How to Build a Gym Weight Tree – DIY Dudes

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warning exploit professional oversight when creating equipment this project has been weighted hard do to yourself Duke now as you can see the whole gym is progressing and as it does progress we find ourselves with a lot of mess now you can see all the plates are laying on the floor and a lot of parties have suggested hey dudes how about building a wait tree and not only is that a good assignment it’s going to be a very valuable project for the buff dudes impounded the gym we’re going to kept this heavines tree together it’s really simple there’s only 11 segments to it I made a little sketch of it now the method it’s going to look very simple the main plays 48 inches towering this one is 23 inches then we have to at 20 inches these are little pipes we’ll be able to storage the bars in then we have 3/4 inch pipe that’s going to go through for the plates to go on to no they’re too 20 inches so really simple design but very useful and we’re going to weld it this time out of Steel you however can make it out of wood also we’ll do a separate video on that let’s do sword this time so we can use the welder that’s always cool okay here’s all the fragments we have pretty simple again only 11 sections to build this thing you can see some of its rusted some of its kind of different sizes that’s simply because I got it out of the scrap ground mode cheaper almost nothing I signify it does expenditure this this costs about $35 all the steel if you buy it brand-new and be you know I’m guessing 100 and sword is absolutely expensive and don’t argument at Home Depot whatever you do it’s so expensive they’re all the steel so again 3 pieces of 3/4 inch hose 20 inches long this is actually a 2 by 3 inch but you can do a two by two and that’s 23 inches long then we have the end and let’s just go ahead and gave this together these ends are torn inches long the same length as the hose then “were having” the upright then what I did is I trimmed these aged pipes these are two and a one-quarter inches by 7 inches I’m going to weld them right across that scene for extra strength I’m going to go there then these support you’re going to go here again most trees I’ve seen don’t even have these but I thought you know what I got these in room so I’m going to go ahead and leant them on and they’re in and then the hoses are going to go through now these are going to be plenty strong enough to hold the weights that are going to go on this tree in addition we’ll want to mention the hole placement the first opening is going to be at 11 inches the second hole at 28 and a half and the third hole at 39 again 45 pound platefuls 35 pound illustrations 25 or 30 5s 25 s and fives and tens and 45 is on the bottom that’s it mostly so now we’re going to weld it together since we got this steel to repair yard it was rusty sits out in the weather it’s just surface rust all you got to do is grind it off you can still see it’s nice solid steel when you get that rust off what that’s going to do is give you a nice solid weld make a strong joint okay so what you’re going to want to do before you start tapping this thing together is make sure your seams are all squared up get yourself one of these magnets they’re really great we’re regard this sword together so you don’t have to otherwise you got a clamp and all that stuff but the magnet directs acces better and then formerly you get attacks you can move to the other side square it up and it exerts so many angles there so let’s go ahead and put a weld on this thing get yourself a good helmet this one has a wide viewing arena you can get the auto shade to automobile colors are road most expensive than the standard kind I have a standard time how to auto mold but the vehicle colour used to go so I’m exploiting this one so formerly you get that tacked together this surface just go about tacking it all the sections together forming sure it’s all tacked real well so it’s not going to fall apart and then go ahead and start your welds on there you can do the basi at a time amply weld the basi then start with your upright amply weld that once it’s tacked and then time build upon it until your tree is finished we’re going to go ahead and applied this thing together so since we’re consuming flow cored wire it leaves slag on there so you’re going to want to chip that off with this and you got a nice weld there we’ll go ahead and weld the two sides and that whenever you weld something it wants to pull towards the weld so time remember that first tack all the points and then go ahead and perfectly weld that if you miss it not have that slag on there go ahead and get solid core cable with co2 gas or co2 argon mix that’s going to eliminate having to chip that nonsense off it’ll too lessened the stenches you could probably investigate a lot of that nonsense house off and it goes right in your face so get yourself a supporter and blow in there okay you want to make sure this this part of the trees the level starter weights don’t slide up nine and a one-quarter there it is simple build nice easy value tree we’re going to go ahead and finish the wells clean it up paint it with rattle-can then what I’m going to do is I’m going to take some up so foam same telephone we used to support the forearm blaster I’m going to cut it out then I’m going to employ it on these ends here so if you’re barefooted you’re not going to hit your your toes with that so you’ve got it all welded all around it’s nice and strong that’s going to complete it all so what you’re going to want to do now is go ahead and what they call dingleberry start stick in there you want to precisely thumped it real quick with the grinder or even sometimes a scratching or thump all that off more you want to make sure these sharp-witted shapes that you’ve abused when you cut it develop to really you virtually razor sharp-worded periphery go ahead and grind that down so it’s nice and smooth on all these pipes as well so you don’t ever trimmed yourself on this substance next we’re going to wipe it down with some wax and grease remover but you don’t have to use this substance you can use anything that’ll get this lubricant oily surface off and for the decorate we’re going to use this nonsense as cheap like the other gym equipment flat color a really good look all done what an frightening nature to cleaning process a chamber of all those values that were on the flooring you checked the first shot work it was a mess there it is all in one concise little arena when you improve your own really adjust these measurements for what you need to have just measure your heaviness and witness where you need to be on that you can always adjust this because this is 48 inches so you got a lot of room to play with next we need to clean these boobs up that’s messy so we’ll be building a Dumbo where act to send us some entreaties we’ll get it done

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