How to Make Your Own Home Fitness Equipment ( Sandbag )

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everybody how y’all doing Peter Cavalli and welcome to this very first video in a series of videos where I’m going to show you how to stimulate your own home fitness gear now let me just say from the beginning the stuff I’m going to show you how to originate our material merit performing there’s a lot of trash you can make at home but I’m not going to show it to you because some of them are just highly uneffective and I don’t want to waste your time I don’t want to show you something just for the sake of making a video I want to show you the stuff that you can make it home readily and stuff that will really help improve your workouts then I’m also not going to show you material that they are able to exactly cost you too much and take too much effort to see yourself rather than to just go and buy it for example let’s think of stuff like the body press or the door prepared pull-up bar you can’t conclude that stuff for what it sells these days you can buy those substance from from $20 to $70 I’ve seen on their website lately and you just can’t do it for that sort of thing the material you would need the effort you would put into it it’s just not worth it so the stuff I’m going to show you are things that you can easily make it home is sometimes a lot cheaper than to go and buy that part of equipment and sometimes merely things that I’ve created over the past 12 13 times in the fitness industry and that I procured truly cures my workout originate them a lot more effective and help me to be all right makes so let’s get going with the very first piece of dwelling fitness gear that I’m going to show you how to make at home and this gear you can actually go and buy in the collects and it can get really expensive so I’m going to show you how to make it at the fraction of the cost and I’m actually going to show you how when you procreate your own home stuff it can actually be as effective if not more effective than your trash you’re going by so what I’m going to do in this little video is I’m going to show you the original slouse of equipment and we’re going to duplicate or reproduce then I’m going to show you the tools you need to create your own then I’m going to put it together and then I’m going to show you some potent efforts at the end that you can do with this piece of home fitness gear because that’s what it’s all about no extent in me time establishing you nonsense if you can’t actually use it or find out how to use it effectively so let’s look at this very first piece of residence fitness that I’m going to show you how to acquire today so here it is it’s called a sandbag you’ve seen this being used and it’s becoming very popular to use at home and it really is a great piece of rig that you should have if you’re not going to obligate your own and you have the money you should just grab one of these because it truly can enhance your home exercisings and you can do so much stuff with this this one has handles everywhere you know you can see what sort of things you can do with it and it is extremely versatile but even this babe was close to $ 100 now I’m going to show you how to draw your own for around fifteen dollars so let’s move on to the next division where I’m going to look at where we’re going to look at the exact paraphernalium and implements “youre supposed to” become your own the first thing you want to get is an old gym back or you can go buy a brand new when I got this for about$ 5 somewhere and if it’s nice long and circular very much like a sandbag even better because then you’re going to perform something that’s almost exactly the same but if you just have an old gym baggage you can use the same proficiencies I’m going to show “youre going to” meet your own sandbag furthermore is gravel now I know it’s called a sandbag but a lot of sandbags actually has gravel in it because for the same sort of space you can get something that’s a lot heavier and later on we’re going to weight his hand back so I can show you how heavy you can make it because if it’s nice and heavy you can use it for much more exerts and attain your workouts a lot more effective and then last-place but not least you want to get a lot of carrier backs and we’re just talking about the normal carrier bags that you get at the stores when you’re going buy something get as countless as you can because we’re going to use it for two different things and in the next section I’m going to show you where reference is articulated all together why the work requires those but get as many as they as you can and certainly that is it most of you guys will really have many of these things at home and as you can see this you probably get for free this is about a five and it’s about another fiver if you have to buy that maybe another five or so we’ve got about fifteen dollars here so let’s quickly now look at how you set all of this together and get your own gym bag okay now the first thing we’re going to do is I demand you to grab around 10 of these pouches and I’m not going to do all of them now but I’m going to show you what to do with them okay so let’s just do one so I can give you idea of what you need to do this is going to become your forces now I noticed some adroit chaps is going to say butor why’d you exactly kept this whole thing in there because with a sandbag you want to be able to adjust your weight for different usages and