Are Tokai Guitars still Great? | My Klon Pedal Sucks! – Live Q&A

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all right welcome everybodyhope you’re doing well this is a subscriber stream only that means uh you’regoing to be subscribed to comment in the chat so it’s free go ahead and do it if you want to aska question or whatever i realized like 80 of my audience isn’t subscribed so i figured i might aswell give this a shot just for something different it doesn’t work i’ll go back to the normal onenext time uh secondly thank you cheddar for the membership mate i appreciate that and thanks toall the patreon subs and all that kind of stuff um we keep getting hit with weird thingson youtube and every little bit helps and thank you so much i always try to prioritizeuh channel members in the comments all that kind of thing as well so thank you now beforewe get going there’s something i have to do cheers everybody all right i’ll get to the questions in just a sec it’s good to see you back on youtube as wellcheddar good stuff man focusing on the music which a more guitar channel should do so welldone good stuff and it was fun doing our little albert king thing together that was awesomeif you ever do any more slow blues or anything mate count me in i’m there all right let mejust go back to the start of the chat here uh josh josh btv welcome man i’ll just giveeveryone a quick shout out uh peter firminger welcome mate jamal’s here as well there’s apackage off overseas for you as of today mate uh have i seen the title caster from driftwoodguitars guitars i haven’t made i haven’t seen that before so uh i i will take a look i don’tknow much about driftwood guitars to be honest so i’m gonna have to google that but i’mhappy to take a look and see what it see what it looks like here so uh letme take a quick exquisite the images so it’s like an acoustic that looks prettyblinged out with like uh like a strat style headstock cool i don’t know anything aboutit so uh it just looks cool that’s all i know all right uh we’ve got jeff harper hereuh philippe gabriel welcome we got quentin welcome man hope you’re doing well all righti’m just going to move this chat so i don’t break my neck i always do this i always put inthe wrong spot let me push it this way all right um have you seen the holly benton dc 60 juniori think they’re epic i’ve got one on the way at some point i i’ve been trying to organizea couple of guitars for a little while now and um yeah it’s one of those things i’m sortof i think they’ve had a couple of issues with uh their business you know with the coverthe floods and whatever else was going on so there is one going to be on the way at somepoint probably in the next month or two is my guess so stay tuned for that cheddarsays pepsi mac should sponsor the channel that’d be the greatest deal ofall time i’d be like the biggest what’s what’s the word i can use that’s uh pc hereor pg rated you know yeah i would be into that um we got daniel kong from singapore hope you’redoing well mate thank you i gotta get to singapore at one point in time my mum loves it over thereso yeah i’ll have to check that out for sure uh cheddar says your solo was amazing on that heythanks man i gave you a few and you picked the most albert king one i did i tried to mix itup but uh yeah thank you man thanks it was good fun yeah something i always like the challenge oftrying to record it kind of makes you it makes you be your best even if i’m making a video and i’mdoing an intro track i take the best of the day you know or the best of that moment it makesyou makes you actually try recording is the best learning tool in the world i’ve said it amillion times but if you’re not recording yourself jam to backing tracks or even with you know yourphone just for audio listen back to it in the car put some earplugs in or whatever or ear budsi should say and then uh listen back because you’ll learn far more that way than you will justplaying and letting it disappear into the ether so yeah it’s super cool how dot welcome man we’vegot riff welcome man hope you’re doing well all right cool we’ve got heaps of folks here lebonversus la brute or the anna sounds real spring reverb well i haven’t heard anything betterthan the anna sound spring reverb before so that would be it’s basically like a real springreverb so it doesn’t get any better in my opinion but uh i haven’t tried the other ones to be fairi’ve only tried a handful of reverb pedals that sort of emulate the spring stuff pretty well mynext favorite one in terms of compact size and just overall availability is the keely one it’scalled the tri-verb i’m pretty sure it’s really good hey we’ve got the guitar geek here welcomeman i feel like i should just grow my hair all of a sudden except mine’s going the other way matehope you’re doing well over there hope all’s well we got uh michael says good afternoon uhgood morning and good afternoon or evening uh hey shane have you tried that special editionfender blues junior swamp thing you know i had a quick play through it at very low volumes ina shop briefly uh and i mean swamp things i’ve tried in blues juniors before actually we ranit like an