JP’s Home Gym/Studio Tour

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And the studio is really a dreamcome true. You know this is my field ofdreams … You know, if you construct it, theywill come. So, I recall the most difficult benefitof having my own residence gym or residence studio is, that I can stir I can make itmuch more inexpensive for people. Before, in the past, I had todrive to beings, and it would make 3 hour to do anhour session. So now, someone can come hereand we can do an hour session, or a 45 time hearing, and there’s no gym rewards and Idon’t have to accuse for three hours and so it can bemuch more economical for a person to come and train herewhich I adore because I don’t are happy to ever turn anybody away. I like to help as countless peopleas I can. Its kind of my goal in animation, to help as numerous parties as I can change their lives. So, I feel like, this is adream is true to have my own gap. And to too be able to movearound really quickly in it because you don’t have to waitfor anything like you would in a gym. So what this does is it gives you a littleassist. You put your leg in it … Boom! Well these are gymnastic doughnuts. And this is something youalmost never see in a regular gym. This is a rock-climbing hangboard … Here, you can move fromexercise to activity, equipmentto equipment with no rest time, so you get a lot moreaccomplished in a much shortertime. In 20 years of training peopleat the gym and going to people’s lives, I can’t tell you how many timespeople have told me they dislike the gym, or they’re not comfortableworking out in front of other beings. So the great thing about thisis it’s an environment thateveryone can really feel comfy working out in because its just me and theclient. It makes a lot of ability foreverybody involved. I’m really excited about .. you are well aware, this new space and coming parties in now andworking people out and … you are well aware, making a differencein people’s lives.

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