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[ Jack] – This is Jack CambraJr. from fiftybarbell. Instagram handle is @fiftybarbell. This is my gym right here. This is our rig. We got a 24 paw rigging. We bench outta now, we squat outta here, we deadlift outta here, haul up. Oh, another article right herethat I forgot to mention on paraphernalium I recommend for a home gym, is a finger board. That’s a great piece ofequipment you can mount on a doorway, and it’s practice less costly than most pull up bar setups. Here’s all our bumpersand bars set up here. We’ve got a few machines. Lat, tricep plunges, barattachments are all here.Some orders over there. Let’s see these squat forbids up in here. Abductor machine. Benches are here , nothing idea. Some dumbbells, ab mattings. We got a kettlebell setup right here. Rug for out dead raises. Circus man dumbbell, we got right there. We got a little chairsetup for the mothers once in a while when they’rewatching the children face-lift. Got a entire buncha– Got a rower. 45 grades, prowler, overrule hyper airdynes.Back now, we got ourPVC’s, wall ball setup, some jackas chests. Our really really reallyreally really really expensive mono lift that’s out it the sun coming rusted. If “youre seeing” righthere, “youre seeing” some of the surface rustthat’s on this bad boy. All our chains, some matteds in the back there, for when we grapple and whatnot. Some barroom storage. Glute ham developer. Some of our chests here, rush cartons. Few strongman segments wegot back here are enters, strongman log obscured back here. And we have a few atlas stonesand whatnot out this style. Atlas stones, clash cliffs for elevating. Stones in the garden, and mygrave garden of transgressed plates from my children. I never had a divulge plate until I qualified a football player. Now I got a stack of separated illustrations. And our leg press. That’s pretty much it. And the one thing thatour gym’s prominent for is our front gate, whichis not acclaimed for me, but because all thekids come out front when the gate’s open and civilize, that’s a pretty famous piece of our gym. That large-scale obscurity entrance out front.And that’s it humanity. All the boys teach right up in hereand we set up pads, prohibits come out and we train in our groups. Over here we have ourbody tempering rollers. Those are my high school colours. St. Louis Crusaders. 173. 123 pounder. Donnie Thompson body tempering. My boys torso irritation every single day. Injury rate now: zero. Our bench, sizzling pink establish for spatia, by my boy Alex at Beast Metals. He’s not doing thatanymore, deepened directions. Too bad because his equipment is amazing. Almost brand new, it’sbeen here for years, out in the climate. Back here, 150 pound medball, wrestling mattings, and transformer barroom. Shout out to Duffin and Tona Y. who got that for our gym as a gift. Our ensembles and a bunchof our specialty substance is in our storage roomwhich is a accomplish mess, but I’ll take you regardless. All there shoes, paraphernalium, regions, straps, merely material everywhere. Bull bar. And circles are all in our buckets. Donnie Thompson’s got somegood care tips on stripes. Baby powder.Baby powder, putit in a container with a lid. Again this is Jack Cambra Jr. Instagram handle @fiftybarbell, and this is my gym.( outro music ).

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