Homemade protein powder |How to make protein powder for weight loss at home | Budget friendly

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Hello Everyone, Namaste, welcome to Diet Kundali In todays video I am going to share with you Homemade protein powder recipe This is very easy to prepare and healthy too You can place this homemade protein powder up to one month 1 spoon of this homemade protein powder pays 43 calories so you can add this in your weight loss diet plan Lets start the video and see how to make this protein powder and how to make this protein pulverization in your weight loss diet plan If you are watching this path first time, please is committed to my channel& switch on bell notifications for all videos to get the updates of my latest broadcastings After watching, if you like the video satisfy touched like to this video subscribe my path and do remember it to share with your loved ones do watch my weight loss recipes and Indian diet plan for weight loss videos on YouTube which will guide you towards the best diet for losing heavines Ingredients of homemade protein pulverize flaxseeds is not considered for this homemade protein powder because flaxseeds may reduce shelf living for this protein pulverization if you are adding flaxseeds then you must consume protein powder sooner than later Bengal gram roasted is rich in Proteins We have baked cook all the ingredients separately To cool all the ingredients, it makes minimum 30 min to 45 min Filtering with a coarse filter would retain the fineness of pulverization this protein pulverization can also be given to children Let’s see how many spoons of protein powder we have attained We can have 35 spoonfuls of protein powder this will previous for 35 epoches if you take 1 spoonful a date and so on If you take 2 spoonfuls a daytime, the protein pulverization will previous for 17 epoches You can store in a frozen environment Nutrition in single spoon of homemade protein gunpowder Modes of contributing homemade protein powder in weight loss diet plan Protein powder with curd Recommended in mid-morning or evening Nutrition in protein powder with curd Protein powder with milk Don’t add sugar in this protein powder drink Nutrition in homemade protein gunpowder with milk Recommended within 30 instants of use Protein powder with water Either eat protein gunpowder& take irrigate after that or mix protein pulverize with water& suck Nutrition in protein powder with ocean Protein powder with ata This is the best method of passing protein pulverization to those who dont like it such as children Since we have not computed carbohydrate in the protein powder you will not feel any sweetened experience Nutrition in protein powder in 1 chapati These are the ways to add homemade protein powder in your weight loss diet plan Do computed this protein pulverize in your nutrition intention however, avoid this protein powder if you are not doing any activity Though protein powder is healthy, overeating it may lead to value increase instead of weight loss Take this protein powder as recommended exclusively and taking it after exert will give you good results Do try this recipe at home and and share your feedback

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