How To Choose A Treadmill | Running Machine Tips

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okay today i’m gonna be talking all things treadmill motorized non-motorized bluetooth interactive fold up and so on yeah that’s right there are a load of different treadmills out there available to you to buy but which one is right for your control mode your available space and of course your budget well i’ve got a onu of treadmills available for myself to run on today which i’m going to show you and talk you through extremely i’m likewise “re talking about” you through something that’s altered myself to treadmill operating and you can use on any treadmill and that is using a virtual go pulpit zwift so let’s get stuck in[ Music] so treadmill running is becoming increasingly popular and for a number of reasons they allow you to run uninterrupted especially important if “youre living in” a built up area they allow you to run whenever regardless of the light or preconditions outside they allow you to get caliber workouts in they’re allowed to be efficient with your time and with there being so much technology available for them or built into them it exactly represents things a little bit more interesting now but you know that that’s probably why you’re watching this video but we do all have different needs and requirements when it comes to treadmill running and with there being so many available on the market these days it induces deciding extremely difficult so i’m here to help let’s start with the standard motorized treadmill[ Music] so here i’ve got the techno gym drive place 600 tremolo it’s a jolly standard treadmill imagine many of you out there have run on something very similar to this before now virtually with these motorized treadmills the motor powers the movement of the belt and then it’s your job to match the fast of that loop with your legs pretty simple stuff and as i’m sure you’re aware you can adjust that and the rush of that quite easily as you’re running now the lower rate detail what the hell are you get is a treadmill with slightly less power in the motor and that means that it may only be able to go up to something like 15 kilometers an hour which may be plenty for some people out there as you go at the price point that’s normally reflected by the power of the motor and the erect tone so with those you might find them going up to something in the region of 18 to 20 kilometers an hour which is probably what you’ll find on most gym treadmills you may get some that go up even higher than that but i’d say 18 to 20 is plenty for most people out there and clearly fairly for myself[ Music][ Applause] so it’s definitely merit checking the top speed of the treadmill particularly if you’re someone that is looking to do reps or times at this sharp resolve and personally speaking it’s this control pace environment that i’ve really begun to enjoy and actually my stream has really benefited from flowing on a treadmill and as all of that a great deal of these treadmills will allow you to adjust the inclination propose you can start to emulate the outdoors or be quite specific with your training and start including some hill work or backbone work now this one particularly croaks from zero to 15 percentage which is quite a lot but again it’s something you’re value checking if you are someone that am willing to do that and that’s more or less it with a standard motorized treadmill it’s a solid fragment of gear but if you wishes to be make things up elevation you can connect it to zwift as i mentioned earlier zwift has totally converted my own experience of treadmill moving basically with zwift you are running in a virtual nature you can run with a teammate if you have any or anyone for that matter who is running on zwift at the same time as you all over the world you can join incidents chat to one another you can even have hastens with parties on there now with a standard motorized treadmill you will actually need some additional kit to get yourself connected to swift because it doesn’t have bluetooth connectivity were integrated into it so your alternatives are a pass cod like this one from zwift this comes in at exactly shy of 40 dollars and you just append this to the cords of your shoes and it tracks your rhythm and your hurry and “weve had” other same machines such as stride which actually moves your capability of passing two with that comes with a significantly higher price tag likewise have some insoles and shoes which have a very similar technology built into them and work in the same way specific newer each type of the apple watch or athletics watches as well actually have bluetooth built into them and can connect up to zwift this is a great way to try zwift but i wouldn’t say it’s always the most accurate and then we have this rather nifty product this is called run you can pick this up from zwift it’s a treadmill tracker comes in at around 99 the relevant recommendations of this is you place it towards the back of your treadmill it can stick down and by employing some markers that you place down onto the belt of the treadmill it can track those markers as they go by two sensors within this product and that therefore is tracking how fast that belt’s moving and how fast you are moving to keep up with that region so in theory this is probably the most accurate option and then finally we have an app for your telephone it’s called treadmill smart move app and mostly you are eligible to provided the race on the app to whatever you’re running on the treadmill and it’ll ping that to zwift itself it’s a slightly clunkier channel of doing things and obviously you’ll have to change the