BEST HOME GYM and “SMITH MACHINE” by HOIST, Lower body exercises

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Oh hi guys and welcome back to the fitness fix Montreal my reputation is Patrick Ravel today we’re going to talk about a fun little theme machines and today I’m filming at the Old Montreal see Jeff which intends it’s a little bit echoey sorry people but we have a bigger gym than my little studio had the for this fix much plunge so we’re going to have to go with it well I’ve never done last-place today we’re going to talk about a enunciate dual act Schmitt cage the personal trainer 11 th century I’m gonna give you my take over this machine you see this machine persistently for the last year maybe a year and a half and today luck you you’re gonna learn what breaks what doesn’t break what I detected really awesome you of use for their football unit from various tumors from applying castes at Fitness 101 now at the CJ is that Bank and this being after a year of use so what we’re talking about commercial-grade score rig this RT says a little bad thing about the machine okay as the Holy spirit so first or two paws was pretty fluid to go okay in fact if we look at the others let’s turn a machine right here so we have one pointing outwards but gives people a good steady-going occurrence that the first two hoofs for this okay beautiful now let’s continue its work if we’re looking the rest of the machine the machine was well crafted it’s actually really well improved the chin up bar is actually not that bad it has numerous grips which I like a great deal the values that are actually pretty cool in fact they come with this neat little half way that you can introduced so you can go from one one-and-a-half to two two and a half so this was pretty well made and a pulley plan once set was actually pretty good now okay now let’s go to the best part the best part of this machine was actually the smith machine itself as you can see the construction is actually pretty good pretty awesome the gliding arrangement parts pretty well I love to continue my recollect I looked at the smith machine itself which was fantastic would I recommend the Smith machine highly now the fact the dual war character I would actually disregard the pulley system as you can get away better pulley plan then expres acquires but as Smith Machine get you can actually get only this section of the Smith and what a good deal about it and it’s pretty fluid the pulley goes up down side to surface allowed by full straddle action I can do my biceps I can do my diddly-squats there’s not much and also as you will see in this little video you will see that I actually sometimes film my patients my students squatting from the two sides and the merriment fraction is I can see if the template actually is following the shoulder to the ankle so I can see he’s squatting right and if this motion is actually good if its timing is so this machine has a lot of advantages you another thing I actually experienced about this machine is the ability to do anything in a single legged motion with perfect stability oftentimes we are attempting to do a lot of do single legged deadlifts single legged doodly-squats and we can never get it because either a trendy is internally rotated or there is a shortage of the stability with this machine you can actually take your two-legged movement to a single I can move in without having horror of overcompensate now here’s an example of make a little of a single legged deadlift I can keep my foot and then I can do my single legged deadlift it’s easy I can throw my weight and I can challenge myself to harder employ I are truly make the bar in front and do maybe some single legged hunkers anything on one leg becomes a lot more easy to do and also after it’s a little bit easier to go from two-legged to one leg with that intermediate chapter in this little spin machine so it’s actually kind of cool so guys this is it that’s a further review as you can see I adore the Smith machine would I recommend it to thumbs up on the smith machine and two thumbs down on the pulley structure because let’s be very they’re already break-dance after a year but if you’re looking for a neat old-time dwelling gym at home I is certainly take this small Smith machine it doesn’t take a lot of room the cost without the police system is a lot more home and it’s a great keep lying to do every single motion that you need hope you liked this little review if you’ve got a comment post it down if you like this video check out my other videos thanks chaps I’ll told you next time

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