external cabinet and just sort of daisy chained it in it’s one of myfavorite speakers for any fender amp so i can highly recommend it’s funny because i wrotea post about the 10 best blues junior speakers and that was top of the list in my experienceand it’s funny like fender have released all these fsr models with a lot of those speakersit was probably just weird coincidence but uh yeah uh good morning everyone greetings fromflorida that’s from george strawn welcome man cass is here as well awesome stuff so ifyou’ve just joined and you can’t comment just subscribe if you you know i know a lot ofpeople watch the channel without subscribing so feel free to it doesn’t show me if people aresubscribing it just you know you can do it and unsubscribe later but i thought i’d give this a gobecause uh we get a lot of people in the chat and i’d rather sort of reply more coherently topeople that are subscribed to the channel so all right uh michael says did we eversee a two rock demo on in the blues yes probably four you know i owned a two rockstudio pro 22 in hindsight i should have kept it but it didn’t quite give me the sound i waslooking for at the time it was very attenuated on the top end and at the time i was going throughthis like fender fanboy phase with uh probably still am going through it but i ended up enjoyingmy supersonic 60 more just convenience it was louder it was more convenient i didn’t have tobring two things in my you know like the head in the box and then a guitar and a pedalboard and allthat kind of stuff was just more convenient for me so i ended up flipping the two rock if i ever gotanother one of those it would be a 6l6 one with like the the power i would make surethat this time instead of the 6v6 but great amps and there’s nothing wrong with 6v6 ampseither because i love my deluxe reverb at the time but uh we also reviewed like rick had a few ofthem as well i think we put the the crystal on the channel as well his crystal which was like atthe time the john mayer two rock kind of you know thing so yeah i just gotta i just realizedthis isn’t on manual focus here give me one sec there we go yeah so there’s been plentyof uh two rock videos maybe well not plenty but there’s been at least six whether that’scomparisons with the two rock and other amps or rick’s couple of two rocks that he mayhave had and i can’t remember but there’s been there’s been a few been up for a long time it’sso expensive too like at least in australia like i think i paid like 3 500 mine back in the dayi sold so much stuff to get that at the time but yeah it’s crazy it’s crazy allright change strangers welcome in pepsi brand ambassador just don’t do a michaeljackson oh yeah what was that the commercial where he he burned his hair or something was that that ican’t remember what the i can’t remember the story behind that uh andy john says hey shane thanks forkeeping the community going hey no problems at all and if you joined the last live stream that wentlive at the same time another video went live i started ranting about the lockdown so that’swhy i took it down i don’t like sort of ruining the vibe of the chat by complaining so i veryrarely rant on videos unless you know someone’s doing something they shouldn’t be doing but uhyeah so i’m i’m feeling he’s better right now so um do you ever do a wet dry rig uh really curiousabout that kind of setup that’s from calvin mack the quick answer is no i used to run two amps oneclean and one dirty and it was all volume control and that was a hot rod deluxe and a blues deluxebut i found there to be way too many earthing problems at venues it was just it wasn’t verypractical actually i’ve done it a couple times the other combination i had was offended devillewhen i did a big like a big stage gig i would have the fender devil facing backwards right outof the way but you this venue used to have like a big cement pillar in the middle of it so i’dcrank up the offended the villain put it facing behind the stage almost it’s hard to explain butit was this big pillar in the middle of the stage it would go away from the audience andthen i’d use a behringer di box and that had that ground lift feature so i didn’t get likeelectrocuted every time i went to the microphone um and that worked pretty well with the pv banditand the pv bandit was the front-facing amp but i never did like effects in one ampand all that kind of stuff it was just i don’t really play that sort of music soi just found it to be more complicated and convoluted setting it all up and it was morestuff to carry and if you’re not loud enough with the fender to build you’re doing somethingwrong or a pv banner those things are brutal john yeah that’s right man fsr fromshane’s recommendations i don’t know if it was just dumb luck but if youif you search for a post on google the best blues junior speakersor 10 best or whatever it’ll that’s the post and you’ll find that a lot ofthose speakers have been in blues juniors so yeah also when i get asked questions about thebest reverb pedal or the best whatever if you have an opinion on the one you like thebest post in the chat because i’ll just repeat it as i see it come up um yeah