HOME GYM for my SMALL Apartment / Condo – Equipment, Setup, & Recommendations

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hey guys therefore welcomed my path my nameis kimmy and today i will be picturing you my home gym setup thank you to nesty is the bestteam for requesting this video i have a relatively small apartment so coming the claim equipmentfor my sit was important before we get started i would adoration it if you guys subscribedand like this video as it will really help me out so i’ll be splitting this video into three partsnumber one i will show you my home gym area two i’ll depict you all my paraphernalium and three i’llbe talking about what you should look out for when purchasing home equipment for yoursmall apartment i will employ the timestamps down below in case you want to skip overto whichever part you want to listen to for my home gym area i specified it up so thatmy living room is kind of divided up so this is the little filming place that littlenook and cranny over there here is my couch and then over here you willfind all my workout equipment so i have my little boob hereand then i have the 35′ s 10 10 35 i have just been my squat pad which i use for hip brusha little yoga mat which i got from champions and my beautiful barbell i wouldnot recommend lying your barbell against your beautiful liquor board thatbelongs to your father here i have some cliques and then i have this gym suitcase here inthe bag i have my little barbell clips my peach bandings and then i have a lighter onewhich i obtained from champions and this is my skip my skim lasso that i bought fromamazon it was just the cheapest one the first thing i like to do is pull my coffeetable to the side to make room for the setup i will then make my yoga mat and doany sort of warm-up or glute activating as “youre seeing” once i’m done with thewarm-up i’ll bend the yoga matted in half and placed it to the left of the end of my couchto create an even level to place my barbell on then i will take my barbelland gently situate it onto my carpeting right now i’m clearing off all the accessoriesand slabs that are on the rubber tiling i’m now targeting the rubber tiles to the left and right of the end of my couch and this isbecause i like to use the couch as my bench and i’m now making my hurl or atowel and targeting it onto the couch if you get sweaty your sweat won’t get in thecouch and you could just throw your throw into the wash after to remove the disgustedness placingthe barbell onto the tiles and that is my setup i wrote down five things that i verymuch considered before purchasing my home gym equipment and i think youshould definitely consider them extremely how long do you plan on using this equipment isthis just temporary before the gyms reopen again or do you see this as an investment into yourfuture perhaps you’re planning to purchase a residence after this small apartment and you want to turn your garage into a gym when the time comes iplan on using the rig for that home gym that’s why i decided to purchase anolympic barbell in case i get a squat rack do “youre living in” a studio apartment do you livein a one bedroom a two bedroom make sure you brainstorm and you have an idea of where to putyour rig apart when you’re done using it say if you’re living in a studio apartment itmight be better to purchase one of those little cases just so you could tuck away for me ido have a little bit more room so i could move things around so that i can accommodate tomy olympic barbell which is like seven paw how much are you willing to spend on yourhome gym maybe you are going back to the gym and you don’t want to invest so much moneyinto your dwelling gym equipment because you will be going back or maybe you don’teven want to go back to the gym anymore then you can invest a lot more money into it youkind of have that extra money from not compensating 50 bucks a month to keep your gym membership rememberthat health is advisable to your number one priority and it’s completely penalty to invest a littlemore cash into your state and your fitness what type of exercisings do you plan on doing doyou like high-pitched ferocity form weight workouts or do you like face-lift heavy for examplemaybe the type of workout you plan on doing is high intensity in that case you don’t haveto buy as much equipment maybe really acquire a few dumbbells as for me i like to lift heavieri love the feeling of working out with a barbell and the last thing i want to talk about isthe material of heaviness specific i will be talking about cast-iron layers versus bumper platesif you’re in a small apartment like me i am only most recommend acquiring bumper platefuls becausethey won’t scratch up your floorings bumper platefuls are too more gentle in that when you throw themthe impact is not as hard-handed as if you were to drop iron plates although i have rubber tiles i do tendto push the loads off the rubber tiles gently one more thing about purchasing load platefuls makesure that the diameter of the hole in the middle joins your barbell so for olympicbarbells make sure the plates that you’re purchasing has two inches whereasthe standard smaller barbell is one inch if you live in the greater toronto domain ihighly recommend fitness depot simply because it’s easy to only walk in and prefer allyour material so the barbell the weighs the clips the rubber tiles i purchased fromfitness depot one of our friend actually bought some of their gear from xtcfitness if you want to save a little of fund i highly recommend kijiji or facebook marketplaceyou could purchase some used or new home egypt um and as for workout supplements ipurchased many of them on amazon i will have them connected below so those were myfew gratuities in purchasing dwelling gym rig for a small apartment i hope you knew this videohelpful if you did make sure you give it a like and subscribe as i will be posting a lot morefitness content i will talk to you guys last-minute bye-bye

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