HSN | Electronics On The Go featuring Mophie 05.02.2021 – 12 AM

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[Music] okay this is like the coolest thing ever we love our mophie power stations but this one has the most features we’ve ever offered yes it’s going to jump start your car your truck your suv your boat even your lawn mower because you’re getting those little mini jumper cables included all you do is sit in the car turn the ignition that’ll get you out of a jam but it’s also your portable power station it’s going to power up all your favorite devices but for the first time ever you’re getting an air compressor how cool is this you’re going to be able to inflate your own tire your car tire you can preset the psi whether it’s your car whether it’s your bike tire you need to inflate an air mattress or a raft or the tubes for the river or the pool or the lake and you can plug it in charge it at home and it will last for two years we’ve got some great color choices and it will be our best value of the day first ever all around power station from mophie that includes the air compressor so it really is like the summer must-have so let me take you on a tour of these great colors and we’ll get you started first of all our one day only price 115.99 something like this easily retails at 200 so we are at 85 off retail five flexible payments and then we also have reduced shipping and handling so take a look at these beautiful colors i have to say this one is my favorite now it is just a jump starter it does not have to be this pretty but look how gorgeous this is this color is called our geometric multi over here we have got agate it looks like a genuine gemstone see those beautiful shades that the agates are famous for over here if you want the black it’s called organic toppo so it’s got those cool black and white wavy lines then we’ve got our solid colors this one is called plum we have blush which is a beautiful kind of light pink if you’re one of our rose gold gals you can grab the blush color we also have it for you in navy and then we have it in the sage okay i just got a quick update already the navy is super limited one of our most limited colors and then the sage will be the next to go so we don’t have a lot of several of these colors the cool thing is this is where your air compressor is built right in it is actually tucked inside your amazing power jump starter so it is right there and it is going to power up and inflate all those inflatable so i love that that is right there at your fingertips but we’re going to give you everything that you need to get started we’ve got our jump starters so the little mini jumper cables here are going to go right into your battery whether it’s your car your truck your suv but you’re also getting this really cool air compressor hose that’s already attached to your device and then check this out you’re getting all the tips so it doesn’t matter if it’s a football if it’s a soccer ball if it’s your air mattress if it’s your pool toys bike tire car tire we have giving you all the tips for the air compressor here is your great little plug so you can charge it at home and includes the carrying case and if you forget the instructions we are going to give you tonight on how to jumpstart your car no worries because all the instructions are here it is as easy as one two three so if you have a dead battery no problem the jump starter has got you covered if you have a flat tire no problem you don’t have to go to the gas station you don’t have to hope you have enough quarters or the machines are working you can jump start your car without asking for one of those roadside assistance services to come pick you up so here’s all the different things it can do it can jump start your car your suv your truck a lawn mower got a dead battery has it been in the shed or the garage all season no problem what about a boat you going to be out on the lake or taking this for a little spin this summer car tires sports equipment bike tires i’m always getting flat tires on my bike and boy is that a hassle i don’t have time to go to the bike shop this will do it and it’ll power all your devices phones tablets gaming systems e-readers your headphones your speakers dash cams cameras that’s why you’re going to want this as an emergency power system as well but put it in the car and you’ll have that peace of mind that it’s like that great little sort of guardian angel that goes with you everywhere the cool thing about this device is that it is a true four in one so like our other jump starters they were only a three in one it’s going to jumpstart your car it’s going to power your devices and it also has a great flashlight that has three different modes only tonight and only here today at hsn for the first time ever are you getting the air compressor built right in and i just think that’s fabulous have you ever tried to pull up to a gas station and you’re not sure about the psi or if you have enough quarters or if the machines are working or do you have to wait in line or if you’re worried about that little light that goes on in your car that tells you you have a flat tire you don’t have to worry about that anymore so hopefully we take all the worry out of it and you can actually get back to your summer plans if you have a road trip planned this is a must for every vehicle in your family and i’m so excited we’ve got a new and exclusive offer from our number one brand mophie this is the number one brand in charging devices this is the number one brand in power stations this is the brand that apple has in the apple stores but no one else has this value 85 off let’s watch lori jumpstart her car and she’s starting with completely dead battery take a look uh oh oh well there it is that sinking feeling that moment of oh my gosh my car isn’t starting what am i going to do who am i going to call how am i going to get out of here how long is it going to take luckily i have mophie and i keep it in my glove box so mophie to the rescue love how tiny portable easy to carry this is and it even comes with these non-intimidating jumper cables that are spark free super easy we’ll be up and out of here in about two minutes jump starting with mophie is so easy your jumper cables fit under this flap right here they only go in one way so you can’t make a mistake simply identify where you need to plug in red to red so for me it’s right here black to black that’s this side over here right on the bolt should be fine i can tell by the lcd screen that this is a dead battery it’s less than 12 volts so it’s doing that quick little diagnostic for me i touch the button green light is processing through the safety checks as soon as that green light goes solid i can see i’m at 12 volts i can jump in and drive off in my car now now we have the power that we need this battery is good to go i’m going to jump in let’s start the car and how easy is that i love the idea of feeling that you have the independence you have the control that you’re not waiting for someone to help you’re not waiting for roadside assistance to show up and you’re not waiting in the dark you’re not waiting in the cold you’re not waiting in the heat you’re not waiting in a strange dark neighborhood and hoping that someone’s going to come get you out of a jam this is what you need and we are very busy it is the most portable the most powerful and the first ever jump starter we have offered with the air compressor which now that i see this i can’t imagine having one without that air compressor so here’s how easy it is these