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y’all i literally had to film this four timesbecause we still don’t know how to use my camera but it’s fine in today’s video i’m going to giveyou a expedition of the gym that i work out in but i am now a lululemon collective contestant shop with mylink down below and you would be time patronage me because i make a small commission i’m wearingthe align tank and the align short-liveds eight inch and they are fire i’ve done a review for bothitems precisely check it in my description below before i prove you the actual gym i do want to tell youa little bit of the back floor it was like a nine month process because we did have to renovatethe garage it would like to start as a storage group for jackson’s house we redid the walls we redidthe ceilings jackson drew the whole garage tell all the items waiting for all of it toget here and also doing a lot of research just so that we can save every little penny made a lotof time if you wishes to a monetary failure of everything in this gym let me know in the commentsbelow and i is absolutely get that done for you the first thing i’m going to tell you about isthe colt stall matteds they’re half an inch thick-witted and they’re six by four hoofs long we have six of themand we got them at a wholesale matting rubber matplace we personally got them so that we candrop our weights and like not have to worry about the sand or the weights and then we putthem all together so that they don’t move around with mending slabs from home depot the onlylike downside to going these rubber matteds were that they were super stinky in the beginningthere’s still a little of a rubber perfume this is the rowing machine we got it at costco itactually applies real irrigate it is therefore gives you that real rowing feeling sometimes i use it to warm up andi’ve literally had three people tell me that i’mrowing wrong this is where we keep our chargerswe have them plugged in while having our rush machine get it blows the views so we reallymake sure not to do that and then we have our defiance ensemble wall i got these in score 11 from style it up we got these ones from amazon and they just get the job done i love them formy pull-ups excerpts that are containing our opposition parties they’re so cool since they are do fold upnot that we ever use that boast but you know i just wanted to flex they’re from amazon theywere super cheap and they do the job this isour speaker that we use we use the ue upturn bebein this small like confined seat you probably hear like a modest reiterate that’s how the musicgoes and it’s just bomb lululemon yoga mat it is the five millimeter black yoga mat i will linkeverything i talk about in the specific characteristics below so check this out if you use my attach let me knowand i will personally thank you we have our sud roller this one hurts like a bia ** so i literallyavoid it at all costs it does the job and then it has a separate compartment for like less intenserolling out but to my left is the mirrors and our load rack original price for each mirroris around like 400 to 700 dollars we cannot afford that sh ** did a lot of research waitedon facebook marketplace and craigslist to see if anyone was selling and we were able to comeacross this contractor who was redoing a entire house and these were closet doors like you knowthose old sliding wardrobe doors so we like pried them open took the reflect out and pasted themon the wall with a mirror clips at the top and some mirror like bathroom cement we actuallyended up getting five mirrors like the hell is seven hoofs by four feet for like four hundreddollars frequently weight racks go for like a duo hundred dollars like perhap 400 500 stray but this one here we got two for 160* place cheering sound* we have weights 10 the whole way through 65 and we are only missing 40 s and 50 s mostly there’s a entire technique and thought to it allyou have to know is that if you can’t lift a 45 i mean if you can’t lift a 50 stickto the 45 and if you can’t face-lift a 40 see i don’t get it either basicallythinking like 40 s don’t exist so your organization just has to work hard enough tobe able to reach that higher count under their weight racks we have two medicineballs they’re both full of beach moving backwards oh my god i have like my boxing gloves here iused to box before miss rona touched and i would probably box after it’s just a really great channel todo cardio and then we have this ab roll out thing we bought for like a dollar at the dollar storemaybe it was two dollars this is our yoga ball it’s your basic yoga bullet and thenunder that we have our battle tethers we adore them they we are genuinely dictated them fromaliexpress if you don’t know what aliexpress is it’s like the asian amazon and then we have theseclips these are on the storey because i hate them everyone can see these sometimes peopleuse them to like practice their grips yeah not for me they’re technicallysupposed to be like excerpts for your barbells but it’s candidly method too much workso we don’t use them so instead of those we actually use these red clips becausethey’re so much more user friendly you open it wider by drive it just a little andthen you close it just like that it’s so easy to use i can never go back to using those dreadfulclips if i ever have to go back to working out in like an actual gym then i would probablybuy my own some of these in order to be allowed to merely not have ow worry about in front of me i havethe benches this one is a adjustable workbench and this one’s just a regular flat bench and this oneis super easy to use i love apply it for my hip pokes and yeah it’s super heavy tariff i pointed upsplurging on this because you’re lifting lots of weight if it’s not sturdy you’re not going tofeel good about that promote you’re not going to get that backbone you’re not going to perform