How to Setup AWESOME Home Gym in Basement

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we just converted our cellar to a gym and I posted characterizations online and I got a ton of questions about everything that we did so what I’m gonna do is just walk you through everything flooring the mirrors the rig what it payments but too how to save money you know I had a few people say I’ll never be able to afford a home gym like that it must have cost you a fate but you know what the thing is I started my home gym with precisely a start of fighting bands it doesn’t matter what you have you exactly begins with where you’re at now and then you continue to add on it we built this and acquired all the equipment over the course of five years don’t look at it as you know something that’s unattainable look at it as inspiration for what you can do what you can do as you continue to invest is when you buy a gym equipment for your home it’s investing in your own help it’s investing in yourself because you get to keep it and you can use it for a particularly long time so let’s walk through our residence gym now when we first moved in this was just a obscurity dungeon on the basement the the carpet down here was just like this piece of old carpet that the homeowners had left us it was pee-stained and gross you know the walls aren’t finished the ceiling isn’t finished we wanted to clean up the place and make it a little more appealing to come workout in we are therefore did a bunch of things and the first thing we did is we situated some foam tile flooring down I desire exploiting this nonsense they come in compress of four and they’re 2 paws by 2 paws per tile we got this at Lowe’s it’s about $ 20 for 4 tiles so it comes out to about a dollar 25 a square foot I want to show you the thickness of it got an extra piece here it’s about a half an inch dense okay and if you equate that is something that like a jumping mat here’s the leap matting from Beachbody you know this is 1/4 inch dense so here they are side by side you can see the movement mat on the left is route thinner so fourth of an inch compared to half inch for the foam tile so if you’re mounting on concrete or grove floor highly recommend some kind of foam specially these sud tiles and they actually hold together really well somebody asked to they come apart while you’re doing like rush something now they don’t at all another way to save money in your residence gym are reflects these mirrors right here are just plain bathroom times we got them at Lowe’s $45 each they’re 3 paws by 2 hoofs question with when you go to get like a big gym near they’re expensive cheapest I received for around this sizing combined in one year is $350 so if you can get two reflects 45 and simply applied them side-by-side awesome what you’re seeing here this white this wall is an unfinished wall behind it if you look up here this is actually a we flooded it in a very large tablecloth it’s 11 feet by 7 and a half feet I get that on Amazon for 10 bucks and then I stapled it it precisely needs a staple gun to staple it up to the wood up there so it exactly handles up that wall and again constitutes this face more plea let’s talk lighting real quick when we first moved in there were no illuminates down here there’s like one there like one insignificant little bulb and we get up into our exercisings at 5 a.m.And it doesn’t let you really work out well at night so we set new canned sunrises those cans are seven dollars each and then we’ve got LED brightness for 20 horses each now let me tell you the significance of this in order to install traditional sunlights incandescent you know floodlights like this we would have needed to run added electrical circuits which would have been very expensive working with an electrician since these are LED they only use nine watts each and we were able to we did have an electrician come out and installing them he billed about 85 horses for three per hour for 3 hour and he did not have to run any additional electrical circuits so we’ve got ten of these now lighting up this whole area for the gym and for the kids area you want to add additional illuminate and you’ve got a basement with the ceiling still open pretty easy to do I get this EZ curl bar and it came with about 85 pounds of platefuls from Beachbody $ 129 if your purchaser to $99 if you’re a instruct this is the best price I could find doing my research for a standard size these are standard size layers and it’s an easy crowbar this is what you require if you’re doing body ogre at home cut like I said it comes with additional sheets and I actually bought some additional dishes from Team Beachbody as well I bought this rack this is called a this right here is called a plate tree about $35 on Amazon it’s a Marcie plate tree this bad boy right here Kate scrub this bargain on a Facebook like for sale page like a swamp auction page $125 utilized so you won’t be able to find that batch you were close brand new but it always helps when you’re building home gym to keep an eye out for heaviness being resold used up here we’ve got resistance straps you can get a