are mini jumper cables so they’re not hard to use they’re actually spark free you can’t mess this up they don’t spark they will tell you when they’re connected correctly a green light goes on you turn the ignition you’re good to go and then of course the air pump the air compressor that’s included goes up to 100 psi that’s powerful that’s enough to power up your car tire your bike tires that are between 45 and 80 psi and you will have all that power to inflate the floating swans the giant rafts the pool toys the beach toys the sports equipment you plug it in you charge it and it will last you two years you can charge some of your cars and your devices over and over and over again quick update on colors if you want the navy or the sage they will be gone tonight i can guarantee you that if you want the navy we have 100 left if you want the sage these are going very quickly i love this really cool geometric multi this is called organic toppo it’s kind of a fun name for that beautiful black and white color combination and then we have this one which is called agate i think the geometric multi is our first to go you get everything you need you also get an expert to tell you all about it from mophie via skype there she is our fabulous lori leland great to have you back for our amazing deals weekend it’s our last day of five flex pay on everything so it’s a great time to jump in to a new jump starter right lori good to see you it really is sarah it’s so good to see you my friend and oh my gosh i’m broadcasting from my o2 glamorous garage but what we love about mophie number one top selling charging brand in the country and this is really your emergency roadside buddy this is gonna get you out of a jam this is gonna be something you use every single day to charge all of your devices whether it’s phones or tablets or beauty tools but then if you have that dead car battery like we’ve been talking about this can get you out of that jam how many times have you been in that situation where you get that sinking feeling in your stomach oh my gosh how am i gonna get out of here did i pay for roadside service is this gonna take a long time who should i call with mophie you’re gonna be able to jump start your car and then the brand new added feature is that built-in air compressor so sporting equipment the kids balls they can’t play with a ball that’s this flat like you said the big pool floats the big donut ones and all the fun ones that we’re using this summer this is gonna be perfect for you so let me jump in and show you the car because i know a lot of us have experienced this maybe you know if you haven’t driven in a little while you get into your car and you realize oh my gosh battery doesn’t start this isn’t good so and especially if you have new drivers kids this is perfect for all ages oh boy it’s making kind of a click sound oh that’s that moment you just dread because you know it’s gonna take time it’s frustrating it can be really stressful who do i call and again do you have to rely on the kindness of strangers do people even carry jumper cables anymore with mophie you can do it yourself now if you told me six months or a year ago that i could jump my own car i tell you you were crazy because i was terrified of it but this is a tiny but mighty package it’s only two and a half pounds you’re getting these super super convenient jumper cables and these are spark free they’re not intimidating they’re actually very cute so you just lift the flap on your mophie and you simply plug them in and sarah they only go in one way so you can’t make a mistake with that okay now if you do it wrong i just want you guys to realize nothing bad happens it doesn’t blow up it won’t spark there’s no fire it’s very very easy it just blinks red and it says try again basically so all you’re going to do is identify where on your battery you want to connect your red to red just like that on the bolts is fine so i’m going to do black to black like this now this one has an lcd screen sarah so this is doing a quick diagnostic for me and i can tell right here by 8 volts that that’s a dead battery so that dead battery is not going to start for me so i’m going to touch the magic button right here i feel like this one just came undone touch that magic button there it is so as that’s processing through the safety checks it blinks a little bit and when it’s solid green look what happens it is delivering the power automatically so that i’m going to be able to jump in and start my vehicle so sarah simple oh look the air conditioner’s already on it already feels better in here yes oh my gosh what a good feeling no way that you were able to take care of it yourself so this is really powerful it’s really brilliant it’s really easy um keys are in the car but i love the fact that you can help other people with mophie and i love the fact too that this is going to be great for inflating because if you have that flat tire or you’re inflating bike tires i mean this is truly an amazing device sarah you guys are going to love this one uh they already do love it lori so thanks so much for hanging out with us and by the way thanks for cleaning your garage that’s a chore and i’m so impressed when i see someone else’s clean garage let me give you some updates on colors and and then i’m going to encourage you it’s a one day only price today is eighty five dollars off today we have five flexible payments so any major credit card twenty three dollars and twenty cents we’ll get this out to you you will have a lifesaver you will have a game changer if you use it once it’s going to pay for itself it saves you a tow if it saves you a call to roadside assistance if it makes sure that you get to that meeting or you catch that plane or you get out of a jam in the desert in the mountains sometimes we’re so far away we might be in a rural area where you don’t have phone service so even if you do feel like you could wait for roadside assistance don’t you want the power in your own car in your own hand to get yourself out of a really difficult situation whether the car battery dies or you do need to pump up a car tire and it will take you everywhere you need to go this summer so i highly recommend this all road trips my sister audrey she’s taking a road trip this summer across country three teenagers three bikes three dogs i wish your luck but i don’t want her to get a flat tire or have a dead battery anywhere on that trip i’m gonna send her one tonight also think about charging up all your devices maybe you’re going camping maybe you experience power outages throughout the summer maybe it’s a summer storm a tree goes down maybe you tend to have blackouts maybe you have to quickly pick up and leave due to forest fires or an evacuation you’ve got power that can charge all your devices it is really incredibly powerful whether it’s games or cameras or your portable tablets your cell phones we’ll talk about how important that is to have with you at all times and then it’s also got that great little flashlight here on the front check this out it has a wonderful nice floodlight will show how bright and vibrant that is but it also has a red light for emergencies it also has an sos light so i’ll come back to that in a moment but i’ll go over the colors this is our geometric multi which is our number one bestseller look how pretty that is wouldn’t you be proud to give that as a gift you know mother you want to send it to mom for mother’s day you’ve got dads coming up father’s day is a month away we’ve got graduations young drivers if you’re going