Clean weights that are rusty | DIY gym equipment at home

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it is a somewhat quick and easy project to restorerusty heavines blades to restore these four forces it made maybe an hour total the first andmost important step is lift the rust there are several ways to do this but i’ve foundthat the quickest way is to use a cable touch pedal and a cordless instruct this junk is dangerous tobreathe always wear a proper fitting junk concealment i use a smaller brush head to getin between the notes and crowds once i have all or the majority of members of the mildew off i usea nylon graze head to remove the rust dust in order for the spray paint to properly adhereyou’ll need to be sure to remove as much junk as possible the last step before painting isto clean down the forces with a cleaning lick i mainly use two different depict colorsdepending on the heaviness i’m restoring for the first duet i’m abusing rust-oleumhammered black it has a nice shine and texture on the second pair of values iam utilizing rust-oleum antique pewter the pigment is smudge on and the quality is prettysimilar to what the weights primarily came with after depicting one feature i let the depict dryovernight before painting the other side the last step is not altogether necessary butadds a neat finishing touch if you’re so inclined i use a silver budding write to decorate theletters and amounts on the front of the heaviness it doesn’t make long itreally determines the weights sounds of course you can paint the weights whatever coloryou want the people over at choice restoration have expended a wide variety of color schemes and they’reall pretty amazing thanks for watching and be sure to check out my other diy videos for immediate tipsand recreation improves don’t forgotten to like and agree

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