for me. So if you want to get that immense strong practise, this is mimicking those ponderous, clunky dumbbell that you see in the gym, those those boobs that tend to be a little more of a higher impact on your body.This is going to mimic that exact same value you get them in 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 pounds. Here’s what you’re seeing versus traditional heaviness. You’re seeing that the defiance bandings check every single box it allows for free movement improves your muscle strength. Great for stretching and color that constant tension. It’s going to keep on your muscles. They’re incredibly inexpensive and they’re really easy to store. They break down into this little tiny bag. Everything will fit into this pouch. You’re getting a opening linchpin as well. That’s gonna help anchor that to your doorways. You can do a lot of lower torso usages as well and then only easier foot straps you’re getting. You’re likewise getting the side the side fastens as well that I only sagged on the floor. So it’s an amazing adjust that you’re getting for 20 eight dollars. Do you know that if you were to buy weights and I know because I was in the market for buying loads a couple of years, know hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to get a set of forces dwelling, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, it will cost you hundreds of dollars.They’re actually very costly. This is going to be twenty eight dollars and ninety four pennies. It’s incredibly inexpensive. They’re portable, they’re lightweight. You can take them with you when you circulate. And most people do. The fitness program that I was a coach for actually selling stripes like this and they have parties movement with them. When we were travel, we applied circles just like this for workouts because they are so effective at deterring that constant friction on your muscles, constructing muscle is key, especially as we age. So delight Photoshop HQ. com. If your doctor has told you, hey, you need to build up some muscle, your muscles are getting weak, your appendages are getting weak. I want you to build up your leg concentration, get these home, try them out, be seen to what extent you like them. You always have that 30 day fund back. Guarantee And actually we’re in extended we’re an extended return policy right now for holiday.So all the way through the end of January, That means you have October, November, December to you, four months to try these out. And if you don’t perfectly love them, you can send them back. That’s totally penalize. 0 are for 0 7. 2 is how you’re going guild. They’re lightweight. They’re so easy to use. I would cherish actually to hear from you. It’s bright and early this morning. I could use a phone call 1 800 9 3 8 9 7 0 8. My name is Jen. I’m happy to be here with you. I I’m a fitness instruct and coach on the side. I’m one of the legions here and I’m enthusiastic about health and wellness and I’m really enthusiastic about all of my purchasers. Knowing how to get their best health like their best foot forward with their health. I’m so infatuation about people being strong as they age. So I hope you consider getting this home 0 0 4 0 7 2 how you’re going to tell. OK, so Dr. Dubrow, we’re talking defiance parties. I necessitate, we know a lot of people. You’ve got a residence gym at home.I have a home gym that I workout into. There’s a age and plaza for forces. But why why do we want to get home? Resistance ensembles instead of those weights. OK, first of all, we’re talking about straight trading, right? We expended a lot of time. Isley wasted a great deal of meter talking about cardiovascular. It is because I want to extend their own lives. The other critical factor of effort is fortitude prepare. OK, this machine allows you without forces, without those bulky weight, without the magnitude taking up the capacity of those heavy Whitman’s.This allows you to do straight-out qualifying with weights because these resist straps each come with a different colour than that is consistent with a different gather involved. There’s 10, 20, 30 other space to 50 pounds. OK, first of all, this is incredibly easy. It’s super simple and I hate to say this. I know you’re gonna restraint for a minute, but you know, what’s coming up, Chris? I know it’s super early in October right. Of all the things I just wanted to pick up for someone as the eventual Christmas present, I want to put this at the very top of the list.First of all, it’s super easy to developed in partnership. These come separate. You exactly gave them together and you’ve got this really lightweight that then you threw the various bad colored ensembles on it to do all of these various exercises and abruptly you need loads. No you need complex fortitude teaching paraphernalium , no. An gash. 3 gash free resistant civilize intends better bone mineralization, bone mineralization. You know this I fallen down and I can’t get up. People my senility, your age half. That’s because we do osteo penis. That’s very to you. Thinning of the bones. The best and most important way to get more bone concentration is resistance.Training. And this to me is the easiest way. This is the way I use this. Let me indicate you something. So what I draw I raising this to work. I love this invention. OK, Lot of days I don’t have time to go to the gym. I don’t have time to use my usage gear. No, I do this in my power. I can do it between specimen. I can use every single muscle in my form. I stand on this invention. I pluck I can do bones. I can do leg ups, I can do everything that you can do with full blow force training.You can do with this device. You must get this is it. Get let how to do this. Get