JBL Boombox 2 Vs UE Hyperboom – The Best Speaker For Summer 2020 IS…

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So a few weeks ago we compared the originalJBL Boombox to the UE Hyperboom and the Hyperboom came out the champion in that matchup. But today we have a rematch cause weregoing to be comparing the UE Hyperboom to the brand-new JBL Boombox 2. So causes be seen to what extent these two great portable bluetoothspeakers stack up against one another and finally crown a definite winner. Now as always let’s address premium first. The UE hyperboom has a retail price of $400 where as the JBL Boombox 2 has a retail price of $500. So patently theres a $100 premium differencebetween these two orators and that can definitely be a differentiating factor for a good deal of parties. So if you want to pick either of these speakersup theyll provide a link down below, and if you want to learn more about either of thesespeakers delight watch their full revaluations campaign were only going to be going over the maindifferences here. Okay, but now gives address the designs ofthese orators. Both of these loudspeakers are great portablespeakers since they are both have built in carrying administers theyre both relatively lightweight cause they both weigh in at 13 pounds.They both are mainly fabric bodies so theycan stand up to constant bumps and rakes. And they both arent afraid of a littlebit of liquid. So if either of these speakers get a drinkspilled on them or if they get caught out in the sprinkle, theyll be perfectly fine. But personally I do prefer the Hyperboomsvertical orientation over the Boombox 2s horizontal orientation cause ive noticed thatits much easier to situate the hyperboom around the house or on a table cause it takes upsignificantly less surface area. So the Hyperbooms vertical orientationjust gives you acces more freedom when it comes to placing your talker around the house. Now when it comes to tech specs, the Hyperboomis using bluetooth 5.0 where as the boombox 2 is using 5.1. Ultimately this isnt a big deal cause bothof these loudspeakers can be connected to 2 bluetooth designs at a time so you and a friend canboth be DJ and both sets of talkers are strictly use SBC. Neither one of these loudspeakers have AAC orAPTX support unfortunately. But I do want to point out that the Hyperboomhas zero latency across the board when ever you watch videos on your phone whether youreusing an iPhone or and android design which is good where as the Boombox 2 does have anoticeable latency across the board whether youre expending an iPhone or android design. Now I rarely use massive speakers like theseto watch videos with but I know some people do. Now when it comes to ports both of these speakershave an audio jack and they both have a USB A out port so that you can charge your owndevices. But personally I still wish both of thesespeakers had a USB C port begin a great deal of telephones these days are starting to come included withUSB C cables.I simply feel that if either of these speakershad a USB C port they would have been future proofed a little better. But the hyperboom does have something theBoombox 2 doesnt have and thats an visual port. So if you wanted to you can actually hookup your hyperboom to your TV or gaming console and use it as a sound table. Cause you know TV these days have awful builtin orators. So I actually picture the visual port on theHyperboom give it a lot of extra versatility and it can also help apologize this rather largepurchase for some people especially if they dont previously have a sound bar.Cause you can use it for listening to musicand likewise watching TV. Now when it comes to battery life both ofthese speakers have an advertised battery life of 24 hours. But those numerals are for when youre usingthese loudspeakers at 50% loudnes. Real world use with these orators set at8 0% volume the hyperboom is in the interests of around 8 and a half hours of playback season whereas the Boombox 2 is in the interests of around 7 hours of playback season. So over all both of these talkers are goodfor a whole day of high volume listening. But during this quarantine and since ive beenworking out at home ive noticed that the hyperboom does outlast the boombox 2 a little. But now tells talk about listening to musicwith these orators. The boombox 2 has the same set up as the originalboombox. Youve got dual woofers on the breast, anddual tweeters and youve likewise came dual passive radiators shooting out the sides of this speaker.Where as the Hyperboom also has a dual wooferand dual tweeter set up, but its passive radiators shoot out the back which does impart it an advantage. Now likewise keep in mind the Boombox 2 now onlyhas a single EQ setting where as the Hyperboom as a perfectly customizable EQ. But for this sound test im going to be usingthe Hyperbooms stock EQ. And also this sound test is going to be comparingthese speakers at their max capacities stimulate I know thats what everyone is most curiousabout.So first off I just wanted to be underlined that theBoombox 2 voice signature are ready to placed an emphasis on the mids and a little on thehighs as well so vocals are very enunciated and it also seems like the Boombox 2 is louderthan the Hyperboom. Where as the Hyperbooms stock tone signaturehas a much more neutral music signature so the mids and highs arent as pronouncedbut most importantly the Hyperboom sounds much warmer cause it has significantly morebass then the Boombox 2. Personally I envisage the Hyperboom