somewhere solo make sure you have this in your car i really do think it’s so important and then we’ve got our one that’s called toppo geometric topo no organic toppo i don’t make up the names but that’s the organic topo the kind of black and white swirly lines that’s cool the agate is also really pretty let me show you the agate because it does look like a beautiful gemstone just like an agate it has those wonderful sort of strations that’s very popular as well i mean look at that that is so gorgeous it looks like it could be jewelry jewelry for your car and then we’ve got our plum we’ve got our blush our blush is kind of that light pink that rose gold color and then final call if you’re thinking that navy is my color we have 70 left in the navy also sage popular and limited as well we give you the jumper cables we give you all the tips for the air compressor so if you are tired of using your lungs to inflate pool toys you know the kids always want them now and they want them fast and mom dad inflate the raft inflate the tubes inflate the giant floating swan you can inflate all of those things air mattresses so if you’re going camping or setting up a little extra mattress for the guests this summer at the cabin you’ve got all those great tips we give you the charger we give you the jumper cables we give you the instructions to get started but lori so many great reasons to get a jump starter i now that i own one my parents don’t go anywhere without theirs i have that peace of mind that my parents who are 75 no matter where they go in their travels this summer they always have a jump starter in their car yeah i mean it’s incredibly empowering right like i said this isn’t something i thought i could actually do like i would have to always ask my husband for help or call my dad for help and this is so empowering because now you can absolutely take care of these situations yourself you don’t have to rely on the kindness of strangers and this is another thing i had an irrational fear about it was over inflating tires is it going to pop my husband has this great big device it’s super complicated with mophie this is your air compressor so you can use this to inflate if you have that flat tire on the go this can really rescue you so you’re getting this great adapter you just twist it right on and then all you do is you pop this because you don’t know where you know the little port is going to be so you just pop it right on like this and then all you do is press it down to snap it so really easy and then right here when you tap this is going to show you your air pressure gauge so i’m at 29 right now i looked on the inside of my car door and it told me i needed to be at 32 for this so i’m going to go up to 32 and then all i do is i can touch the button right here sarah and then it’s really easy and it just stops when it’s done automatically or you can manually do it but i love that that’s great peace of mind because then you can just kind of set it walk away and it automatically stops when it gets up to the psi level that you want it to be at but it’s so easy you guys i didn’t think i could start my car myself i didn’t think i could inflate my tires myself with mophie you can do it and it’s so portable you can just take this absolutely everywhere we threw it in our beach bag right it’s a great idea of your little inflatables and bring it with you yeah it’s so brilliant because the last thing i’m going to do is put all those inflatables in my car already inflated i can’t even fit them in my condo all inflated everything has to start flat and then you inflate when you get to the pool or the beach this is a great way to do it and i also love that you can set the psi so if it’s the psi on your car tire your bike tire it automatically automatically gives you exactly what you want in the psi on your bike tire or your air mattress or your inflatable rafts or paddle boards whatever it is and it never over inflates so you will never have to go to those sketchy gas stations ever again every time i drive in and i know i’ve got a flat tire i always have to like dig for quarters or something or it’s always out of service or something’s always you know just another hassle right when you’ve got places to go let me show you the full tour here so here’s your power button right here and then here’s your nice bright lcd screen you’ve got the plus and the minus so you can set your psi then here’s your two usb ports so even if you’re having this in the car and you’re not using an emergency you can now have your little game stations plugged in for the kids you can be charging your phones at the same time it’s just nice to have an extra charger in the car if you’re running out of outlets and everyone’s on their devices so that comes in handy and then when i turn it around i’ll turn down the lights and you’ll see the power of this flashlight it is a nice bright light i mean it really shines a light if you’re in the dark or you’re camping and you need to set up the tent no worries a nice solid red light so if you are changing a tire on the side of the road no problem and then if you need to get someone’s attention wow that’s automatically an sos light built right in so if you think about all the safety features it’s too important not to have one that’s why i think if you use it once you will be so relieved that you had this it is going to be worth every single penny so again this is jump starting your car i know it’s kind of like wild to think about it but let me tell you it packs a punch and it can jump start your car several times we’ll show you a graphic that shows you you can do this over and over and over again and if it ever runs out of battery life you just plug it in again so it’ll tell you when it’s ready you turn the key it’s good to go you’ve got that usb port right there two usbs for your phones your tablets you can power up and just you know have it outside on the deck or have the power by the pool or if you’re in the backyard working from home you just need more plugs it’s got that and then this is our first ever jump starter with an air compressor we have never offered that before you often have to buy just an air compressor separately or you had to buy just a jump starter so i love that it is all-in-one so now you’re getting out the sports equipment for the kids i know this is going to be fabulous i’ve got an air mattress that i need to inflate for some company coming this weekend and this is going to be the ticket the movie can jump start these products on one charge it can charge a car 83 times now i hope your car battery doesn’t go dead 83 times but if it does you can use this before you even have to recharge it truck 22 times suv 36 times what about your lawn mowers i mean you’re going to be getting those out of the shed maybe it’s been a while and even like a power boat a motor boat those little ski do’s and jet skis anything with the battery you can jump start this so i love the idea that you’re never stuck you’re never stranded and today we’ve got a great offer 85 dollars off retail one day only as part of our amazing deals weekend we have five interest repayments you can get it home for 23 dollars and 20 cents so back to you lori to find out what other ways we can use our mophie i really think it is like the ultimate summer must-have i know and i couldn’t believe it i just couldn’t believe the sleek size to tell you that there is a built-in flashlight an emergency light a way to charge every device in your entire lifetime a way to jump start your car not just once or twice but