How to Pick The Right Stall Mats for Your Home Gym

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hey guys I’m talking about stone concealments a lot of people know they’re in a residence gym you want to use stall mats for your gym flooring simply because you get the most bang for your buck that channel I’ll stop matted is dense and it is durable and it is inexpensive you can get them normally for about 40 bucks as compared to exercise flooring which is a lot more expensive and also if you use the puddle puzzle mats they’re not going to do the job they’re gonna come apart and they just are not built to stand up to loads coming down on top of them but most people don’t know that there are numerou kinds of stall mat skin-deeps and so I’ve got three different kinds of store matteds in my home gym and I’m gonna tell you about the three different kinds and why I have them so the first kind of half has this waffle flooring right here okay this is kind of like the bottom of a tennis shoe and because I’d like to Train barefoot because I are happy to get feedback from my paw and I’ll try to strengthen my feet I like to do things like deadlift on the waffle flooring so if I’m gonna deadlift this is typically where I do it and I did live right here likewise got my two lunches or anything like that if you guys determine me in my videos I’m commonly over here all right I don’t do a lot of lunches anymore but any kind of leg stuff you’re gonna see me right here and likewise where you read me do my bench pulping because I need to have a firm foundation so I’m again frequently right here the second time I have is smooth surface and that’s pretty much exactly because I might be in the instances where I want to protect the storey and so you say my kettlebells are right here and so I do a lot of kettlebell floor pressing boob storey press inc things like that right here and so when I positioned the bar down or the kettlebell down it tends to land right here and that’s again is also to mostly protect the flooring the final style and I don’t have as much of this is I’m like it’s great face but you can see that it’s kind of reached and what I like about these is that it stops the bar from rolling so if I have my barbell anywhere else I’ll leant it right here say I wheel reels away from me right that comes tiresome when I’m dead lifting if I had it anywhere else it’s going to roll so I use these to keep it in place that’s the only reason I have it I also have it inside my power rack because again when I kept my I will knowledge practicality bench in place for me to bench I don’t want the bench to move around because it does have wheels line and I don’t want the supremacy rack and we’ll run a whole lot so again I have it where the aqueducts are so host of three different kinds of snowman’s I have none of these costs to me over $45 and some of them I got even less costly than that because I came to the feed accumulation I ogled around exclusively for these types of matteds so do your patronize wisely and get the matteds that work the best for you I hope that helped if you enjoyed this video please like it subscribe and share with your best friend[ Music] you

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