one for yourself. Right. And get one. It comes in the beautiful wrap casket. Wrap it up and mail this proposal to change to this as a Christmas or holiday present. It it’s I guarantee you, it’s not something that your best friend or your loved one has. It’s so smart. I adore using them for a endow idea. Well, because this is something that people don’t think about. They believe, oh, I need to go to the gym. I need to work out.I was also necessary do. But I’m too tired and it’s expensive to go to the gym. It’s expensive to have that membership. These bandings give you that full wander of force up from ten up to fifty pounds. You pictured I time retire. Did a quick-witted switch on my opposition cliques. This is what you’re going to get. You’re gonna come five opposition circles, ten up to fifty pound opposition. That means they’re going to imitation those ten pound dumbbells that you verify at the gym. The twenty pound dumbbells, the 30, the 40 to 50. You’re getting a organize of these little treat. I come handlebars, these little kind of handlebars to add on or to cook the end of each of them band’s they’re really easy. You just received me do it live on air. Super easy to have it. Little Caribbean, beaner and you’re going to slide them in and off and that’s going to help you change up that resistance.Then you’re going to have that travel bag like Dr. Bro was talking about. So easy to make with you. They’re portable, they’re lightweight. They give you that same full mas workout stiffening and sounding your muscles. So if you’re having a hard time lately, deflecting down, if you’re having a hard-handed. Time reaching things, you’re just feeling like your muscles are a little bit weaker than they used to be. Get this set of fighting fans dwelling. They’re doubly affordable, 28, 90, four for eighty two on an interest free cost wage. We’re going to too toss off three dollars and save you on carrying and hold when you get more than one name. So I would absolutely recommend going got a couple of creates. They construct splendid festivity talent suggestion like Dr. Bro saying we’re about 80 daylights away from the festivity. And so you want to make sure that you’re supermarket had early this year, extremely this year, because everybody is saying and talking about how sending adjournments are going to be a very real issue. This year. So “were having” these in stock right now.I have about one hundred and fifty of them left, 0 0 for 0 7 2 silver-tongued. Still you’re seeing need using. That’s just with one foot. I can situate two paws on it to increase the resist. And this is giving me that same twenty pound resistance that I would find in a planned of boobs. But I’m not convey around big heavy dumbbells. If I fell these, they’re not going to hurt my paw. They’re not going arrival on my foot. They’re incredibly personal. They’re inexpensive, They give you that constant pressure on your upper figure. And there’s so many different exerts that you can do with these. So if you go online to shop at your. com, you can shop our entire depict. Check it out. You can browse all of our medic therapeutics boundary. We they are proprietary label with this here. And there’s also a great video right there to show you the different uses that you can do.Basic bicep scrolls like you’re seeing us doing out here. You can do that line-up cross. It’s going to help you with your core muscle. That’s your stomach muscles. Your abdominal muscles. Very important to keep those strong as well. Tons of different efforts that you can do a literal end full torso workout, 0 0 4 0 7 2. It’s higher in order. So when I thresh it back to you, Dr. Dubrow, in the last minute and a half now and talk about again, that strong teaching, why that’s so important for our muscles to be strong. So I belief profoundly as we get older, you know, you’re supposed to move your form, move your braces, you are well aware, you’re supposed to increase your heart rate, get cardiovascular. This fitness. But beings my age, your age, older and younger, they ignore one of the crucial things, and that is resistance. When was the last time you promoted weights? When is the last time you went to a gym and did dumbbell did rail? You don’t need to do that. We acquired a direction with a very lightweight device.Incredible. Band in pulley plan. That gives you all of the benefits of ponderous force learn without the heavy weight. This is called resistance training. There’s two critical ingredients to being fit, to being in shape and having a long one is cardiovascular fitness. And the other is muscle scalar fitness. You must get resistance training going in your life. If you want to be able to transfer, if you want to be able to get off. You want to get up and move around. And you want to be able to have muscle develop. You know, one of the things that happens as we get older and we get puny, we get feeble. That’s debility is due to lack of muscle raise and muscle change. Called muscular hypertrophy. This is the easiest, most balanced, most of the roadway to get it on. It gives you what I call a functional work. You’ve got got to pull on those bones with your muscles. And mean the above reasons I love having about develop, said my belly. Yes, yes. It appears OK in a shirt. But at the end of the day, when I not moving around, I’ve got bigger muscles.I burn more calories at rest. And that symbolizes I could chew a little bit more and not get. And that’s what we all want. Right. We all want to be able to eat a little bit more, peculiarly going to the holidays. So important for your muscles and for your bones. As we age, it is increased important to keep your strength.

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