like you said sarah 83 times before you have to plug in your mophie and charge it again and you can use mophie over and over and over and over again endlessly but then now an air compressor it’s so crazy so i’ve used that handy dandy little um attachment that comes included for my wheelbarrow because if you look at this my husband’s got the salt for the pool this is like a 50 pound 40 pound bag he’s got some tiles we’ve been cleaning up around here you’re right had to clean the garage sarah but look at this tire it is so flat we weren’t able to go anywhere so all you do is you tap your mophie [Applause] all right so we’ll turn it off now but oh my gosh did you see that all i had to do was push a button sarah seriously if i can do this anybody can do it think about how much you’re gonna use this when the bike tires go flat i feel like every single time we go for a ride we have to add more air to our tires now you can do it without asking for help or having a big clunky device now you have your mophie this thing is truly amazing and it’s something you’re going to use all the time every single day and you know what you’ll never have this moment again that’s the worst feeling you’ve got to be at work you’ve got to take the kids to school you’ve got to catch a plane you need to meet a friend and all of a sudden you go outside and your battery is dead what that feeling that sinking feeling now you got to call for help now you have to get a ride now you got to take the bus you never will have to worry about that again the only thing it doesn’t do is put gas in your car so we can’t help you with that right lori we can’t put gas in your car but we can put air in your tires and we can put a charge back in your battery think about the kids you know are they getting all kinds of equipment soccer balls volleyballs basketballs i know that for my sister with three boys that’s never ending and not to mention the bike rides you’ll be going on this summer stay active stay prepared and really i highly recommend you put one in every car okay here they go everybody a thousand gone oh this is actually super glued however the navy just sold out so pretend you didn’t see that sage you know lori what this is this it’s a good thing they super glue it otherwise i’d probably knock over the whole presentation next to sell out after the navy navy just sold out we’ve already lost a collar we’re only about 15 minutes into our first presentation we have the sage we have the plum we have this blush and then we’ve got this one that’s called black toppo i just figured it out it’s for topography it’s called organic topo because it looks like a topography map don’t you think all the elevation levels anyway i’m from colorado that’s what it looks like to me okay we have mountains there not like florida and then this is the i think our most popular which is the geometric multi isn’t that gorgeous i mean it just makes you want to keep that safe in the company of your car and then this is our beautiful agate if you if you love jewelry if you love rocks if you love fabulous gemstones you can grab the agate and then you’re getting everything that you need i want to show you this bag one more time because lori it is super easy to jumpstart your car i have put jumper cables on my car in a garage and literally had sparks fly i mean it is a miracle my eyebrows did not get singed off so i love that it’s super easy it’s spark free i’ve also been in a jam where no one could actually get to the hood of my car because i was parked in a corner like in an alley and no one could even pull up close enough to bring in jumper cables i’ve waited in the snow for roadside assistance i’ve had a dead battery after getting to airport parking after a nice long vacation boy that’s the last time you want to find a dead batteries when your car has been sitting at airport parking for two weeks so i wish i would have had one of these back then but now we’ve got the technology lori that’ll get us out of a jam no matter what it is oh my gosh my beautiful fellow coloradan you and i we feel each other’s pain because i went through the same thing right i got back to the airport the car was dead i mean it’s a disaster and it could be all hours of the day and night it could be really difficult like you said can someone pull alongside you do does anyone even carry jumper cables anymore this will do it but look even just the daily task of being able to charge our phones charge our tablets i mean my beauty tools right we all have these great beauty tools now they usb charge so you have the two high-speed usb charging ports right here they’re 2.4 amps sarah so typical chargers are about one amp so this is about two and a half times faster than typical charger so it’s a fast charge depending on the type of phone you have you will get multiple multiple charges on your phone i have a samsung galaxy s9 i get about four complete charges on my cell phone my son’s nintendo switch for road trips three complete charges before you have to plug in your mophie so that’s incredible works with your headphones your wearable devices your bluetooth speakers anything you need to be charging you can be charging and quickly with mophie and again this is your emergency system you’ve got that great flashlight in a power outage situation you have an emergency light as well and you even have that flashing sos so maybe something happens to your car other than a flat tire and a dead battery you can just pop this right on the top of your car and let other drivers know that you’re there if it’s nighttime and you need to alert them so that’s a great feature as well you are also getting the screen so this is huge the reason we love the lcd screen is the fact that you can now see how charged your mophie is so this is at 100 but you can see if it drops down and it starts to get low all you do is you plug it and we’re including that wall charger for you so it’s so simple it’s so easy you guys are gonna love this and then sports activities fun you get everything that you need with mopey so like all of those attachments and tips that you’ve been talking about sarah you’re going to be able to use to inflate the little balls and the little fun things that the kids are doing we were playing a little game today one of the little the great little basketball games and we needed like six of these basketballs filled so with mophie you’ve got all the perfect tips and then all you do i’m going to try to do it backwards upside down here [Applause] yep and it’s all full all done ready to go i know right it’s like seconds and i will tell you i live with two asthmatics and to try to we’d be here all day right you never get to play you’ve been spending all of your time blowing up all the toys you’ve been there you’ve been at the beach and the kids are like mom mom and fleet are toys i want the raft i want the floaties and you’re like sweating you’re hyperventilating you’re like okay hang on or maybe it’s the air mattress you know the guest shows up or maybe it’s that bike tire car tire you will never want to go anywhere without it a quick question coming in lori how long does it take to charge let’s say you jump started your car 83 times and you need to recharge your mophie how long does that take okay well it’s a rapid charge so it’s pretty quick it’s about an hour to get to a full charge okay so it doesn’t take long at all so you just bring it inside every once in a while if you need to charge it up and plug it in the other great reason i want you to get this today is because it’s so sleek and