IKEA Skådis Pegboard System | Easy Installation Tips

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the spacecraft area gets a major upgradeafter a junket to IKEA welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jen this channel is allabout sewing skills in DIY programmes notice anything differentyes I’ve switched out the really boring white wall for a backdrop this is theIKEA Skadis pegboard system I took a little trip to Ikea and finally got thewall storage system I ought to have craving forever this pegboard double-faced both aswall storage and as a filming backdrop for me if you’re brand-new to this channel myfilming youtuber seat is actually the front room of our home I’ve done acouple vlogs about my crafting room you’re welcome to check those out I’vebeen interested in the IKEA storage system for a very long time ever sinceit first came out but we’ve actually moved about five times since I startedthe channel so this is the first situation where I felt comfortableputting the stuff on the walls and kind of getting more settled in I’ve hadeverything picked out from this collecting for quite a while because Iknew I wanted to get it sometime recently my husband put up a traditionalpegboard arrangement in the garage I’ll put a photograph here but I really likethe IKEA Skadis system I adoration all the supplementaries that come with it and on aprice basis it seemed to be fairly comparable to a traditional pegboardsystem peculiarly when you work out everything you need to buy so I boughtthe 30 by 22 inch councils I went four of them “youre seeing” them here and then Igot a bunch of different supplements but when I went to Ikea this must be a verypopular line because they weren’t out of a lot of the supplements I wanted to tryso I have placed an online require to get more nonsense all in total I fantasize I spentabout a hundred and twenty dollars on everything I bought now I am notparticularly helpful so I must be given to secure some help for the facility fulfill myhusband James it’s been a couple times since he’s made an appearing on thechannel but he agreed to let me film this on his day off after gazing atakia’s notorious rules he was ready to get started you will needscrews with a round top like this but they were just large enough so go up asize or two they came with drywall secures to help hold up the value ofthe pegboard against here’s a list of affords we recommendyou have on hand got a power screwdriver even betterJames lined up the first mounting railing utilizing the different levels and marking the screwholes he put the wall secures then the rail with the fucks checking it with the level into makingsmall changes along the way the instructions include measurings forhow far apart the rail should be if you’re place committees next to or on topof one another James labelled six and a half inches fromthe fasten depression with the level on top of the installed rail he abused that to placethe second round this time he drove the fastens partly into the wall beforeputting the rail on he double-checked it with the level andmade small-time side-to-side changes putting the board’s on was pretty simplethey come with shafts to change on through the holes and into the rail thebottoms are not secured to the wall but the system comes with screws and spacersto make sure it’s the same distance parallel to the ball with the secondboard he articulated the bottom screws and spacers on first then clamped it to therail to determine placement of the top boardsJames fastened them to the rail and positioned on top of the bottom boardshe used a insignificant screwdriver to mark the holes he separated the rail and boardthen clamped in simply the rail into the wall linchpins here he’s making small-minded side-to-sideadjustments to make sure the rail is rank onto the fourth peg board this wasprobably the trickiest to fit as it was the last wall fastens shafts the level is back and James realizedthere were some more adjustments to be made it made my husband under an hour toinstall all four peg councils he seemed to find this project fairly easy and Iloved this so far I think it looks great I’ve already fill up the boards withthe supplements that came with it plus I’ve got more on the wayI’m gonna look into some hackers extremely because I am interested if you have theIKEA Skadis system and you have a hack to share leave it below in the commentsbecause I’m interested to know but I think this will be a great backdrop forall the videos plus I’ve got a lot of trash now awfully handy and at myfingertips versus is in accordance with a drawer or somewhere where I “re going to have to” like go out ofmy way to get it so there’s that plus you can see everything I use on afrequent basis thanks so much for attaching me if you’re looking forsomething else to watch you might want to check out one of my previous honestcraft apartment expeditions so you can see some of my workmanship seats and how I collect mysupplies I’m Jen with the Sewing Report I’ll see you guys again in the nextvideo

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