DIY TRX Suspension System that’s affordable

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okay I’m a huge advocate of being physically fit so I have a entire array of things that I do to stay in shape and at persons under the age of 40 it gets more and more important today I’m going to show you how to create your own suspension training rig and not the $250 type that you can go out and buy which is still okay if you want to buy the TRX branded nonsense but I’m a bit frugal at times and Do It Yourself DIY kind of guy I went out and got these straps from Home Depot here in Ontario Canada you’d too find the exclusion buckles at Canadian Tire different sorts of hardware stores and the poundage goes up for what you can actually buy I concluded this edition right here and it comes down with four fastens for 10 horses now that’s pretty amazing because you could find two belts for 20 you buy these straps that have cables and hooks on it so you can go to your local school ground gym locate park and rob these on and do working out outside now that’s amazing when you want to mix things up from your gym to indoor training at your house I kept it on my gym at home secured it on to this that can hold it produced it down and got some PVC pipe that I chipped to a hand length width I make I distinguished it cut it use a simple jig like this framed it in a vise and then cut through it procreating that but once you get the two segments off of this PVC pipe that you can also buy it on Home Depot store you have to figure out how to keep it on now there’s a lot of hooks and different sorts of ties that parties educate about how to get it on here I did a simple and easy way formerly I cut off and diameter amount of this PVC pipe I then trimmed a bit right through it centered down here it made a little precision so I didn’t cut it right in half and then I was able to just thread it on and through this right here formerly I had that on you don’t want to slip em so I get canal tape and I departed around and around and everyone’s got pipe tape canal tapes the eventual for DIY campaigns formerly that’s on at the claim statu it remains I then got a carabiner clip to keep it because this they ever make books that tie-in kind of like this with it continues it accurate sort of thing and in match for when you’re working it but I just got a pair that’s the carabiner like this hooked it on now and that stops it from getting too wide when I’m working out I did the same to this side which I then can use this ratchet structure here to increase the portion or decline the period depending on the exercise that you’re doing now you have this here this yeah I’m lucky fairly I had such systems some I had to actually poise my gym in my home with two pieces of timber to the floor so that it didn’t slip forward because the body weight can actually slip it for that’s something that I located wasn’t are indicated in other videos so when you do with this this thing can slip forward you don’t want that so you’re gonna have to think about that you know all the things from upper torso training to lower mas training to even core this was simple and in the range of twenty dollars now 20 bucks for a new part of equipment is actually the premium is totally right for me you’ll see it on some videos people want to create leg training things and things that you can you know framed around here and you literally do a kowtow knock on this that can hang through you simply you slip it through right through now and you investigate how to do a fore knot which is like a loop and around you come through so it’s totally in now you can use this part down now to put your feet in now I’m a little uh let’s say heathen when it comes to working out and I would I I literally simply framed my feet into this and then I when I’m sitting and then I flip around and then I do my training I’m sure she looked at the video there but you get the idea you don’t get hooked up like you’re imprisoned in it or nothing and it’s pretty easy and you get the kind of working out that you want well I hope you experienced this video and you’ll take a look at some of my other DIY projects okay I’ll introduce the links down below to particular I’ll tour you can find on Home Depot things easy for you even if you want to order online thank you very much for you and I’ll see you in another video

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