Back Exercises You Can Do At Home!

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If you’re someone that prefers high intensity home workouts to going to the gym, sweating out in public and using public machines, then these workouts utilizing little to no equipment is for you. The great thing about body weight training is the fact that when you utilize your own body as weight, and resistance, you target more areas of the body so much faster than you would using gym equipment.

Unfortunately the common issue amongst people that do exercise is the fact that when we don’t take time to care for or rehabilitate our bodies or parts of it, we end up either sore or with strained backs. Oftentimes it just means that we’ve left our backs out of our workouts, forgetting that we can target that area just as much as we would the rest of our bodies.

3 Reasons To Give That Back Some Work

Back Pain

Your back is an important part of your body, if not the most important. You need to be able to protect it, to make sure you’re steady and fortified with good posture and proper back muscle strength. If you’re someone that suffers from backpain or a weak back, these home back workouts can actually help with keeping your back fortified with strong muscle tissue that surrounds your spine, so that you’ve got extra support no matter what.

Your Back Stays Stronger For Longer

Working out your back with these back exercises can help you improve your overall strength. After all, how can anyone lift, push or pull with a bad back? Your back is your main support structure and will only get better with age when taken care of. These are also great if you are suffering from back pain, as these back exercises will reduce the pain you feel because of the gradual strengthening it experiences.

Helps You Lose Weight

Another reason one may feel the need to have a back focused exercise session is to burn away back fat, a part of our bodies that isn’t the easiest to rid of fat because of its precarious position. Back fat can’t be rid of as easily as belly fat since unlike our stomachs, we cannot fold them or apply that much pressure to them. However there are many workouts that can help to melt the back fat away.

15 At Home Back Workouts

There are so many home back workouts and exercises that will suit your needs and can help you despite your issues with back pain. Implement them into your workouts and try them all out intermittently to see what suits you. If you’ve got more complex back complications, make sure to contact your physician or physical therapist before undertaking these workouts.


Windmills is a less intense home back workout. To start, stand with your legs apart and your toes pointed outward, holding your arms straight out on either side of you. Proceed to lowering each arm intermittently in an attempt to touch the space between your feet. With repetition, you have successfully performed windmills. This back workout helps you with back pain or a strained back.


Backlifts begin with you lying flat on your stomach and both of your hands on your head, your arms and elbows out on either side of you. Think of it as reverse crunches, instead of pressure on your abs, there’s pressure on your back. Lift your back up and lower it back down utilizing your back and core strength. Pace yourself as needed.

Back Squeeze

This workout requires you to have your back lifted continuously while flat on your stomach. Stretch your arms straight out in front of you, and folding inwards until your folded elbows rest by your ribs. This workout squeezes your back muscles and puts pressure on your pesky back fat. This is one of the easier home back workouts.

Superman Fly

This is another of the simpler back exercises, though more up there in difficulty when it comes to testing your resistance. Lay flat on your stomach and raise your upper and lower backs in tandem with your feet pointed downward to the ground. This is especially challenging for your back and your core being that you stomach should be the only thing touching the ground every time you do a synchronistic raise.

Wing Fly

This workout is all about remaining flat on your stomach while your upper body is raised, your arms raised off the floor and are parallel to your sides, raised at the shoulders like wings. Lower and raise your arms in repetition as if you were a bird slightly stretching your strained shoulders. This not only strengthens your back muscles while perpetually raised, but your shoulders lowered and raised serve to squeeze your muscles.

Superman Hold

This workout is the equivalent to a reverse plank. Lay flat on your stomach and in tandem raise both your upper and lower bodies, leaving your core as the sole anchor for your body. Whereas with other workouts there are repetitions involved, this home back workout requires you to hold this position for a specific amount of time, testing your strength and resistance.

Arm And Leg Raise

This one won’t require you to be on your stomach, but at a starting position on your hands and knees. Raise your left arm and your left leg in tandem, lower them to the ground at rest, then raise your right arm and left leg next. This back workout isn’t focused on pain or strain, but the gradual strengthening of your back that comes with patient repetition.


This one is similar to the superman hold, where both the upper and lower parts of the body are raised, the difference lies within the arms and legs being raised and lowered interchangeably as if to mimic someone swimming. Start with your left arm and right leg and switch intermittently without using any of your limbs as an anchor for your weight.


This workout requires you to be flat on your stomach with your arms stretched out above your head. While you raise your upper body off the ground, stretch your arms out to the side in a full arc, they must touch your sides until you raise your arms back up into their starting position. Do this in repetition to mimic a butterfly.

Towel Face Pull

If you aren’t someone that can do pull ups, then this home back workout is just the one for you. It’ll help you emulate the act of pullups without the strength requirement. On your stomach, raise your upper body with your arms outstretched in front of you, while pulling the towel in between your hands towards you chest.

Body Pull

This workout is a lot simpler than all the others, and may already be something we’ve mastered as babies crawling around in our cribs. This home back workout needs a bare floor and a workout outfit that covers your stomach. First, outstretch your arms forward, and with fingers planted firmly on the ground, pull your whole body forward, willing all the strength in your arms and placing pressure on your back muscles. Scoot back down and repeat.

T Raises

This one engages more of your body and will require weights. If you don’t have a couple of dumbbells, use makeshift weights that you can find around the house. Position yourself with your knees slightly bent and your back slanted forward. With your arms stretched out on either side of you and the weights pointed downward, bring your arms down in front of you without bending your elbows, the bottom of your weights meeting.

Lateral Arm Raise Planks

These are straight arm planks with a twist. While regular planks have you raising your arms forward, these planks have you raising your arms laterally (outwards to your sides). Practice this with repetition and interchangeably with both arms. Keep your back straight no matter weight and balance your weight on your planted arm.

Push Up Hold

Start off in the straight arm plank position, lowering yourself into a hovering push up position, keeping your back and position solidly straight while holding the hovering plank. This will serve as pressure on your back and arm muscles. If you prefer to have repetition, have a fixed amount of time for the plank hold before you’re allowed to raise back up.

Back And Butt Blaster

This position is similar to all the others on this list with your stomach flat on the ground, while both the upper and lower parts of the body are raised. The difference is that the arms are brought back towards the posterior, hands together to offer support. Hold this position for the amount of time allotted.

Straight Arm Weights

This home back workout is simpler to do for those with a harder time with manipulating their bodies. This only requires standing up with the proper posture while lifting a weight out in front of you without bending your elbows. If you do not have kettlebells or dumbbells, you can use a chair, which is a simple nd easy alternative to find around the house.

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