How To Renew Weights and Remove Rust – Dumbbell, Barbell, Plates (CHEAPEST AND FASTEST WAY)

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hey what’s up people Kyle here I just are caught up about 2,000 pounds of these age-old loads quick narrative on these is the guy went him from Hurricane Katrina so he actually plunked him out in New Orleans shortly after the whirlwind he’s had him ever since so as far as rust and corrosion is concerned these are legit so today we’re gonna go through the whole process of giving this rust off and obliging these bad boys look as good as new you can see the reasonably tear up now and I’ve got a ton of other stuff back here that I likewise got to take care of so it’s going to be quite the job I’ve seen a couple different ones of these videos I’ve also I’ve done a lot of these projects in the past so that’s really what I want to pull on now and the videos that I’ve seen to be honest they’re not that grating kind of a lot of bad advice the whole point is is you know we’re buying old ways to save a buck well we’re not gonna applied a bunch of money into this we’re gonna articulated a cluster of unnecessary time into this you can still get excellent makes without doing all these crazy stairs that people are talking about so let’s take a look at what we have here everything that you see here you can get in the link below so instead of going through the collect and deplete them like four hours of buying all this trash time check out the Amazon site click buy and voila you get it all carried to you in a era and a half so what I have here I’m gonna start with this bronze tip wire brush and if you guess that we’re going to actually scrape off a lot of these weights so all that rust this is what we’re gonna start with so get a good brush it’s gonna matter too next thing now to actually clean off the barbells so that barbell as well as that bar as well as this table and here we’re going to start with this three-in-one so what this is actually going to see do it’s actually going to get into the rust that’s rusted into the bar and it’s going to make a scraping off process a heck of a lot easier and do a much better job so three one that’s a must next thing now you is not have to get fancy you do not have to buy a bunch of different makes exactly get you some rust-oleum hammered certainly this is all you need after we get the rust off we’re gonna comprise with a duet coatings of this which “il be going”/ and this is it this is going to stop the rot it’s gonna impel them look great again rust-oleum produces are the way to go hammered is my favorite category now but there’s also like rust-oleum only regular cornerstone hair that will honestly do the trick a marry coats of rust-oleum that’s all you need don’t get too fancy outside of that got to get some lily-white markers white colour markers these are just some sharpie again checking the link below after we paint these black we’re going to punch them with the white-hot marker time to give them some of that new sound again these values are going to look as good as brand-new when we’re done a couple of other things here disguising strip so for these loads right here formerly we affect the outside with paint we apparently don’t want to cover this bar so I’m gonna cover it in masking strip so disguising tape that’s a must other things now mask get them you’re gonna be scraping off a good deal of rusty you’ve done a lot of depict don’t get the bullshit in your eyes this is just a couple bucks and get it it’s necessary same thing with a disguise this is just a regular depict mask I think in link it’s only one or two bucks pickling up if you don’t have any at home beneficial again we’re put a lot of stuff into the air we don’t want to be inhaling it I did a pair other things here is I have some he belt cable so what I’m actually gonna do is when I scatter these loads I can either arrange them all in a big cardboard line in the backyard but you can kind of see here I’ve got quite a lot and to be honest I don’t want all that idiocy laying in my ground and then there’s a whole question if you got these stuff you’re gonna depict this stuff and you’re gonna lay it on cardboard you’re going to pick up that gondola bar it’s gonna get stuck on there so the point is hay bale wire I’m gonna hang him from my Vulcan ladder here so genuinely you’ll told you later in the video I’m just going to hang the heaviness down with this wire I’m going to draw the forces and voila I’ll be done sohave a wire that’s a must and somebody’s heavy-duty pass this is basically sword woolen so I’m gonna settled this on the dremel implement and you’ll see it’ll only slap that rusty off like it’s going out of mode so this is just to start my life easier I can do the same thing with a brush entirely optional but again I got a lot of work to do here I require some vinegar so when we are grazed that rust-brown off you’ll be understood that in the video we’re going to basically soak everything in vinegar and that’s gonna help us get that last layer off vinegar is the way to go I make this stuff you’ll see in the link it’s just a pair bucks I symbolize I’m gonna fill up this giant tub now with a bunch of vinegar and it’ll do the job so vinegar that’s the way to go all right and then later after we soak it that’s when you experience we kind of polish this up and we kind of get the lower level grime off so right now I’m just knocking off the big stuff that sucked so I got the outside done here you understand what I really did sighs to toss off the big Russell sitting on this outside place so now I got the outside going to go ahead and made the inside and as we go through this I’m the Hitman once within simply a wire clean as is and then we go ahead I’m gonna framed some in 3/1 lubricant in here right now as well three others that first layer there