clangs bestwith its stock EQ. But if you want to bring the mids and highsout a little bit you can perfectly do that cause the Hyperboom has a fully customizableEQ.Where as with the Boombox 2 youre stuckwith what JBL gives you. Now from a execution standpoint eventhough I just said that the Boombox 2 resounds louder than the hyperboom cause it put anemphasis on the mids and increases, it actually not start you can clearly see that the Hyperboommanages to out act Boombox 2 now. Now one thing that “youre doing with” the Boombox2 to get a little bit more out of it is to plug it in. And when you have this talker plugged init manages to get a little louder and it gets a little more bass. But even when its plugged in the Boombox 2still doesnt get as loud or put out as much physical bass as the hyperboom when itsrunning off of its built in battery.But something that I do have to point outis that the Hyperboom doesnt get a performance boost when you have it plugged like the Boombox2 does. Personally I dont think thats a good ora bad thing but over all the hyperboom manages to get louder and has more physical bass thanthe Boombox 2 even when its plugged in. And over all I really do prefer listeningto music with the Hyperboom over the Boombox 2. My biggest problem with the Boombox 2 is thatsince I does put an emphasis on the mids and highs it can get ear stab at duration at highvolumes and it can sound exceedingly bright.Where as with the Hyperboom if you use itsstock EQ it just sounds practice more natural. But the biggest reason why I adore the hyperboomis cause it put out a ton of physical bass so you can really feel your music. Where with the boombox and boombox 2 thisspeaker certainly exclusively increase their bass up until 80% and then from there on out justthe mids and high-flowns get increased. So at higher capacities the Boombox 2 is justblaring out a ton of Mids and high-pitcheds but rackets empty-bellied cause it doesnt have the bass toback it up. So the hyperboom is a straight up bass machine, but you can also amplify its bass by simply putting it up against a wall so that the basshas something to bounce off of. Now unfortunately you cant do this as easilywith the Boombox 2 cause its passive radiators shoot out the two sides so you gotta find a cornerthat works.Where as since both sets of passive radiatorson the Hyperboom shoot out the back any wall or skin-deep will do. Now one of the really cool things about theHyperboom is that it has an adaptive EQ kind of like the HomePod. Now what it does is the fact that it deters your musicsounding good no matter where you place it. So like I just said if you were to place thehyperboom up against a wall you can amplify your bass but having a ton of bass meansnothing if you cant actually hear the rest of your music. So what the adaptive EQ does is that itllautomatically adjust your EQ so that you still get a ton of bass but everything else is stillbalanced and audible. Now you can really tell when the adaptiveEQ is working when you bring your speaker from outdoors to indoors.When the Hyperboom spots that its outdoorsitll boost up its bass so that youre still get a good quantity of thump. But then when you making the Hyperboom backinside itll sound muffled for a few seconds cause the bass is turned the whole way up butonce the speaker recognise its indoors itll even everything out again. So I really like the Hyperboom has an adjustableEQ cause you can make it hubbub how ever you want. And I likewise actually appreciate its adaptiveEQ cause it maintenances this speaker reverberating immense no matter where you place it. And I genuinely wish the Boombox 2 had at leastan adjustable EQ cause like I said it earlier its highs can get ear stab at times.Especially snare drums. But another peculiarity that I really like aboutthe hyperboom is that you can also remotely ability it on or off straight from its app. Now its not a huge deal that the boombox 2doesnt have this but it does come in handy from time to time. Specifically for those time you might forgetto turn your talker off where reference is in the other room So over all I picture the clear champion here is the Hyperboom. From a execution perspective I highly preferlistening to the Hyperboom over the boombox 2 cause the sheer amount of bass this speakeris put forward by offsets listening to your music much more physical.And since the hyperboom doesnt have thebright sound signature are available on the Boombox 2 it doesnt get ear penetrate at highervolumes. Personally during this whole quarantine sinceive been working out at home ive been using both of these talkers in my home gym andI couldnt wait to switch back to the Hyperboom cause the Boombox 2 just sounds flat by comparison. But also the Hyperboom also has all of theseadded benefits over the Boombox 2. It has an adjustable EQ so you can constitute issound however you crave, its adaptive EQ keep this loudspeaker chiming enormous whether youreusing it indoors or outdoors, it has a slightly better battery life cause ive notice ive beenable to go an extra workout in between attacks with this speaker, you can hook it up to yourtv and ive also noticed that its easier to locate around the house cause of its verticalorientation.And lastly theres the fact that this speakercosts $100 less than the Boombox 2 which is just the cherry on top. You can call me a hyperboom love boy all youwant, but youre going to have to pry my hyperboom out of my cold dead paws ..

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