it’s so portable and it’s compact i was shopping around before the show i love to do a little research so i can give you all the great information that you need to make a wonderful decision i saw other jump starters that have air compressors they’re not pretty and they are not small and they don’t fit into your glove compartment they don’t fit in your car or trunk easily they’re these big ugly things that look like you bought them at a hardware store right i don’t have room for that i live in a condo and i don’t have room in my car because of my dog and all the other pool accessories so this is the perfect time to jump in let me give you updates on colors this is very popular if you want it tonight and you want your number one color choice i encourage you not to hesitate now more than 1200 gone geometric multi i would not be surprised if this is the next one to go just because it’s so popular already it’s got the blues the pinks the gold the agate is our next best seller look how beautiful that is and then we’ve got our organic topo which has the black and the white lines and then we’ve got our plum we’ve got our blush navy is gone and then these are all glued down and then and then the sage don’t touch that presentation all right lori this has been so great thanks so much for hanging out with us i will see you again next hour so don’t go too far i’ll be right here ready to jump start this car again sarah okay all right thanks lori great job okay it’s on flex pay today 23 dollars and for giving you that peace of mind i just think this is the ultimate summer must-have power outages the cabin maybe you’re camping maybe it’s a road trip but your personal safety is invaluable you can’t put a price on your personal safety and security we tried to tonight but i think it’s worth every single penny okay also coming up we have beets have you heard of beets i don’t know anyone who has that they’re like the number one brand one of the most popular brands in sound a premium sound from beets this is the most affordable beets we’ve ever offered they’re all new they’re going fast and look at these beats aren’t they fun it’s got that fun easy to use flexible cable and they come with the case and all the accessories so check those out early 769-123 all right so get in your favorite color of our today’s special i know you’re going to be thrilled i’m getting several from my family i think it’s worth every single penny we’ll be right back what really separates a house from a home a home should provide comfort coziness and convenience join me on monday nights where i’ll be giving you great ideas for your home your kitchen and your life worry about one less thing with our protection plus plans at hsn electronics fitness equipment even jewelry can be covered shop smarts and protect your purchase it’s easy to add when you’re checking out search protection plus hsn.com for more details at hsn we love our crafters so we’re bringing you top-rated picks crafters love i’m telling you this because your stuff is actually amazing it was so easy to use plus experts will share their top tips we’re gonna make something really cute really fun we’ve got everything you need here for a full year of crafting buckle up buttercup join us on our next crafting event on hsn hey so nice to be hanging out with you tonight my name is sarah thanks so much for hanging out and jumping in on our jump starter today’s special for mophie going fast and here’s something i also need because i have a smart tv but let me tell you it’s not that smart it needs a little help it needs an upgrade this will turn any tv into a smart tv it also makes your smart tv even smarter you can find content faster you can search your favorite shows you can look up movies and television shows your favorite actor your favorite director and today we’re giving you a two pack that’s right amazon’s very own fire tv stick these are media streamers you’re getting a two pack for 59.99 the retail price is 289.84 because we’re including a bunch of extras but just the amazon fire sticks on their own check this out if you buy two you’re going to spend eighty dollars on amazon’s website how do we do better than amazon we actually partner with amazon so it’s no secret uh every once in a while they give us a great value that we get to pass on to you so we’re giving you two for 60 whereas somewhere else you’re gonna pay two for eighty because these are about forty dollars a pop we’re going to also give you some great little extra software bundles like grocer like live plus and then also three month subscription to america’s test kitchen best buy of the season i’m so glad it’s here because everyone is going to need one your summer holiday your summer vacation your condo your cabin your cottage that beach home or upstairs downstairs now you will have all the content you want all your favorite apps at your fingertips thanks to the amazon fire tv stick we give you the remote controls and everything you need to get started and we also give you our number one best-selling electronic expert aaron berger who is standing by via skype to tell you all about amazon’s fire tv stick certainly one of the leading media streamers in the world of technology today hey erin how you doing hey sarah i’m doing great it is one of the leading media streamers because it’s so daggone easy to use and you kind of said it you said i have a smart tv already that’s great it’s not as smart as your tv is going to be once you plug in the fire tv stick so if you have a smart well i should say if you have a dumb tv this will make your dumb tv into a smart tv if you have a smart tv it will make it into an even smarter tv you just plug this into the hdmi port on your television and can and let it connect to the wi-fi that’s all you need and open wi-fi and open um hdmi port on your television and wi-fi in your house and i want to show you uh what you’re able to do you all of a sudden you’re able to navigate so simply you’ll have over 500 000 movies and television shows at your fingertips i’ll explain streaming a little bit more in a moment but what i want to do first is show you how easy it is to use so like sarah said any of your favorite actors any of your favorite actresses for example america’s sweetheart i’m just gonna take my and i’ll show it to you a little bit closer here i’m just gonna take my remote press the voice button and say julia roberts so if you were at your house right now and you wanted to watch it it’s up already by the way this is 50 faster than the last version it’s the fastest fire ever we can now watch eat pray love just by saying julia roberts we could watch you pray love we could watch larry crown we could watch oh homecoming that’s one of the recent ones on amazon prime we could watch oh pelican brief all those john grisham novels oh do you love those i love them notting hill sleeping with the enemy august osage county that’s an example maybe you could do one of your favorite actors right the heart of our home is our living room it’s where we watch tv with our with our family so we go tom hanks the man that is you know essentially impossible not to love you want to watch some tom hanks movies now we could watch the terminal now we could watch cloud atlas now we could watch it road to perdition something i want to point out this is really important because you might be thinking okay but you probably have to you know subscribe to a hundred things and yeah absolutely not you can watch netflix with this certainly you can do hulu and you can do hbo max and all of your favorite