Budget home gym adjustable weights – $1 per lb – Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbell 200lb Full Review

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Thanks for chanting in today we’re going to be scrutinizing the Yes4All adjustable dumbbells adjustable dumbbells are a great addition to any residence gym. They can replace dozens of individual boobs with a single compact dumbbell. The Bowflex SelectTech and PowerBlock movable dumbbells are the most popular but very costly. That’s why today we’re looking at the Yes4All movable dumbbells. They’re available in a variety of weight strays and use a simple collar design instead of proprietary value reforming mechanisms. What I have here is the most expensive and heaviest alternative at 200 pound. It’s shipped in three containers they’re pretty well packaged as “youre seeing” with cardboard, clear videotape and straps.You can see on the left the one of the boxes the manipulate was actually sticking out somewhat but it survived without impairment and as I tear into the packaging let’s go over the specs. These are priced at about a dollar per pound which is a pretty good deal especially at the time this review when all dwelling gym equipment is pretty scarce. These implementation cast iron plates and have a 16 inch knurled chrome manage. They have threaded perform fastening collars and they’re carried with a variety of forces from 10 pounds to 5 pounds down to a two and a half pound plates.They implementation a 1.15 inch internal diameter as well. Once you get through all the packaging this is what you get with the 200 pound difference. As you can see you get a lot of 10 pound plates you get 16 of those, you get four of the two and a half and four of the five pound slabs. You get two controls and four collars as “youre seeing” the collar is pretty nicely stimulated it’s chrome finished and “youve had” that little situated fucking which includes a little bit security so it doesn’t slither off. The handle itself has neat knurling and again a chrome finish. There’s no abrupt borders on there either so you can actually chafe your hand on there.There’s these little plastic sounds as you can see and “youve had” eight extra of those that thwarts the rattling between the cast iron plates and the handle itself but unquestionably seem inexpensive and the eight spares they furnish actually all have varying sizes and breadths as well. So the claim is that the directs are five pounds. The treat by itself comes in at four and then if we take one collar frames us a little bit under five and with the two collars you get five pounds and three station four ounces so pretty close to the five pound claim. Let’s just check their quality limitation by swapping this out for the other handle and that comes in a little bit different 5.38. Now let’s see if the weights themselves are correct.I’ll do a little quick check so this is supposed to be 2.5 pounds that comes in at two pounds nine extent four ounces so pretty close. If we make the five pound variation that comes a little bit over five pounds so five pounds 1.8 ounces. Now let’s try a 10 pounder so that comes in at slightly over 10, so 10 pounds 0.8 ounces.[ Music] Now let’s look at the fit and finish of the Yes4All dumbbells. Let’s start with the bar without any load on it as you can see it has a nice chrome finish and a delightful knurling on the center for pretty good grip. Some beings have deplored on its consideration of the item about unfinished lines but this feels pretty good i don’t feel any hiding or anything but you still don’t want to run your hand on it too much.One thing that searches a little cheap is the rubber gaskets here and these little hoops probably just prevent it from clinking and clanking between the forces and the actual bar. One big downside to an adjustable dumbbell side especially one like this that goes up to 100 pounds per force per feature is that these are really long. If you were to get a 10 pound force or a 50 pound heavines they would be much more narrow. With this you get a really wide one because you have to accommodate everything.Next let’s look at the locking reverberates, these are a spin type with a little collar bolt in here for a little extra security. Finish is pretty good it’s not perfect you can see imperfections in the chrome finish. Here you have a little rubber the o-rings and i think that’s why they include the extras with this one there’s a little flaw here it lets me readily pull it up but you could easily swap it out if these go bad over term. Unlike a quick release which is a lot faster to use this one you have to sit here and really spin it in and then lock it down with a little pin. So fairly easy to use but will take a little more term. Now you get two collars one for each side and then the two bars and as far as the loads you get four of the two and a half pounders.The finish on these are okay you can see it has a nice texture to it and clearly etch. These are iron forces so somewhat narrow especially for the two and a half as we experienced pretty close to the actual weight. They give you five pound change, there’s four members of these and then the 10 pound modifications you get 16. So for each handle you can go up to 100 pounds with this kit and I imagine with the other gears you only get less weight.This tells you really go up in five pound increments per boob.[ Music] Here’s a little montage of the dumbbell set up all the way from five pounds to 100 pounds. As “youre seeing” for the lower values peculiarly under 40 pounds it’s quite oversized and wide. If “youve had” individual dumbbells they’d be a lot smaller but apparently these are have to accommodate a wider range.Now one issue with the bulkiness is that it’s a little harder to work out with these specially when you want to rest the loads on your legs to get set up for something like a terrace press. The point that the directs stick out a bit kind of rub against your legs and then when you want to do a full propagation they can also stumbled one another. The last thing is that the round value blueprint tends to roll away.[ Music] Now let’s go over the pros and cons for the Yes4All movable dumbbells what we really like about the boobs comes from the fact that they’re very affordable. At a dollar a pound they’re hard to beat they expenditure a fraction of the equivalent Bowflex or PowerBlock they have a simple cast iron plate design as well which means you don’t need any proprietary sides so this is something you can use well into the future and use the plates on different handles.It’s also adjustable all the way from five to a hundred pounds per boob for this variation which is more than fairly for any workout. Some of the cons for the dumbbells is that the round plates bun very easily if you have any spotty grind you have to be careful how you situate them. It’s also oversized compared to individual boobs especially at the lower loads and finally the threaded collar takes some time to install and remove. We felt a little bit annoying especially if you want to switch between a heavier weight and a lower value it’s a bit term downing so it is necessary to a formation workout to minimize these switches.Taking everything into account we’d give the dumbbells a 9.4 out of 10. They’re simple and budget-friendly and with the basic design and interchangeable illustrations it’s something that’s a great addition to any dwelling gym. Thanks for watching this review don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel. You can be found in more content from us on our website at the thesweetcyclists.com as well as follow us on instagram at @TheSweetCyclists. This is The Sweet Cyclist reminding you to enjoy the razz![ Music]

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