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Hi everyone … Abhishek Gagneja this line-up from Ultimate Gym Solutions. and today we are introducing a very special machine for residence gym application … in my view. It is the perfect option that is Functional Trainer … Smith Machine … Squat Rack Combo which “youre seeing” and it is exclusively manufactured by Ultimate Gym Solutions. and it is one of our top-selling makes. Today I’ll give you a brief description of what this machine is all about … the room it needs … what it actually costs( mentioned in video description) Its usage … erect character … durability and everything. So guys … here is the machine you can see if I talk about it’s width then there is this 7 Ft Rod now … so you’ll need a space with atleast 8-9 ft thicknes in your house and it’s degree is approx. 4 ft as you can see and it’s stature is 7. 5 ft so if you have 8 x 8 ft or 9×8 ft opening at your residence then it will fit perfectly there and if I talk about it’s heavines then then there are these 4 x 2 inch( 12 compute) heavy commercial-grade gradation piping that we have used in this…Which is very heavy. And if we are speaking of the overall heavines then it’s tentatively 350 kgs and the heavines stack it comes with 80 kg PVC weight stack and we give you 2 options in this the 80 kg PVC weight stack and 100 kg Mild Steel weight stack depending on your selection and the options that you get in this it has these Cable Cross, dual pulleys both sides and you can purchase components separately like Triceps Pushdown … Triceps Ropes Rowing Handle, Lat Pulldown Here you have a separate attachment if you look here at this this J-hook type attachment we give you can place a bench below this and your thighs does fasten under this and you can set the Lat pulldown handle now and you can do Lat Pulldown in this and on terrace you lodge your thighs here and it is easily removable as well and now you insure these attachments these are used to do free Bench Press to do squats…You can adjust it’s height easily you can place these anywhere and it is on both sides This on it’s own is a awfully compatible multi functional machine One other thing … there at the centre is the attachment for T-bar we have given a separate option for T-bar in this and beside this you get a particularly free style moving Smith Machine a very heavy Smith Machine and we have given this Smith machine with suitable assuming plan and above you get handles for doing Chin-ups and … If I … tell you tentatively there are more than 50 exerts that you can do on this machine a complete person workout and for “that weve got” drawing a complete succession with 6 chapters so that you raising this machine home and do ended person workout In each of these episodes…Individual body parts is likely to be our focus So you learn how to do workout for chest practices, back activity and so on … accordingly So guys This is more special Functional Trainer-Smith Machine specifically manufactured by Ultimate Gym Solutions( Pro Ultimate) and if I talk about soundnes it’s a very heavy built machine won’t “re going away” for many-many years formerly you producing it home. And in the coming daytimes we’ll be imparting very solid content I told you about these escapades One video will be coming like how the gyms are close these days so what should the gym owneds/ teaches do to earn a living and to improve themselves there’ll be a video on it very soon and another solid video is coming about how you can setup a excellent dwelling gym what is a perfect home gym? So these 3 videos are coming alone stay carolled and If you like our material do share it with others So signing off from here Abhishek Gagneja from Ultimate Gym Solutions take care…bye-bye Stay fit& healthful and keep your immunity tiers high !.

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