premium services but i want you to notice this says free with ads free with ads so anyone who has the fire stick can now watch for free right now road to pre-prediction or extremely loud incredibly close or mazes and monsters or joe versus the volcano or california typewriter and all of these tom hanks movies there are thousands of free television shows movies to watch all the time youtube of course is free and is now at your fingertips on your big screen tv as well okay this is why i need this so bad aaron because i have a smart tv but the interface is not user friendly it’s so awkward i’m like up down and then it clicks on the wrong thing and i’m like back wait where’s the search bar again and then i have to type in you know if i wanted to watch fargo i have to like scroll down enter f okay it’s been an hour and that’s exactly how long i have to maybe watch a program at the end of a long hard day and i spent the whole time messing around trying to find the show so when you can get a two pack like this it’s great because you need one in every tv maybe you have a bedroom tv maybe you have a downstairs tv maybe the kids have a tv or you want to have a tv in the workout room or think about where you’re going to be spending your summer vacation you could bring a fire stick right to that airbnb erin if you want or to that hotel so you can log into all of your favorite programs and keep the kids entertained yes that’s one of the best things about it you know you think about going to it to a hotel they’re going to charge you 20 bucks they’re going to probably charge you two flex pays to watch one movie just take this with you and that means if you subscribe to prime video or netflix or you know a lot of us have at least a couple of those that all goes with you or if you don’t subscribe to anything i’m going to show you free some of the free stuff here there’s a ton of it in just a minute but the keys are it is so easy to use again setup you take this you plug it into your television into the hdmi port that will connect to your wi-fi then you register it walks you through the steps on the screen it’s just so easy to use you’re getting two of these uh which is is awesome uh so we we did this the first time we sold this was about um a week and a half or so ago before that it had been since 2016 since we had done a two pack on fire sticks did you know fire sticks are the number one selling amazon device amazon makes the amazon echo and they make um a million things they make the amazon show they make their e-reader the number one device they make is the fire stick i’m going to show you something else here really cool so i’m at kind of my uh my home screen area oh we can example say um open hsn hsn and qvc are on here as well we can say open netflix we can say open youtube i can go you notice how fast this is i apologize for for talking quickly it’s a lot to show you guys look so we’re watching hsn that’s our show right now or we could hop over to qvc one of my other favorite i know that’s a lot of aaron to watch it at one time one of my favorite things um to do is to go in uh to the home area here and check out all of the free stuff so there’s an area where we can look just at um what’s free and i i love to be able to do that um because of course you know sometimes you just want to know like what’s new in the free area i have netflix and i have hulu and i have prime i have those three but any of these things you see right now anything on imdb tv 2b pluto crackle those are all free these are some popular free movies and shows wind river the imitation game that looks like it’s with um benedict cumberbatch oh the big short that’s good the series lost practical magic bridges of madison county even a lot there’s tons of live news that’s available on it as well so lots of great things you know to stream that have aired in the past but lots of live news like after 48 we tv reality oh here i’m sorry abc news live cbs news bnc usa today yahoo we could do like two hours on this it really is such a fun and easy to use product you get endless entertainment and and all the things that you’re showing us aaron you don’t need cable all you need is wi-fi right absolutely yes thank you for clarifying that it’s really important in fact many people use this as a way to cut their monthly bills when you plug this into your television you have access to 500 000 television you could you could never watch 500 000 television shows then you have movies and music and all of that now you certainly can use it complementary to cable some people find they want to use it in place of cable or satellite some people say you know what i’m tired of paying for a cable box in the guest bedroom or the basement or whatever i’m gonna get rid of of my monthly rental fees for the boxes in those room and use the fire stick a lot of people find frankly once you plug the fire stick into your television it’s all you you don’t need a need lot of going to kind of bring any kind of older tv kind of up to date because now you can get all those apps and you can follow all your favorite shows that we’ve all become obsessed with and we’re in season 9 or we’re waiting for it to come back like handmaid’s tale can’t wait to start that this week so we love we love our home entertainment and this makes it easy this makes it affordable remember you’re getting a better price than amazon for only as long as this offer is available it’s a better price than amazon and you get two so you could get one and share one get one gift one this is great for dads for father’s day this is great for graduates if they’re going off to college and let me tell you a college student is going to want a smart tv and this is the one to give them as a graduation gift or someone working in an apartment or if you need one for work one at home one at the office one of the vacation home and one at your sort of place of home i think it’s a perfect solution for you a great time to shop and if you do it today we’re going to give you our best price that we can offer on sale for sixty dollars you’re getting two just one is forty dollars at retail so this is the best way to get an amazon fire tv stick you’re getting all the original packaging it’s not refurbished there’s there’s no catch here right aaron in our final few seconds no there isn’t this is in fact the latest version last thing i’ll say about it with the latest version the remote actually has a power button and a volume button on it as well do you know why that’s important no you don’t need your tv remote anymore you only need one remote to control look i’m controlling the volume here you can turn your television on and off and control the volume you don’t juggle remote the remote that comes with your fire stick does it all and i love that you can talk to it because now you don’t have to like mess around it’s great for some of your relatives that maybe get frustrated with other interfaces that makes it easy aaron so great to see you have a great night good to see you thank you take care everybody better price than amazon do it now because it’s our final day with five flex pay on everything and you can get that home for 12 dollars free shipping too and you always have 30 days a quick update on our today’s special this one is popular it’s our most powerful most feature rich jump starter we’ve ever offered this is how you can jump start your cars your trucks your suvs but it also inflates your car tires your bike tires the pool toys and it is a powerful flashlight and it also gives you the power to power up all