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[ Music] hi guys welcome back to hajira’s personal training today we’re going to talk about a topic that divides a lot of parties is it better to work out in a gym or at home without further ado let’s have a look at the pros and cons number one strength power and progress unless you have a amply furnished gym at home or you are willing to lift your furniture there is only so much you can do at the gym you have a full range of equipment that can assist you in your progress the same goes if you want to lose weight you can go out for a flow and that will do wonders for your cardio but it is not the most efficient way to lose weight oh there is a fly also if you do not have a proper program that can hinder your progress and offset you lose motivation in return does it mean that you cannot lose weight at home or you cannot work out at home of course you can but the results probably won’t be as fast number two distraction just like working at home it is quite distracting to work out at home you have the couch tv your phone etc at the gym looking other parties working out and putting in their own efforts will cause you as well if you leave a home with someone who doesn’t work out you are more tempted has continued to be them on the couch list three linked to number one and two is incitement when you’re home it’s easier to get bored and lose reason because of the lack of diversity guidance and it can get lonely more gyms are social environment and they’ve been developed around that thought everything is done so that you can come train with a attendant and join a class countless gyms enabling you to delivering a friend for free as part of your membership and castes though not accommodated to individual the requirements and with mingled grades are very popular and a lot of parties join them because they attend them as a social time likewise being around people who have the same goal as you can be quite motivating as you can track your progress together sports publication is very well aware of that motivating social constituent and they’ve been exploiting that abstraction for years digit four diversity like i mentioned before gyms render a variety of equipment and first-class so you can prance from one thing to the other if you ever do get bored having said that with the booming online fitness sphere you accessed through a much wider variety of online categorizes and fitness planneds than you do in a single gym so this one is a close sign number five safety and that’s a big one unless you pay for a personal trainer to come to your residence you are left to your own maneuvers which at best can lead to no too little progress and awareness to injury if you do more than you can handle you can get stuck and no one will be there to help you which can leave you in a very bad position when you go to the gym if you don’t want to pay or can’t render a personal trainer there will always be someone who will help you and tell you if you’re doing something wrong or dangerous in my personal opinion works out at home only drives if you know what you’re doing or if you have some sort of guidance number six rate home is free or at least cheaper if you have some equipment going to the gym incurs a monthly expenditure so if you have a membership and don’t go it’s clearly money squandered some people build their own gym at home but it’s quite expensive so it will only be worth it if “youre using” it regularly because gym equipment is quite expensive and because of safety you don’t want to go cheap on that number seven feeling intimidated so number one scarcity of suffer but you can go there with a programme so that you don’t wander around and you actually know what you’re doing and what exercise you’re going to do next you can go with a friend you can hire personal tutor you can ask a member of staff to show you around and help you there is always a practice around it number two not really knowing what to do and physical illusion when you are working at a dwelling you are in your bubble and you don’t have to worry about those kind of things but when you go to the gym it can be quite intimidating to see people with large-hearted muscles gentlemen with big guns with a big chest massive back women around immense buttocks very little cellulite but you have to understand that even though we are not equal when it is necessary to genetics no one was born lifting and bench pressing 100 kilos these beings have putting an incredible amount of epoch attempt labor dedication self-discipline and even relinquish sometimes all you have to do is put in the effort depart get wise very and only remember that it’s a simple equation run equals develops it does take time but they do come figure eight duration when you instruct at home you don’t have to think about getting ready and going to see your gym you don’t have to think about whether it’s too hot too cold raining snowing you just home so i always caution beings to choose the nearest gym possible and not choose a gym because it has a nicer swimming pool the choice should be practical not cleared on impulse because i can guarantee you that if it’s raining the working day or if you like a little of reason you will choose your couch over the gym number nine competitive environment it’s a pro and a con at the same time if you are a competitive party and you like to compare your progress to other people the gym is the perfect environment for you you can say that you can do 50 push-ups and your friend can tell you oh i can do 52 push-ups there is no way we can check either area of the tale at the gym you can’t really disguise if you say that you can bench press 100 kilos then the values are there waiting for you you can’t secrete the upside is that you can push yourself get out of your comfort area and progress faster the downside is that if you’re unprepared and you push very hard too soon you can injure yourself at home you’re only against yourself which is fine as well as you can seek to do better every time figure 10 being an introvert if you’re an introvert or agoraphobic going to see a gym can turn out to be a nightmare especially when it gets multitude so working at home can be a very good option for you number 11 hygiene undoubtedly you’re more likely to catch something at the gym whether it’s a virus a fungus a bacteria our current nemesis roma gyms are a various and bacteria factory so like any public residence you have to be prepared and careful list 12 sharing and waiting gyms can get fairly busy and often period you have to share equipment with beings and wait for them to finish using it before you can actually use it which leads to a waste of time that’s why it’s very useful to have a program with a mean b so that you can be more efficient count 13 clothe gym robes can get quite expensive as you need a few at home you don’t have to worry about that you can wear whatever you want even an aged t-shirt with faults as long as it’s not restrictive and safe or nothing you’re free that’s it guys if you think of anything else let me know in the comment section below some people prefer one thing over the other and it’s absolutely fine at the end of the day whether you choose to work out at home or in a gym it would only work if you want to make it work and retain you should only choose whatever works for you thanks for watching my video if you liked it and want to support me please give it a thumbs up subscribe to my direct don’t forget to activate the bell to get notified every time i secrete brand-new material you are eligible to check out my personal website down below if you want to know more about what i do as a personal trainer and i’ll catch you last-minute guys bye

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