DIY Home Gym Workout Room For Climbing, Crossfit & Gymnastics

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So this is a tour of our workout room.It’s a thoroughly make love yourself various kinds of hybrid a lot of climbing substance but alsoa little bit crossfit stuff. We went tired of going to the gym that wasn’t really compensating the gymmembership this is why we didn’t like so much but precisely a whole idea like needing to gosomewhere to exercise the one of the first things that built with the simpleset of climbing boulders and functions are like a hang timber but with multipleholds and these are just at rock-and-rolls that i actually bought on eBay I’m I got a casket of these and I positioned themup now and as you can see this is just a piece of plywood and then there’s alittle bit of cavity back behind here so you can actually get to the littlebracket that these bolts me to screw in that after construct the stone hang timber I ran ahead and improved this big olpegboard I built this guy with a single membrane of plywood I rent the long way and then a doubleover on itself so it’s it’s double thickness plywood and then there’s abacker segment of genuinely thin plywood on the back and I really drill those holesout by hand and became these pegs with an oak dowel baton and then exactly kind of sandedthem down on the ends perform them fit in the holes whoo on the pegboard it performed sense toactually hang a hang council and I picked this up on amazon you know there’s a knot of differenthand councils and mostly what it is is just a climbing implement and you knowthey’re big rips up now and then smaller fingertips now and you canactually hang via resistance from the top then this is the climbing wall you cansee that it’s a little bit narrow I only had to sort of figure out a wayto fit this in the room and I had this the beam up now i used moved with theslope of that light these are more of those holds thatshowed you on the rock-and-roll wall kind of big-hearted ol opening and I have some little holdsthat i bought on also on ebay these guys want to really evaluation you justvery very small props and then up at the top of the climbing wall after a year ortwo I actually contributed a disallow and this is just a safety like shower saloon it actually does two things one is thatyou can kind of reach it get up now at the top and do if youpull ups off the top or you can top rope off it and then over here we’ve got apunching bag and the other side we’ve got the rope orders genuinely nothing morethan some line with knots in it and then a cluster of dowel poles that have a holedrilled on either point and what it allows you to do is more sort of dynamic upperbody use so you are well aware as you’re moving up it therope ladder is moving and swaying and you never kind of fix like a prepared barand “i m loving” that you can also take off a lot of value with your paws so you can get your feet on there andtake up some path to climate and the rope ladder as you can see kind of goes upinto the loft and then fastens up on the ceiling so you be brought to an end somewhat high-pitched at sothen “ive seen” on penalize knot of populations and with what Icall the atomic faults and so I made a couple of these people and these are justbaseball’s as “youre seeing” with an heart thunderbolt that goes through him drill hole inthe baseball threw the eye bolt through and connected to some kind of webbingand we have been here in the middle of the loft and I’ve got a determined of thesethat are baseball size and asset that our softball sized they started requireyou when you’re doing pull-ups instead of supporting like this to actually reachover the top to do some good for on substance all right now i’m currently hanging herered mare right in the middle of the room is this I make love yourself dream machine and thisis kind of cool naturally I only have a regular launch ofgymnastics hoops hanging right here but this dream machine what you do is you harness yourself inand the ropes actually go to a couple of pulleys and it allows you to sort of igo through the motions of some muscle ups and other gymnastic drive like theIron Cross and the one-armed iron cross the dream machine is cool it’s righthere in the middle and i’ll probably end up putting back my regular gymnasticsrings merely because they’re great and I desire him and then same to the ropeladder this dream machine only that hangs allthe acces up there from the top rafters you are well aware I withstood the idea of buyingspecial hookings or bars or anything like that so those are just a couple ofpieces of wood that’s actually an old-fashioned shovel manipulate a pair bits of ashovel control clamped into those two by fours up top and that’s the connectionfor the dream machine and the gymnastic echoes that hang right down now and thenright next to those gymnastics reverberates you can see I’ve got a tether hanging in and once again I didn’t go to any bigexpense to hang it I just got a piece of pipe and bolted it to the ceiling withsome large-scale ol deck nails at the climbing lasso has just been awesome in addition to climbing it there’s justso much other cultivate you can do so I’m not the only one who sometimes does likepartial hangs switching from pas to pass and things like that and it shouldgo without saying that the climbing tether is really fun to shaking on whoa so it was actually the first thing Iever put in this loft was a chin-up bar and then I i started like the withinminutes I replace it with this one and this is just black pipe that i bought ata dwelling terminal and you can see i just got a couple shoulders and bolted it again withbig ol deck shafts into the wall here i placed a piece of plywood down first so iwant you to wreck the drywall too badly I’m sure the drive was a little messedup we do have a traditional chin up bar here in the doorway not only can you really do straight upchin-ups on it but since that wall is over there you can actually go and putyour feet on that wall and I’m do upright rows will have a littlecollection of weights and some do-it-yourself weights these are both basketballs filled withsand we just cut a flaw in those filled with sand and passage strip them up andthose are awesome for throwing up against the pegboard there’s an ab roller there that somebodysent me that I do tend to use and it’s pretty awesome and a few kettlebells so the office was really coming togetherand i still didn’t have a way to do plunges I was doing them on two chairs and Ijust didn’t like that so I put together this setup that will show you kind ofhidden back in this bookcase I got a couple fragments of piping again athome terminal this is fence post pipe and it was cheap one big old-fashioned case of itdidn’t expenditure me too much and chipped these off and i just put a few schemes back inside my shelf here this this endup being one of the best things in the whole workout room it is not simply drives as a trough set up butyou can also do some your ab handiwork and my spouse are ready to really use a single prohibit andshe’ll do some wheeling on this and come down and I just take them out i’m notusing them so that nobody guides into him and then a couple of things we got thatare more climbing relevant this is a big aged crash pad and I tendto put underneath the clambering wall extremely if one of the minors is upthere clambering on that people don’t hurt themselves and then I typically stop paraclimbing shoes at the handy I always clamber the rope with these guysand plainly the rise wall when i’m applying my feet and I’ve got a bunch ofgrip strength implements now I did not buy these beings communicate me theseto review so I’m not some kind of grip strengthorder so that is the full tour of the workout room whatever opening you have you do your ownthing and we obviously exactly did everything now to make it fit with thespace and the high ceiling and all the stuff that we have and the kind ofexercise we want to do so you know a lot of people they’re building big squatracks and powerlifting racks like do it up if you liked the video leave it athumbs up down there subscribe to the channel and undoubtedly start commentaries downbelow in the comments section and i will respond to them right away thanks forwatching

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