your devices when you’re on the go the colors are going fast it’s 115 dollars 85 off retail five flexible payments jump in early because those are going quick we’ll have another full presentation and apple ipads coming up next kick off may with amazing deals on your favorite brands and discover new things to enjoy those summer days ahead save with select sale prices throughout the weekend and free shipping on all korres beauty don’t miss two big fashion anniversaries marlawynne’s 12th and diane gilman’s 27th they could have some surprises up their sleeves start may in a very big way with amazing deals ends tonight on hsn and at hsn.com [Music] g by juliana is for the confident fashionable amazing woman she can expect to feel comfortable she can also expect a lot of compliments they’ll be asking who are you wearing oh i’m so glad you’re joining me tonight my name’s sarah we’ve had so many great items so many great reasons to shop and let’s get into beats this is the name brand that everyone’s talking about one of the most popular names in premium sound and we have the most affordable beats headphones we have ever offered in the history of hsn it is a brand-new smart deal and you know our smart deals there are limited opportunity buy on a fabulous item and now you can get these home for 59.99 this is beats not only is it have a nice flexible cable on these great little headphones right here you can wear these around your neck so you cannot lose them they’re not going to fall off and when you’re wearing them the magnets they just find each other so you just wear them like a necklace and you can pop them in your ears at any time we’re going to give you the carrying case we’re going to give you some great software and everything you need to get started and you can customize it with the different shaped ear tips as well so let’s go over the colors and i’ll show you what you’re going to get you’re going to order by the color of the headphones and then you’re going to pick the color of the case so we’ll start right here that is going to be i believe we’re calling that our silver silver this would be our black black and then this one is yellow so it will be yellow silver again picking the color of your headphones the color of your case and then we’ve got the blue black we’ve got the black silver i mean we have about a dozen more combinations on our website at hsn.com so you can check them out there but not only is this such a great value beats headphones for 59.99 we have this on five flexible payments last day that everything’s on five flex pay here for our may kickoff our amazing deals weekend and we also are offering free shipping and handling that’s saving you another six bucks right there but i want to get out to our beats expert the one and only bill duggan who’s standing by to take us shopping and i know he’s already grooving out to his fabulous tunes because with beach you can take your music with you wherever you go hey bill that’s good evening sarah hi everybody and the thing is yeah i’m listening to my music i’m not bothering anybody i’m not bothered by tangled cords i’m not worried about losing these because you know beats normally can be a very expensive item and there are very expensive headphones out there but i always get afraid i’m going to lose one or drop one and then i only have one so note of this flex design nice and comfortable it’s not molded plastic very lightweight these are your nodes in terms of your power and then in terms of your controls also your microphone so yes you can take your telephone calls with this or your zoom calls skype calls i’m using mine right now and these are just such a comfortable lightweight design but you know what it also is lightweight on your pocketbook because normally when we’ve had beats before and last year all of 2020 we only had beats on once and it was in the 200 price point beats can normally get up to 300 in price people know what this b means and people when you give it to them whether it’s the teenager the adults they’re gonna love the premium quality of the audio because that’s really what beats set themselves apart in terms of getting better fidelity in terms of listening to music and podcasts and phone calls and the list goes on and on and on but now we need a pair whether it’s for school or for the office but i don’t know if you’re aware this a few years ago beats was actually purchased beets was actually bought by apple apple apple went out there and you know bought a little audio company they want one of the best ones out there so you’re walking away not just with beats but with apple technology so that’s going to give us a better battery life that’s going to give us nice easy connecting and pairing which we can all appreciate and it’s even going to give you an ability to sound share what is that if you get two pairs you and the spouse can be listening to the same movie listening to the same podcast wirelessly as you’re out for a walk or maybe as you’re doing yard work by the way i was wearing my pair today as i was outside painting if you need a little incentive to get someone to do the honeydew list maybe this is it it’s like i got you a pair you know you can help me out in the yard or help me clean the garage you can listen to your music bribery whatever it takes right would a married spouse ever stoop to bribery to get their partners to do something would a parent know no i love that idea and i’m going to steal that from you so that’s a great idea bill you know i’m thinking about you know there’s some really great wireless pods out there that you can pay premium for they’re fabulous they have incredible quality but here’s what happens when you’re wearing those i’ve noticed that when i’m taking on and off a mask or a hat or my sunglasses or my driving glasses sometimes those air pods can pop out easily and then i’m so nervous about losing them right because you don’t want to give those to a teenager because they’ll be gone in you know a heartbeat i love that you get great quality premium sound from a brand name that is synonymous with the biggest rock and roll stars music stars movie producers djs in the world and it’s never going to get lost they’re never going to fall on the ground fall a little crack in between your car seats i mean these are going to stay with you and whenever you need to pop them in they’re there whenever you need to drop them they find them that magnet and they’re not going to go anywhere so they’re great for travel how do you charge them bill well actually that’s a great question so it’s a new charging cord it’s the usbc cord which is great because it’s actually a faster charge so i can charge it for five minutes and get over an hour of play time but listen to me i said usbc how many of us have that adapter we don’t but guess what hsn is including that if i was to buy these anywhere else this would be an additional purchase or if you were to gift this to someone without that adapter they would not be able to charge it up so we’ve included that we’ve included a full year to live x live three months to a workout training software program we have the best value out there and i even went out there and was looking at the big box store i could not find that light gray and the blue so if you really like those colors pick them up but also i like how you were talking about how this magnetic clasp works it’s not just so they’re not flapping around as you’re out on a run or out in the yard because right now i’m listening to music maybe the kid’s like can you keep it down or the roommate it