if you merely fasten this whole thing in there you’re only going to see do so many practices where this thing is pretty damn heavy already so what the hell are you want to do is you’re going to get a little bit dirty here but we’re doing DIY so that’s what’s all about it’s called a six-pack Factory we have to do some manual labor every now and then but basically only grab and you can go and measure it out if you want to get a scale and bar it precisely so you know how much you’re arrange in every time into the back but I’m just going to take for now just let’s just stick about five entrusts full in now okay there we go and then all you do is you affection this baby up okay let’s do exactly two or three just so you can get idea okay and then the same thing here again there we go good luck this newborn up and ultimately I would say go and impel 10 of these and let’s just do one more it’s going to show you the secure of this whole sandbag beta-1 and if you have a little scoop you don’t want to get your hands grime you can do that as well and make sure you get nice sand gravel because of God and gravel because it’s nice and small-minded if it’s too big it’s like cliffs and is going to get it could actually injure you okay so we’ve got three of these now now I’m just going to introduce this to the side for a second so we can show you what to do now you simply let’s open this one up you simply add these children to your back and make sure all the air is out otherwise the first time you throw this thing down it’s all going to explode inside the bag so let’s get all the air out there okay and make sure you spread it delicately so put one on this back of the bag one in the middle and one on the other side and now what you’re going to do is you’re going to fold this back up with the rest of those pockets carrier bags and this is actually the secret between the really professional material you get and the rubbish stuff you get it gets nice and tight and when your sandbag is nice and tighten you can do so much more of it and it’s so much more cozy so mostly all you do is you grab all these okay and you merely remain it in everywhere until this bag is like super super tight so let me speedily do that okay and one last-place one in here to crush them you need to add as many of these you can because it’s going to clear the sandbag labour really well and then zip it up and you’ve got your own sandbag delightful and steady slope to back and now the great thing is if you need to make it heavier you only framed another one of beach stick it in there if it’s too heavy you take it out and if you have like 10 to 20 of those old bags of sand you can adjust the load of your sandbag very quickly and readily as well let me immediately depict you how to you can use some of this thing with some of the exercises to establish your work a lot more powerful and lot more effective because a good deal of parties might contemplate wow that’s great but what do you actually do of it now let’s speedily look at a few rehearsals where you can positioned this child to work so let’s immediately look at a few uses where you can use a sandbag I’m just going to run through countless so that you can get an idea of how to use your sand backwards you can use it like a boob a remedy projectile any of that stuff the first thing I’m going to do is just lock this thing up so we don’t have stuff flying all over the place and then instantaneously I represent look at this figurehead shoulder heighten you can make this really heavy and you can do stuff like that okay bicep cool offices extremely well for that as well okay and then you can grab this thing and like I’ve demo you can work your abs and a lot of parties told me they’d have dumbbells when they do their and guerrilla swings or the insurgent dumbbell cool workout this thing pieces just as well I mean you can do this that full core and partisan fluctuating core wreak that you can do with this baby you can even use it for nonsense like one-armed dumbbell curl if you want you can use it for shoulder press you know nice and simple shoulder press you can have intellect aside and disappear lateral causes with it okay it really is an effective piece of equipment and if you’re not going to perform your own and you have the money you should add that is something that your residence fitness gear collection anyway another thing I like doing is just check my mic doesn’t fall over here okay another thing I like doing is actually consuming it like a body fragment so you just supplement this newborn on and now you can do push-ups with it you can just continue doing hunkers with it can pretty much do anything with it want it on your back and it clears you work out a lot more effective so there you go people a simple thing to stimulate but $15 to induce what did it take us to three minutes start to finish and if you add this newborn to your home exercisings and to your residence workout gear and gear you’ve got another tool in your pouch so to speak that’s going to help offset your workouts a lot more effective I hope you guys enjoy this please leave a comment below if you guys want to see more of these kind of videos and like this video just so we know I don’t want to continue doing these things if you don’t like it but I hope you enjoyed this one if you haven’t got one of these children once disappear make one or vanish buy one because they are effective to F

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