quicken in the app every time you convert moved on your treadmill but it get to work[ Music] so some good alternatives there but it’s worth noting they are not always the most accurate they’re pretty good but you are able to rarely notice some waverings in speed or the rush on the treble not quite being precisely the rapidity that you’re seeing within zwift that suggest that they do support a very good option if you’re wanting to use an existing treadmill swift or you’re wanting to maybe use a gym treadmill on zwift but of course you could have this bluetooth functionality built into the treadmill from the outset meaning would need anything it’s additional paraphernalium and spawning it far more accurate so let’s go and take a look at those[ Music] so here we are at face value they’re very much the same treadmill they’re motorized they’ve got a lot of the same features and functionalities built into except these likewise have bluetooth connectivity built into them so if you are someone that has really been experiencing this virtual world-wide zwift or you’re just fairly intrigued by it well the relevant recommendations of these is they will ping your data from the treadmill to the game instantaneously so when you’re running on the treadmill you reform your hasten or your gait it’ll change really quickly and certainly accurately within recreations without doubt these are the best experience for zwift but obviously with this additional feature does come a slightly higher price tag that said as with the standard treadmills these bluetooth treadmills come in a variety a lot of different compass and elevations to them so you may actually find you’re able to pick up a lower cease bluetooth treadmill for less than that of a top-end standard treadmill really make sure that you’re not snip any aspects or functionalities that you do need okay but what about cavity well having seen a loading of your hotcakes that you guys have kindly sent into us over the last couple times opening can quite often be a fact and for that reason many of you have opted for the slightly more compact and even foldable treadmills but not all treadmills are quite so easily moved or easy to tuck away trust me having moved a few of my meter moderately hard work so if this is something that you’re after make sure that you do your research prior to acquiring in terms of their features and functions they’re still awfully competent treadmills although it’s worth noting that for them to be easily moved tucked away folded up that they can be a little less sturdy which may decrease their retail price but perhaps too their durability now there is one more treadmill that we still have to feature and it’s on the increase in terms of popularity and that is the non-motorized treadmill so the epithet says it already there is no motor so you actually power the movement of the belt rather than the region prescribing how fast you run so in theory it’s a little bit like running outside with your natural waverings in your own pace now you may also have heard those arched treadmills well that is also another optional variation of these non-motorized treadmills and actually they’re becoming increasingly popular you may well have seen those videos on social media of sprinters passing at crazy speeds and yeah that is something that they’re actually really good for because you don’t actually have to made any buttons to change your tempo or your rapidity and actually there’s no max rate for that matter now the only drawback with these it’s actually quite commonly reported is that the effort required when function is significantly higher and actually the hasten displayed can feel fairly hard but equally some people utterly cherish them if you wishes to be connect up to zwift you can still use those wearables or even the race footstep tracker[ Music] okay i think i have depleted all the different types of treadmills there but if you’re still sat here scratching your foreman well let me try one last-place thing let’s figure out what your ambitions are as a smuggler if you’re just looking to improve your general fitness and just looking to do some easy disfigures on the treadmill well you don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles but if you’re looking to connect up to the likes of zwift or any third-party apps you can still use some of those wearables i was discussing the hoof husk or even that passed treadmill tracker or only an app on your phone the same address if you’re a little bit more aim orientated maybe have some targets in memory the only change is a possibility that you only want to make sure that trevor does meet your demands and then finally if you are more performance orientated well i would really recommend actually having to look into the bluetooth treadmills for that eventual ordeal or at the very least going for the more precise alternatives in bluetooth connectivity such as that moved treadmill tracker or something like a stride paw husk and of course making sure that the treadmill hairs of the requests and the torture that you plan on putting it through well there we go i think that is everything that you may need to know about treadmills i hope you have enjoyed today’s video if so leave it a like and i’m sure many of you out there have got a ton of experience with trebles maybe been through a few in your time if so satisfy feel free to put any admonition in the comments region below i’m sure many others would really ethic and was informed that if you are not already subscribed to gtn on youtube make sure you made that button below and you’re following us on social media

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