hasn’t connected yet until i break this class or it actually will stop the music again too so i break the class it knows i’m now listening to it so all of a sudden that audio that would be is now in my ear and the same i don’t know if you guys can hear it but the cool part about it when i drop them and they find each other again it stops the movie it stops the audiobook it stops the lecture so i’m not going to miss any part where i have to like go back that’s the little advancements that apple has put into the beats product because remember it’s beats and it’s apple and normally when you hear both those names the price goes up right these are their most affordable the most giftable and i like how you mentioned the pods because i’m going to just share a quick story because yes i have a pair of these they are great but you know i can’t have a pair for everyone in the family i can with the flex and actually this is cool too you can actually connect two pair of flecks together so you can sound share you can also shout and share with apple airpods as well but you’re more importantly walking away with that premium audio experience dr dre developed beats because we were listening to music and movies through something that was tangled and made of plastic not giving us that premium sound not to mention he made these very stylish very good looking and very comfortable because normally when we have offered stuff like this before you get maybe the pair that’s included in terms of those tips we’re giving you four additional pairs so you can actually really get it nice and comfortable and snug so if you are using it for exercise or just outside walking a dog but remember if i’m just even wearing them around the house they are so lightweight they’re not going to get lost 12-hour battery life on-board controls and actually i’m going to try to show you one more quick example because the pairing process is even easier so when i turn these on i turn on my power button and it automatically looks for that device oh another quick thing you have to realize it doesn’t just work with apple products these will work with android apple anything with bluetooth hp computers televisions and that’s really where this is a game changer in terms of getting beats audio but also works with any brand any kind of content so if it is a gift you don’t have to worry about what what kind of device do they use what are they on what do they use as long as it has bluetooth which is pretty much most any device these days these will connect and i love that by the way this is a great gift for dads father’s day is coming up and then we also have graduations coming up let me tell you young people love beats they love being on their headphones they love having their own music at their own entertainment and i love not holding my phone for all my conversations i will tell you i love the new technology that we can be disconnected from our phone i can leave my phone on the kitchen counter i can walk around i can i can do laundry while i’m talking to someone i can walk the dog while i’m having a conversation i can get my chores done i do dishes i mean i’m actually pretty productive when i’m on the phone and that is the benefit of having a great pair of earbuds like this i love that they’re flexible that they’re lightweight that they connect together so if i do have to pull them out and i’m in the middle of that mystery podcast they’re about to tell me where the body is buried i’m not going to miss a moment of it so what you’re getting today is an hsn exclusive i do want you to know that only here do we include the adapter and the case and the extra software like the workout training programs and all that great stuff so it is about eighty seven dollars worth of extras you pick the color of the case and then you pick the color of your earbuds so the earphones like this would be like silver silver this would be black black this combination be yellow silver this combination be blue black that would be black silver lots of color combinations on our website at hsn.com but today we are launching a smart deal so this is the best time this is the most affordable beats this is the best value we’ve ever offered and it’s a really affordable way to give everyone that gift of premium sound so i invite you don’t miss out on this because this is going to be gone very very quickly it’s 138 dollar value we do have the five flexible payments we have free shipping these are easy to get home and then you’ve got 30 days and you know what bill i know it’s that season where everybody’s thinking about getting out and about maybe you’re going to start bike riding walking exercising gardening mowing the lawn i mean you can do it all with your beats headphones and that’s just it because maybe you still want to be on the phone maybe you do want to listen to a little bit of music that was me i was painting today and i had music going and i was you know quite content even though i had to get my honey-do list done but look at why they call it the flex it is not rigid it is so comfortable very malleable and lightweight the biggest surprise with getting beats tonight it’s not that this is the latest technology from them it’s truly that price because remember beets normally can easily get up to the 2 300 price point and they’re that bigger set of headphones they’re you know not you can’t take them everywhere they have a time and a place but this is truly giftable go anywhere use anywhere on the couch at work in your gym bag wherever or even the book bag because we give you the case and not only giving you the case this adapter i personally think is priceless because without it you can’t plug it into your standard usb port because it just it doesn’t work you need an adapter that’s why we’re including that as well plus a lot of the extras if you’ve tried beats before you get it and maybe you wanted to get them again but they weren’t you couldn’t afford it now you can and now you really can gift it think of that kid going off to high school what size are they what do they like to listen to they will love beats they will and how’s the sound bill in our final few seconds the sound is premium that’s just it everyone else is aspiring to be like beats and that’s why i’d love it if you could take oh it does say free shipping get them home on free shipping enjoy it’s not always on free shipping that’s why i had to check but that’s just it try them out test drive it and be blown away listen to what take a telephone call or listen to something that you do all the time zooming or whatever you will find yourself turning down the audio on the device because it’s too loud when you’re listening yeah you know what and that’s nice that’s what i love i’m not tethered to my phone you can actually let your partner your spouse go to sleep early if you’re watching tv you can still watch your favorite shows and you’re connected wirelessly to your tablets your devices and you will have your music your podcast your radio your television your movies your gaming stations wherever you go great for kids when you’re tired of hearing their music or their gaming stations ding and bing and buzz and bang so this is maybe a great savior for parents too when the kids come home from school bill thank you so much great to see you buddy looking forward to seeing you soon and check out those beats online it’s our smart deal they’re going to go fast we have another look at our today’s special in just a moment it’s the most powerful mophie charge

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