DIY Sorinex Bulldog Pad, rack mounted DIY gym equipment at home

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bro i’ve seen breathtaking reviews ofthe bulldog pad by Sorinex but 300 bucks that’s crazy expensive constructionseems simple enough so i decided to build my own it wasn’t too bad i’ll display you how i did it this relatively small piece of gear can addtons of smorgasbord to your dwelling gym exercisings i start off by cutting my 2×6 24 inches long with a 45 magnitude slant on one point you’ll need two of these to make sure i’ve got the right spacingi hold the board to the rack and stigmatize the holes with a pen you can see from my penmarks that it made a few tries to get it right i secure both 2×6 portions together andthen fix them to my drill press i use a 1 inch forstner bit to instruct the holes theshank is not quite long enough to go all the way through both but it does move halfway through thebottom card then i unclamp adjust the instruct press and teach the rest of the mode through thebottom timber by clamping the patches together beforehand i know the holes will line upexactly next i chipped my 2×4 and 2×6 sections i gave everything together drilled allthe holes and then took everything apart to make this portrait with all the holespre-drilled it goes together jolly fast i assure everything with lots ofscrews then i compute five seven inch thunderbolts on the rods that are closestto where it attaches to the rack i add washers to act as spacersbetween the two by sixes this will give it a little extra room andmake it easier to put one across and take off the rack i recognise there needs to be another bolt inthe figurehead going through that two by fours this is a quick fix i go over all of them with a strain andratchet to make sure they’re all super snug then i supplement some more pins it’s probably overkillbut i want to make sure this thing is super secure i draw it black to match my powerrack i likewise paint the slowdown shafts and the l brackets that will be attachedto the pad they’ll be slightly visible the pad is 9 inches by 12 inches i just use some1 by 10 scraps that i have left over from another campaign you could also use plywood or osb forthis just make sure it’s thick enough to hold your torso value three quarterss of an inch toone inch minimum i chipped the fabric so there’s an extra three inches of the two sides to fold overmy fabric segment measures 15 inches by 18 inches the spraying adhesive dehydrates quickand helps to keep the pad in place i’m unquestionably not a pro at doing upholstery thisis my second activity where i’ve done my own pad it emphatically get easier with event there are lots of tutorials on howto do this properly for my purposes it doesn’t have to be perfect on the top side the finished product looks great i use l brackets and one inchlag clamps to fasten the pad i use drawback rods to lock this in place for the simplified version i use afoam baffle mat and cut it to size four clamps and some finishing washersattach the sud pad to the board of directors the simplified edition has two flaws andonly one situation but it cultivates just fine

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