rectified of defiance cliques from Amazon a cheap adjust for about 30 horses I had that for a while now I have the really good high-quality ones from Beachbody it’s about $ 100 for a penny there’s added ones not shown here there’s more in the pitch but they’re very very high quality awfully thick-skulled and they’re less likely to snap you in the face if you’re a instruct I think it’s about 70 horses for a name all right we got these shelves now this is actually one rack divided into two sections we got this from Lowe’s it’s a metal and timber rack from Lowe’s in their garage shelf section it’s awesome for restraining your home gym organized with all the equipment and things that you have of course our residence gym wouldn’t be complete without Beachbody on requirement I can access our entire library of workouts streaming from Beachbody I no longer “re going to have to” fumble with all these discs or wait for them to consignment um everything is right here it’s so sweet we’re accessing it through the Amazon fire and it’s awesome over Wi-Fi I’ll lean a link to the Beachbody on requirement in the description of this video it’s only about 12 horses a month you get access to about two dozen exercisings and then like p90x insanity turbo fire a lot of a lot of workouts and then you can buy beach figures newest workouts payment exercisings at a rebate if you sign up for a Beachbody on challenge I will be your tutor now we’ll help you with your banquet schedule you can get access to my private group so I’ll employ a link to that below this video this is the Bowflex 10 90 s he’s actually wandered from 10 pounds to 90 pounds per side these are expensive they’re $ 700 with a pair new but I think they’re most worth it but I started off with the lower account the 552 s that wander from 5 pounds to 52 pounds in one hand those I got on Craigslist for like 250 no $200 and I last-minute resold them to a friend for 250 and I took that money and introduced it towards these so they don’t ever certainly lose their value you can get a set of new ones for about 290 dollars on Amazon you can click here to see my full recollect comparing the Bowflex 552 s versus the 10 90 s alright this immerse terminal I used to support doing tricep plunges chest immerses it’s awesome and it was about 90 bucks I got it on Amazon so you can take a look at that I’ll applied a link to it in the specific characteristics if you want to see my full its consideration of the 3 terraces that we have you can click here this set of heaviness I got it Plays Authority during Black Friday there’s a killer deal is like 250 maybe 300 horses it comes down with a complete set of the Olympic bar and Olympic dishes so I recommend checking that out I’ve had them for about two years now they’ve held up really really well this rack is one of my favorite racks it is the X differentiate the thing I love about it is it has so many notches I think they call it like a sawtooth I feel a lot safer working out alone because if I can’t clear the heavines or get it back up to the spot where I started I can always precisely placed it on any one of those catches there you can do squattings you can do bench and I use that almost every day so that x line rack is about 390 dollars on Amazon I’ll articulate a link to it below I’ll be doing a full refresh along with this rack right here very soon this is the monster cage it’s the newest addition to our home gym this is from Marcy Pro it’s very very high quality but this allows you to do workbench doodly-squats it even has dipping administers you can do plunges on there you are eligible to even do pull-ups it has a whole nother attachment or different tractions on the pull-ups that is an amazing piece of material think it becomes for about $7.99 but they’re always doing deductions that returning it down to around 650 check that you can check that out at Marcy Pro I’ll situate a link to that as well one other thing I get a lot of questions on our advertisements I got these advertisements at the Beachbody Summit and then I just bought some formulates you can get a pack of encloses two encloses for about ten horses from Walmart or even Amazon and I exactly applied them in there you know get a poster of anything that provokes you hang it up in your residence gym only liven it up a little bit remind you what you’re working for of course we also prevent our original day1 photos up here so we can see them every day reminds us of where we started and how far we’ve come that was just my six-month transformation but here is my five-year transformation I’ve done it totally at home 100% 70 to 80% of your results will come from your nutrition so if you’re looking up for help with your nutrition trip my website I’ve got meal programs and I coach people to get results do you think it facilitated me with support they accept me on track they procreated me feel like I wasn’t doing this alone I feel many years younger I are certain I altogether gained my automobile and its back I feel like I can do anything David and Kate can help you because they’ve both been there

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