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– So what you’re about to see here is one of my back workouts. Commonly I like to startoff with higher reps medium value to various kinds of getthe blood into the muscle.( upbeat music) and then as the workout progresses then I like to continueto increase the weight reducing the reps but for me some of my changes and rep wander doesn’t drop below 10, others it might be five but normally I try to stayaround that 10 or better. And then I are happy to do asort of style of training to increase the endurance andthe defiance on the muscle. So I’ve set up multiple terminals and then rotate andsystematically increase the value at each depot. And for me I found that’s thebest practice to activate growth. – What’s going on nieces and nephews? It’s your favourite uncle, your one and only favouriteuncle, uncle Bill here.Thank you for checking out this video. But before “theres going”, why don’t you just browsethrough our library and witness what else we have? There’s plenty of videosto fit probably your needs and probably your fitness purposes. Hit that like button and give us know what you think. And if you haven’t agreed yet, go ahead and subscribe and bring a friend with you. Merely like faith, bring one with you. And tell each one reach one. Thank you ..

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Hey! We’re two dudes that love to workout and love to write about working out. 

We know how difficult it can be to know what workouts to do or know what equipment you need. With our blog we hope to make that challenge a lil easier! 

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