Lean Body Workout Routine for Men

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Lean Body Workout Routine for Men

Lean Body Workout Routine for Men

A lean body workout routine for men. I’m sure many trainers and bodybuilders have been waiting for this one . For years It’s always been a question of whether, to get lean or gain muscle. If you’re still uncertain well today I’d like you to know that getting started on a lean body workout routine is probably your best chance at achieving both.If you are ready to start your journey then, get acquainted with our simple and effective guide compiled for you.

Week 1 : All in One Lean workout

Start your lean body workout with a full body training split. This means ;training all important body parts when exercising . In the first week after 3 days of training  start performing only 1 exercise per body part in all your sessions.

In order to allow your body to recover it is important to have a day of rest between your workout sessions. We recommend to train Monday to Friday with Saturday and Sunday as your rest day.

  1. The 1st week consists of a collection of basic moves which comes with advanced lifters. For the early stages this works well.
  2. It is better that you not only start with the machine exercises because some additional free weight movements are also good for you.
  3. In order to train your muscles to strengthen and increase in size, there’s need to master some important exercises. The earlier you start with the exercise plan the better it will be for you.

In week 1 , you have to perform 3 sets of all exercises per workout. This equates to a performance of 9 sets for each body part in a week.Thats a good starting point depending on your goals. However, in the case of crunches, you can do 8 to 12 reps per set. That’s perfect to increase muscle mass and is commonly used by bodybuilders. A few things you need to consider are.

  1. 8 reps for the 1st set
  2. 10 reps for a 2nd set
  3. 12 reps for a 3rd set

As time passes increase your reps by decreasing the weight to assure that you can get better results.You’ll will get used to lean body workout plan as time goes.

Week 2: Split Decision

In the best lean body workouts, you have to start training different body parts. With the two-day training split, you must work on different body parts on different days. So  within 2 days your entire body will get the required training. Spend 2 days on the upper body and 2 days on the lower body. Similarly, you have 2 days of rest to recover your body in this week. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday will be your rest days.

Most of the 1st week exercises will be reused in the 2nd week as well. It means that you will have to work on all the different parts of your body once again.Be sure to include additional exercise  in the lean muscle workout for the chest muscles.

You have to train your chest muscles properly because that is the only way you can maintain the legs and arms as well. It is considered as the toughest week of the lean muscle workout because you will be working out more than you expected and there will be a string control on your diet as well. Reduction  of carbs intake is needed here to assure that your body consumes the stored fats as the source of energy. Providing you with the beneficial results that you need.

Week 3: 3 days training split

Once you enter into the 3rd week of lean muscle workout, training sessions will become tougher because you will need to follow the 3 days training split.

  1. Day 1 of this week you have to train all the pushing parts of your body. This includes shoulders, chest and triceps.
  2. Hit the pulling body parts on day 2 which are bicep and back
  3. Work on your lower body on day 3
  4. Train all the parts of your body at least 2 times per week. That means visiting the gym at least 6 days this week.

You will include a new exercise for each part of your body.At this point increase the reps because that is the only way to increase the effectiveness of lean muscle workout. You will only get 1 day of rest in this week to assure that you give your body proper time for recovery. The harder you work the better results you will get in this week because your body starts shedding the extra fats that you have stored.

Week 4: Make it tougher

On the 4th week of the lean body workout, you will have to train for 4 days in 4 different ways. It means that your entire body will be covered in this training session.Reps should be increased to 20 and above if it is possible. The more reps you do the better results you will get. Keep in mind that now your body is used to the lean body workout and can work better with less rest.

A common mistake most people make is they do not work with a trainer. This is the reason they make  mistakes while working out that leads to some serious issues. You should know that working with an expert is the only way you will understand the importance of every step in the lean body workout. It will help you to avoid making mistakes and getting  serious injuries. Find the best gym trainer and start your workout.

I hope our lean body workout routine for men proved to be helpful.

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