Build Your Own HOME GYM on a BUDGET!

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you’re looking for insight or reason on taking a garage or basement or a spare bedroom and turning it into your own personal gym space we’ve got you crossed I’m going to show you how I took this infinite and turn it in to this yeah oh no oh hold on that’s mortifying I’m sorry I that odds are if you are an owner of a idea to rowing machine or you’ve been thinking about buying one or you acknowledge indoor rowing there’s a high likelihood you want to create your own at-home sanctuary of fitness in whatever big or bigger cavity you have been able I wanted to show you what I’ve done with my seat as I live in this garage this is both my actual gym where I film for you guys my laundry room is over there my workshop is over there my place is on a rolling table in the middle of it all so I miss you to know that I live in the position that I talked to you guys about and if you’ve been thinking about encounter or developing this little sanctuary at home this is the video for you if this is your first time here welcome I’m Shane farmer this is darkhorse rowing where we build better humen through rowing so that you can build the life you want to live if you’ve been here before welcome back PDP army this is an exciting one it’s scratching my own itching I have lived in this space the locations have changed as I’ve deepened houses and moved around but this is finally it I get to build out my dream cavity and I’ve built out my dream room behind me there is so much cool stuff that happened a lot went through this process and I wanted to show you every phase of the project now a immediate thank you to I really call them my buddies in this project prx performance the company that supplied almost every of the material that you assure on the wall behind you reinforcing all that is I have in here now they did not sponsor this video they didn’t give me the material I did buy it and I actually aimed them out their company out of North Dakota being from Minnesota close to my mind in the Midwest there and I appreciate what they do which is prioritizing garage gyms or residence gym setups where cavity is most important or gap is a premium so you can see in here this is with my diddly-squat rack down but it actually folds up against wall and simply takes up about that much space when I’m not expend it so I precisely want to give a big THANK YOU prx performance appreciate you guys and if you’re thinking about doing your own own dwelling opening this is definitely a company you should be looking at I’ll throw a link to them in the description below if you’re considering doing this or looking at setting up any kind of your dwelling gym infinite definitely check them out look in that link below okay so let’s run through this process what did this whole thing look like from beginning to end the whole process and now being able to see it in it’s almost finished product I know there’s more coming and I’m super agitated to reveal that to you when it actually happens consider it an effective work in progress but a huge step forward from where we were and where you could be – if you are deciding to make a change in your own space so you can see the opening that I’m working with here basically all I’m doing is working in this back corner so it’s really not even a entire wall and a half it’s like precisely a half and a half I approximate one one whole wall let’s call it what’s gonna happen back here is this space right here where you see this squat rack currently that is going to get replaced with a wall rack as well as wall mounts for my value platefuls and so that’s everything everything’s demonstrating it sucked up to the wall over there then on the back side I’ve been having to do a cluster of run where we essentially had to take down all of what was weird quarter-inch plywood in curious influenced sheets back there we to strip everything there is off and instead of sticking with standard drywall which you were able to do I opted to put up 3/4 inch plywood on that back wall screw it all to the set so essentially this just became one massive load-bearing wall for me I’ve then taped and mudded it sanded it and now thanks to a neighbor of mine and now what we’re going to be getting on with is that wall needs to get coated and prepped ready to go for the rig which is getting delivered today so I’m trying to stay like perfectly on track with things get done as things move in so I approximate the things that need to happen are number 1 I got to get all my gear out of the gym and number two then I have to tape and mask and paint this whole thing but that’s the next step on this and we’ll see how it goes from there[ Music] okay so I have done the construction of getting my opening cleared out scavenged I have my fresh wall up behind me all that’s left is basically I have to cover so that I can have clean dye on when everything goes on the wall so let’s just do a speedy painting let’s get some fresh coat up on this get it empty white-hot and then we should be ready to attach the stuff[ Music] by[ Music] okay painting is done as you can see it’s all a nice fresh new white the grime of come thing that’s always sitting there where people have reflected in the past I had a burst window and it merely a membrane of plywood supporting you up no it was actually it’s it’s to block light coming in so that’s going a pattern as well I’m working it with a good friend on that one but the prx equipment is on the truck I know it’s coming today but it might not get here until tonight which means we may have to pick up tomorrow with the install and getting everything up and on the walls there that those two walls they’re get all this material so let’s check it out when the rig arrives Christmas all right it’s a new day the gear did not arrive last-place night as expected it showed up this afternoon I have it now it’s perfect timing actually because it gave me a chance to move everything out of the garage wipe the slate clean show you what it looks like with nothing in it and then lead from there to create and build what is going to be the brand-new tight pact well-organized space that you’re going to see at the end ok this may look like exactly a plateau white wall and in fact that’s all it is right now but this has been reinforced with plywood this has been repainted and cleaned up and all the ornaments ought to have experienced and I know exactly where the hunker racks gonna go so let’s just run into the next time lapse of house this out so you can see all the equipment go up ok so this thing was a really scratching my own ache moment thanks to all of you guys for following and it mostly you guys let this to happen you guys are the reason that I was able to create this opening and so precisely a big thank you to you first but what I was going for now was being able to get the most out of the least amount of material if that constructs gumption I ceased up chatting with prx action they actually did a FaceTime call so that we could look at the space and decide what was gonna go where set my ornaments weigh the rest of the garage to understand where I was gonna situated everything and once that was done I get onward and arranged the prescribe for all of the equipment now the first thing that happened when the gear came in was I really needed to get it all out of all of the boxes 11 chests in total so I could see what I was working with didn’t know what the invest was going to require or be and so it was just time to make everything out of the boxes laid on the storey and get my attentions on all this equipment and having a blank slate in front of me after I got everything out it really felt right that the diddly-squat rack being the major bit of all of this was the first thing that went up so we went to town on get this squatting rack ready to go and it was actually kind of a amusing process lots of lots of double-checking assessments making sure that this whole thing was position as it came invested so that there was nothing wrong in the long run and adult it paid off in spades formerly I got the primary bracings up for that doodly-squat rack the whole thing ran up a whole lot simpler and it obliged everything after that easier because I knew my ornament spacing I knew how everything was gonna work and I had all my implements laid down by I basically followed the instructions to a tee there was no there’s no cowboy and me on this one I just followed the instructions the whole way through and it became the project really easy after the squat rack became and it was time to put up the force trees on either side of the doodly-squat rack and this was outstandingly easy it’s actually like Legos with the direction that they’re there pegboard is set up and so that was super easy got to go vertically on a stud and human that was that was actually quite a fun process and it merely went up much simpler than I thought and as soon as I came that to the wall it reached me so happy that I had abandoned the the rolled plate tree that I had before again I time have to say thank you to all of you guys you really are the reason that this seat has been able to happen I did it half and half for you as well as for me it’s just this opening feels so much more inviting to me now and I adore being able to walk into my garage for occupation whether I’m at the desk over here or in the gym over here or filming for you guys right here this has been a really amusing process for me it’s meant that I’ve take almost an entire week off to build really this but man is it so worth it now that it time feels so much more put together and obviously it’s gonna improve as this you know the color does decorated on this and more nonsense starts to happen and I hope it has given you some revelation as to what you can do and as I mentioned Chobot note in the comments below what more should I do with this space you guys are with me every week what would you like to see where could things run what could happen let me know in the comments below as well as what you’ve done with your garage gym that you or your cellar or your save bedroom gym that “youve been” affection that compiles the infinite inviting for you on top of setting up a gap for you to get fit on your own make sure that when you are looking for exercisings you check out this playlist now so that you can get the latest workouts that we are offering for free here on YouTube and then hit that agree button so you can get alerted when we come out with our recent videos

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