Best Budget Home Gym Equipment

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Today I’m going to show you my home gym equipmentthat I use personally when I don’t have time to go to the gym. It’s super cheap, it’s super basic, but youcan still do a lot of great things with it. Hello, my specify is Amanda Louise, I am a physicaltherapist and personal teach, which represents I help women just like you, get in the bestshape of your life. Today I’m going to show you my home gym equipmentthat I use personally when I don’t have time to go to the gym and that I too use for allmy personal training patients. So I live in Dubai and I am a at-home personaltrainer, which intends most of what I do is drive to my client’s the homes and I instruct myclients in their homes.Of trend, some do have home gyms or apartmentgyms we are to be able to study at. But a lot of them don’t really have anythingbut their living room. And today we are here in my kitchen/ livingroom, where I keep a lot of my paraphernalium and where I also work out myself, when I do homeworkouts. I don’t want to act like I work out at homeall the time. I do work out at home formerly in a while whenit’s convenient to me, but most of my arises have been attained in the gym.But what I see when I come out as a personaltrainer is that a lot of the people I meet, they don’t want to go to the gym, they don’thave time to go to the gym and they just want to get into some type of exercise. The gym might not be something you experience. I am a person who has exactly affection going to the gymand I cherish the vibe there. But for so many beings, the gym is a dauntingplace, they don’t want to go to. But of course we also need to work on ourfitness and our health and for that, home workout equipment is great. And again, if you are not sure if this issomething for you, used to go and investing tens of thousands of dirhams in equipmentmight not be what you want to do.And then how do “youre starting”? So the workout paraphernalium I’ll indicate you inthis video is super cheap, it’s super basic, but you are able do a lot of great thingswith it. I review the whole thing might’ve expense maybea thousand dirhams maximum, if that even. I’ll calculate the prices and situated the linksdown below, so you are eligible to only buy it off Amazon or wherever I can find it and it’ll definitelyhelp you get started on your fitness passage. And you can stay with this, if you’re onlyworking out for your health or to tone up now and then, perhaps lose some load, thisequipment will do. Of route, if you do want to improve yourphysique later on, you do want to be able to do progressive overload, which means thatyou want to look at being able to lift heavier weights.And if you contact that height, then maybe goingto a gym or investing in a full residence gym might be for you. But until that degree, and I would say at leastfor the first year or two, the gym rig I’ll picture you in this video is more than fairly. When I go over my paraphernalium in this video, I’ll tell you what I use it for, but if you would like more detailed videos where I showyou a assortment of practices you can do for each body part with this equipment, just leavea comment down below. Say what person responsibility you are interested in me to showand I’ll do some more videos about my home gym. I likewise time want to mention that I alreadyhave a lot of home workout videos now on my direct. So most of those videos are either with likejust one patch of gear or with no paraphernalium at all. So even if you don’t have the equipment Ishow you, you are able do great workouts at home. And then if you start feeling like you wantto do a little more different trash, think about investing in the items I register you inthis video and you’ll be good to go.I’ll try to do this equipment in order ofimportance. So if you’re just look into get the most importantitem, what I would recommend for you to get is a mat, an exercise mat. This one is, I’ve had it for many years andit’s pretty good quality, relatively dense and I use it for both yoga and value trainingat home and figure value practices. It does not roll up or get in the way. So definitely investing in a good qualitymat is the number one thing to do. I’ve seen countless cheap rugs that crumble orif you get the super thick ones they can get in the way.So what I recommend is getting a yoga rug, which are the kind of thin ones, but get a thick, thin matted if that makes any sense anddon’t be cheap here, that is the most important item in your home gym. So don’t be cheap here, only expend a littlebit extra money in coming a good quality matting. This has previous me three years and I’ve usedit when I did my yoga teacher training.I use it with consumers, I use it myself. It’s previous me for such a long time and itstill probably needs to be cleaned. But other than that, it’s still really, reallygood. And I’m just so happy that I invested in agood quality mat to begin with. Number two, I’ll appearance you all of the onesI have here. This is the thick quality booty builder. I’ll leave a link down below and discountcode. You can get 5% off on this one, I’ve usuallyonly found them online.So these are super good when we want to trainthe booty, when we want to train the gluteus medius, which is the muscle that’s prettyweak in the majority of us. So this one for sure, shaping the booty, trainingthe hips, that’s what we want. The other ensembles I have here from the sameplace, from Misfit, these are booty straps. They come in a backpack of three, looks just like you seehere. There’s a dense one, there’s a