Homemade Gym Equipment: Rowing Machine Part 1/2

so I required a rowing machine and look online fan they array from three hundred to three thousand dollars even the low-spirited death was above my plan so I’ve decided precisely to clear mine now I start by appraising my legs and so I can figure out the size of the base of the unit and then precisely is starting a tack welded everything at the beginning and then went back later when I knew everything with the freedom drive and perfectly welded so now the base is finished the length ogles good and I’m going to use a standard mountain bike wheel as the fight motor for the going mechanism the seat needs to slide up and down the rails of the central basi so I weld it all together then I lend ordinary skateboard bears so it can move up and down freely so nobody likes to sit on anything hard-bitten so I’m abusing leftover proportions from an age-old bus bench I picked up for free to make a cushion for the reeling ocean the mountain bike wheel by itself is not going to be good enough resistance for a rowing machine so I made a cardboard template so I can shape metal follower blades to add air resistance for the rowing machine need to cut and shape nine indistinguishable friendo so I used a piece of leftover steal from a shelving measurement to do so well as you witness the rowing mechanism actually runs I gave myself four hours to finish this entire project and by this stage I’m actually 40 hours in and still probably 80% terminated so what does that aim it symbolizes there’s going to be another video where I finish this next week you

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