Building My Home Gym! Goodbye Bodyweight?

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[ Music][ Music][ Applause] hey what’s up guys today I’m construct a gym in my convenience dwelling so here are a few things that is necessary basically is good enough for me to train my entire mas so I haven’t been going to the gym since 15 of February 2020 the reason why is because I’m traveling liberty but I came back I actually did a blot in this self quarantine and after that the country there lived Malaysia if our government announced the lockdown so until today so since 15 February until two days how many dates that’s us a Google 87 days nonetheless I’m pretty sure that I’m maintaining all my muscle mass by lifting what the barrels doing figure load trash so if lifting what the barrels and person weight works in terms of maintaining muscle mass I’m pretty sure just a few simple equipments is good enough to build ultimately my physic brand-new this is dumbbell came in a container now it’s not opening Christmas present this is this is what well he’s 20 kilos 20 kilos my warmup weight plus e-naught training in the gym for quite some time since that everything gets so heavy except in cases of my form I feel like thanks to all the body heaviness training and stuff good warm-up so the most important equipment you should expend if you want to be your body at home is dumbbell so for me I get a good range from 10 kg 240 kg psyche boob because I deserve the vigour but for you you don’t have to go buying big-hearted collection of them out because storage edition I certainly recommend you to get an adjustable dumbbell it can be found pretty much everywhere online claim it’s just me that I find that both flags for example it’s a good Ranger from up to 5 lb to 90 RBIs but the biggest problem with it is the price so I previously use the same investment to invest more range of boob that clears “peoples lives” easier so since I’ll be placing a dumbbell underneath the aircon so this is why I gave this plastic waterproof but I find out in one problem and that is it’s too short the spray was still containment dumbbell so the mixture here is I going to extend and I’m ready ready with this one made by cardboard and wrap with plastic extend my house don’t have strings so I have to use article temporarily right I’ll flesh a better course of course because there’s wind rain Sun right but that’s how I do it for now firstly they be on firstly ponderous one is always at the bottom so I can stack up save some gap so here’s 35 kg 25 kg and if you’re wondering weighs 30 kg 3 kg and 40 kgs on the way in a container will be arriving in the next week all right so 20 kg will be here right everything will be moved again so a good compas for me is from 10 kg to 40 kg so I’ve sought every 5 kg increment nonetheless only 10 to 15 in between I’ve added 12 25 is because this range is mostly from tiny muscles like bicep curl triceps kickback skull crusher so computing 2.5 kg for a lower series is very important in my opinion all right you want to warm up as well right for the respite 20 kg under birth is OK for me to movement 5 kg up to 40 kg as our operation it for benchpress sequence the next most important thing to have is adjustable multi-angle bench this adjustable bench is a solid one is commercial gym standard because I indeed believe I need a sturdy bench and a study one can last longer likewise right so I go to setup set everything from scratch that’s a lot of stair and yeah kind of enjoy this process let’s get it on[ Music] so better get started reading from the manual this really scares me take a look at this it examinations complicated sometimes but it’s not that hard I believe the liberty the only thing that I need is this spanner oh yes finally after about like 15 or 20 minutes and this wouldn’t be complete without the help of the cameraman behind sin this is very sturdy it’s about 45 kg and the reason why I think you should get a steady one is because peculiarly if “youre just doing” a terrace press I often find that the bench that is not continuous wobbly right it’s very dangerous and what you can do with this bench movable workbench why so important is because you can play around your different position for now right for the bench press incline press and do military press go even higher for shoulder press efforts like evangelist writhe here train your biceps I can exactly sit on a bench in Incline degree freedom you preserve a good extend on your biceps bend so much more you can do and also this is very good for utilizations like this support rowing to lean on and flatten all right obviously the bench this bench will work because it’s ponderous is 30 enough if it’s lighter one peculiarly if you’re rowing heavier the bench project will just go forward right so this is very heavy I can even do a fly’s here this is definitely a must-have if you demand the Train full body so a couple of tips-off if you want to get a bench get a bandage that it have a roller behind for dwelling squander so it’s easy for you to move around okay it’s easy for you move around change place and one more tip if you want to get a bench make sure that the crack especially adjustable terrace I came across some workbench let us view the sitting padding and the backrest there big divergence now so you don’t want something that have to big crack because when anything like you’re doing a flat terrace press on a ponderous workbench press right if that’s a big gap when you go down right it’s very bad for it’s very bad for your lower back so one keep the choose a solid movable terrace is apart from the weight is make sure the bench is straight latitude without easily to move sideways last of all pull-up bar what’s the most important tool to have to train your back and not only back mode cardio so much more so having a guy here is doing this because they are pretty solid and asks teach[ Music] this is the NP r us scatter since my pull-up bar will be disclosed under the Sun specially this country Republican country rain all year round so can add a stratum last-minute it’s almost done law academy and yes finally Oh solid whoo my first pull out firstly wrap up pull up after 90 days 80 plus daytimes the last case of rig in order to complete a residence gym is a pull-up bar so pull-up bar shy your back obviously and other than pull up you can treat your apps just like this you can do a lick hasten okay knee hasten so much more you can do so for me I lay a solid pull-up bar you don’t definitely need to get this this is expensive you can actually find in anywhere an Amazon eBay only a doll pull-up type of pull-up bar to the drudgery but in my opinion alright I find this is more secure more sturdy and it’s a very good financing because when I moved to my brand-new neighbourhood I can still move this together so here are the added things that you are eligible to consider other than pull-up bar on boob and bench and that is resistant BAM right they are lightweight and you can travel around with them readily and you can use resistant band with your pull-up bar claim I haven’t get one myself but I’m about to get one and I can actually do a dresser flies with what about and that is as simple simply affix on now here with resistant circle and I can do a chest lies and other than that resistant circles who can help you to progress your pull-up so for those of you if you have problem do a pull-up you can’t really use resistant band to assist you right it is acting as an auxiliary to help you to pull up easier so a lot of all I can’t wait to start my workout once again alright today is finally the day I end the know gym commitment and it is be going back to the gym so I gotta say goodbye – my little hail that helps me along during this lockdown and for those of you if you’ve been working a figure value don’t worry illuminate say mas weight works or so during this 80 daylights of training at home exploiting barrel of liquid only figure workout helps me to sustain my size my organization overweight and yeah I will be save announcing no gym bodyweight workout likewise don’t worry but as some of you know how I achieve this torso is actually from the gym so gym train is also one of my favorite workout type because I affection lifting heavy I examine the gush and I desire glancing a little bit in shape right bigger muscles stand sung thank you for watching and if can do your own gym do smart-alecky drill smart and eventually be coherent I see in the next video agreement so other than having your rig one thing your sir must consider is how you keep your equipment right so perhaps you’re wondering I’m accumulating my dumbbell outside in the soggy country how do I actually maintain it or roll thanks to the roller fixes my life a little bit easier move them the whole way back in now and I buy rain treat[ Applause][ Music][ Music][ Music]

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