medium one, and then there’s a thin one, kind of strong, medium, light-headed and I exactly adoration these. I use them for both upper mas and for lowerbody, around the ankles, in different areas of the knees, around the wrists for different workouts. I have these with me, with the booty builderas well, in my suitcase, wherever I is now going I use them for my consumers all the time, obviously. A rug and loot stripes, if you could only picktwo or three components. Fourth item that I recommend is getting a, what do you call it? Like a workout band.I like these ones, this is from Casall, butotherwise, they’re announced Thera-Bands and we use them a lot in physiotherapy as well. You can get them in all different resistancelevels. So this one is a quite thick one, but youcan still like stretch forth and do lots of things with it. I would say this is probably a medium one, medium strong one maybe. Depending on your backbone, you can get whateversuits you. You can even get one that’s a little bit lighterand then one that’s medium. That’s enough for most, if you’re super strong, get a strong one as well. You can also get the handle ones, but I personallyreally, truly always have preferred these ones. I think they’re much better to work with, they’re much more versatile.You can use them around the door knobs, forshoulder practices, for back rehearsal. You can use them for chest, for shoulders, anything actually. I enjoy these, for rehab and the fortitude improve, this is a great piece of equipment and again, it’s super cheap. I guess maybe if you go to like the sportshops here in Dubai it’s about maybe 70, 80 dirhams. But you can get them online for even cheaper. The next thing that I obviously recommendthat you get, is at least one duet of dumbbells. I would actually recommend going two pairsat least, so you get one light pair and one ponderous duet. I would say that if you’re a terminated beginnerand you don’t feel that strong, get out two kilos and four kilos. And if you’re a little bit more fit, I wouldsay get three and five or three and seven kilo forces. I use boobs for education upper form, trainingchest, back, shoulders, appendages, for improve legs. Contributing more weight on leg usages. I literally use them for everything and ifyou have a light pair and a heavy duet, then you will be good to do a lot of differentexercises.Maybe you are going a little bit more lightas you get stronger, but then you can do more reps to get that progressive overload. So yes, start with one or two pairs of dumbbellsand remember, you can always exactly improve and get a heavier pair to ensure that progressiveoverload and to keep getting stronger and challenging yourself. The fifth portion of gear that I recommendthat you get, it’s probably something you have in house once. It is a good, stable chair. I have one of my dining room chairs now andthat works just fine. Just make sure it’s a nice, stable chair andsomething that can handle you putting some load on it. I especially like using chairs in home exercisings, when I work with someone who is a beginner.A chair is just a super handy component to progressor regress and employ and for instance, it’s something we all have in the house already. It doesn’t expense us anything and it’s really, really nice to add to your dwelling gym. I have here a 12 kilo kettlebell, which isa great weight for most people. If you’re a ended apprentice, perhaps you wouldlike to start with eight or 10 or if you have some harms, you can go even lower.But otherwise, I judge 12 is a really, reallygood starting weight for most people. You can have two kettlebells at the same weight, but you can also precisely start with one, oh, it’s ponderous. I’ll place it down and I adoration exploiting kettlebellsfor weighted doodly-squats, for different types of leg exercisings, for back activity, such asone arm rows or even stoop over sequences. I like using it for deadlifts, for Romaniandeadlift.I also like utilizing it for more technical utilizations, such as kettlebell jives or kettlebell snatches, clean and jerks and those types of usages. So you can really use the kettlebell , no matterwhat fitness level you’re on and it’s just a really, really good piece of material tohave at home. It doesn’t take up much cavity and you canuse it for both upper and lower body exerts. So yeah, clearly a kettlebell belongs inthe home gym as well. In the residence gym, I also really like havinga bench like this one, so it’s a small step bench. Only your imagery will determine how muchyou can use this bench for and it’s just such a amusing bit of paraphernalium. And I will tell you, my clients ever lookat me like this … whenever I introducing this bench to a gym discussion because it’s a killer tool.So much fun, I love it. I’ll make sure to relate everything down belowif I can find it online. I’ll too mention the rate for you, so youknow how much it is to invest. And yeah, like I said, if you would like tosee me present you some utilizations for each body part with all these segments of equipment, justlet me know and I will utter that for you. My name is Amanda Louise, physical therapistand personal instructor and that symbolizes I help women just like you, get in the best shapeof your life. Make sure you subscribe to my direct andclick the notification bell, so you won’t miss any future videos. And if you demand more free content like this, just check out my blog and my Instagram, where I announce more free content like this on a weeklybasis. And recollect to improve right and stay fit ..

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