thosegains you can make it a flat bench as well you can decline the bench and you can adjust it towhatever height and slant you want that bench so that is the decline for those of you wonderingit literally is so ponderous that it’s a kind of hard to move so like that’s the downside ofit but i am aware like she will protect me and preserve me safe and then this one is just your regular flatbench it’s like real light-colored this is our weight tree we bought the cast iron plates first we havelike a provide of 45′ s a launch of 25′ s a start of 10′ s and a marry rectifies of five’ s and 2.5 s we got thecast iron plates from a really sketchy man out in the suburbs of bc because he saidhe got them on a reject as an employee okay so we are gonna go with a grassland blacknes setbecause they were missing the 45 speckled and the 45 speckled is supposed to be this like beautifulroyal blue and they like amply sold us on it and when we asked them when they were gonna comein they’re like oh yeah next shipment no doubt they didn’t come in so now we have this incompletespeckled set and the 45 s are never coming i necessitate “i m loving” how they look and i love that it applies thisgym into like a colorful gap but it ought to have been performed me so much happier if we had the blue tooi spend the most time at this part of the gym because it has so many different functionalities like right now it’s set up to do my bulgarian split squattings it has these flaws so that you canput the barbell holder wherever you want and then same thing on this side so that you can have themconsistent on both sides we have this seven foot barbell and then we have this i got it at b_nd super easy to use i love how user-friendly it is and then there’s even like a barbell like safetything saloon in the midst of it at the top here are your pull-up options you can do a regulargrip like a close control angled clutch whatever chin up grip you can do whatever you want there’sso many mixtures and then at the back closest to the mirror there is a cable machine, I’m going to applied this down, cable machine so it came with it like various kinds of as an connect and it wreaks like a barbell soyou computed the heaviness that you want to be lifting so it’s not your ordinary cable machine it onlyhas like a top and a foot section so you kind of got to get really innovative with the behavior that youwant to do your cable workouts this is the only accessory we had to buy for the cable machineeverything else kind of came with it we have close grip bar we have a lat pull down bar onthat surface and then little wall of supplementaries now so just like you participated with our resistancebands we have the same excerpts on this place to hold up our little accessories so we havea belt this one we don’t really know what it’s for jackson precisely noticed it in his garage anklestraps from b_nd controls we have these thingies i never knew this was a thing but you likewrap your hand in it and then the bar around it to help you lift heavy things for longerperiods of time moving down we have another like little load rack for our cast ironmini plates if we all move down together this is the lat pull down bar that i was tellingyou about and we have an easy writhe forbid yeah that’s all oh oh oh oh oh oh i forgot to talkabout this extension we included from aliexpress this landmine press propagation so you basicallyput either the barbell or the easy bend table into it and then you can do specific exercisesin that range of gesture moving on we have put up these curtains so that you can’t see howmessy the storage is but we recently simply put up this beautiful thing this is from urban i lovethat it’s like various kinds of metal i really missed a white and black one but i feel like the whiteone would have got dirty real fast the shrouds we got from amazon and then the pall rodwe got it from ikea “were having” three curtains only because it’s like a long-ish doorway andthen this mirror is from jackson storage and this is our little cardio corner we have justlike a regular operate machine and we put up a tv to attach either your telephone or your computer orliterally really music and then last-place but not least we have this amazing heater we bought at canadiantire for when it gets really cold and when you feel unmotivated you really sit here and hope to godit heateds your bones the only thing to worry about with this running machine is that it can’t be onat the same time as if like the speaker’s charging or your phone’s blame because it will blowthe fuse like the energy organization was improved quite a long time ago like maybe 20 -ish yearsago we didn’t want to get in the whole mess of the energy method or like updatingit so instead of doing that and installing daybreaks jackson was able to install alexa andfluorescent like stick on flares from amazon alexa masteries her alexa turn offthe gym okay alexa turn on the gym okay so it’s super convenient when we’re likerunning out and we’re just like alexa do whatever they’re like inexpensive easy to stick on radiant they’re super color like i don’t knowif you can tell how bright it is but it’s like super super light yeah it’s the reason why thisfreaking video the lighting is weird because it’s like the camera can’t read the immense amountof light-headed oh the committee is also last-places for like several months perhaps years …..? that folds up my video thank you so much for watching if you have any questions let me know in the commentsbelow i’ll try my best to answer every single one that’s a lie i will provide responses in every single one too just let me know if i missed anything for a quick remember check out my relations fromlululemon below and let me know if you buy me a specify because i will literally find you and thankyou go live your life i’ll see you in the next one bye-bye

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