to see I’m not that kind I’m stimulated to see if this one’s gonna look like when it’s all said and done so let’s go ahead and send the three one so again this just kind of creates in and kind of interrupts up that blight a little more so give that sitting there for about 30 seconds make sure it’s completely plastered all right so this kind of a hour and listen again as those round one and Wow I necessitate seriously look at that that was complete grind look at how clean that is that’s just after two and that’s like five minutes of scouring that one from ended horrible rust to approximately back to that delightful appearing chrome so I’m gonna thump about one or two more seasons here and I’ll be done with this dumbbell as far as the going the rust off is concerned so I’m gonna placed this one digression and the next thing we’re gonna is currently working on now that’s one of these slabs now you are familiar with time made them and going off that top bed us once I give them covering we’re gonna see more progress with these when we actually caused these soak in the vinegar last-minute and then we clean them and lick them off later so again I’m with Russell push so again you can see I’m locking up a great deal of material there so make sure you wear this disguise that’s disgusting so next what I have here is a rusty old barbell so the same sort as when we were doing the dumbbell I’m just going to reached this with the wire clean thumped it with the 3:1 lubricant touched it with cable brush again wipe it off try to get it clean this is another one I will not soak so truly what I’m out to doing in there this will be it for the barbell all right and bring on the bend barrooms so this thing is rusty as blaze so I’m gonna strike it again with the cable clean affected it two or three times with the three and one with the wire cover and then finish it off with the dremel tool we’ll see how it comes out all right next bucket here it’ll onu it up with half white vinegar and half irrigate we’re going to droop the weights in give them are participating in about four hours or longer at least four hours okay so there’s some of the ways I throw in here last light they’ve been in now for about eight hours and you can actually realise there’s something bubbling going on which is kind of strange so we’ll see what this looks like when I get these plucked out and clean down a little bit still reasonably rust-brown face closer shot at that rusty alright we’re gonna reached it real quick with the cable clean and we’re gonna wipe it down look all the crap that’s coming out there it’s crazy so there we are I convey it’s back to that nice I’m repair silver-tongued glancing all the rust basically departed so now from here I’m gonna hang it and then I’m gonna paint it it’s a there we are with the force hung up you can there’s two one and we hold about three or four nuclear on the second coat time speedy inform and we’re at feel free to hang numerou make-up your life a little easier to let them cool and again it’s just two coats them each so I got my sanded boob now I decided not to drench it in the vinegar because this prohibit looks pretty good as it is and I don’t really just wanted to steep it in the vinegar for here that the vinegar will tear up the chrome that’s on there so I’m not gonna be painting that chrome hence I taped it off I am gonna decorate over the age-old value limit or late figure so therefore I wrote my weight now just so I know what I’m working with now when I’m done but again fully sanded still working with my rust-oleum I’m gonna stumbled it in really since I didn’t decide to take apart these heaviness you know this isn’t like your your newer style boob I want these are really old obviously since I didn’t take these apart I want to make sure I get down in this crash because if I don’t you know the rust is exposed to air and therefore could come back sooner than I’d like it to so that’s gonna be my goal here just really cake these bad boys at least down the fissures so anyways when I’m done they look like this and I’m going to do the same thing now I’m gonna do two hairs and it will move on to the next step and a speedy shot to the boobs now realize the big-hearted thing was starting sure you got underneath the outside of that hanging him that was the way to go all right here we go with the curl disallow attend I got it on plywood instead of cardboard that route I’m not gonna pull up any of that idiocy with it again just gonna make sure I get all ins I’m gonna do two coatings off I decided to do the outside of the scroll bar and not the inside quick-witted flash-forward use my grey Sharpie paint marker this one said 20 from before somewhere on their 2007 it was 20 now so now just got to pull off the videotape all right here’s where if you have a little dremel this is a dremel versa it’s a good way to kind of polish up and get off the you are familiar with some of that last little bit that we miss earlier so it does look like much but you can see it is taking some stuff off there so again a dremel verso which is also in the link below alright everyone that about packages it up there we go I got the numbers covered on last-place part now and there we are so you can notice on some of these still needs a little bit more work I suppose with the cable clean a duo more epoches a three and one but from what it started with what it is now it is 10 ages better so when I started with with some fairly thumped to shit old-time gym equipment rust-brown as inferno you can see it is completely turned around got myself some neat gym equipment now ready to go to work again check out the link below to get everything you need to get this project done and if you have any questions feedback etc mention below let me know what you think thanks you

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