it’s one of thosethings where i can’t always think of all of the pedals off the top of my head that i’ve tried overthe years hey we’ve got krenner here welcome man uh chopper says i got the caitlyn bread topangaspring reverb after watching kirk fletcher play on youtube it sounds great man kirk’s a great playerhe’s almost a little understated he’s a great sort of like unassumingly great guitar playerlike you never melt your face but it’s there’s a lot of tasty stuff i love his combinationof like rhythm and lead parts together he’s he’s in terms of the current blues scene guysyeah he’d be pretty high on the list of you know the great the great feel of playing blues thatsort of classy kind of sound yeah he’s great all right we’ve got petoskey stonedwelcome man man i’d love to get back to michigan at some point hope you’re doing well i’m just scrolling down the chat here sorry i knowi’m a little bit behind i’m going to try and um try and uh fly through thishere lars guitars welcome all right let me just go down a littlefurther we’ve got gw taylor from scotland welcome mate and there goes my plans for theafternoon so we’re gonna try and keep this at about an hour so i can actually timestampthis otherwise it’s just it it takes hours for me to go back over it and and do it and ialways do it late at night a lot of the time so yeah if you don’t timestamp it people won’twatch it so i’m gonna try and keep it to roughly an hour well i’m gonna try and stop atmidnight which is like 50 minutes from now so that’ll be enough time forme to get all that stuff done uh the juggernaut says props to dr rick we’ve gota couple videos coming up with him showcasing some guitars really soon too the last keys to theguitar shop i cut a lot of the videos up into like segments as you’ve seen uh marshall amps anddifferent guitars and all that and some of the epiphone prophecy series stuff he kicked ass on itwas so good so that’ll be uh coming up pretty soon uh thanks i’ll be searching for yourarchives of the two rock videos hey no worries man they’re old videos you know acamcorder style uh crappy lighting the works um but yeah it’s funny i have a hard time watchinga lot of the old videos because you know as time goes on you improve everything in life usuallyexcept for knees and and joints but uh yeah it’s funny watching some of those old ones i was likeman my set sucked the camera’s overexposed like what was i doing anyway hey jamal thank you mani appreciate that uh for the full-on livestream uh has any of the shops uh got the 68pro reverb yet keep up the great work to my knowledge not yet or at least none ofthe ones that i visit in my area i haven’t seen any pop up but at the same time i’m sortof still i think we we might be allowed out next tuesday hopefully tuesday night hopefullyall being well so that’s right about where i’ll i’m going to go to sky music and grab alot of stuff uh and i’ve i’m grabbing the chris stapleton princeton woo amp is so good cheddar yougotta go get that one mate that’s that’s a beast um no reverb but it’s awesome and that thatpro reverb is right on the list mate i still haven’t seen it anywhere i think it’s beenpretty hard for shops to get a lot of stock with you know without well they can get stock butit’s just like more standard stuff i still haven’t seen that anywhere here yet but mate when i doi’ll give you a shout out in the video thanks man hey we’ve got addicted to gearwelcome man i hope you’re doing well all right we’ve got our metal headed hippieshere as well awesome stuff thank you mate got heaps of folks here cool uh mark fxfrom clearwater florida awesome awesome so if you’re joining the chat you can’t workout why you can’t type just hit subscribe and you can ask questions and join in on the chatthere’s no waiting time or anything like that uh yeah i’m just trying this tonight because itgets a bit hard for me to make sure i get through all the questions i try not to like miss too manyif i can help it unless the chat moves four pages all right kirk fletcher rules sorry if i alreadysaid that he yeah he’s great really cool you know him chris kane he’s another guy that uh there’sanother guy um guy king man that dude’s something serious just great great player great singer tooi think that’s probably the one thing about um kirk that he he doesn’t have he is the onlything maybe is his vocals aren’t as strong as some of the other guys but he’s playingso good and it’s just it’s got the shuffle you know he’s the king of the shuffle um justa fantastic player if you don’t know these guys i’m talking about go youtube them and andor search for them and come back because they’re great hey uh rummy thank you man he saysshane i got a princeton 68 with the 112 el nico blue awesome stuff what an amp ever thought aboutgetting a princeton watch what about your mates like rick uh yeah i’ve definitely thought aboutgetting a princeton the one that’s high on my list is the chris stapleton one it is unreal ithink that’s a 63 style princeton sort of copy um no reverb but 12 inch speaker it’s it’s amazingand i’m still kind of guessing for that one i also really like the ones with the 10 inch speakers aswell but i think for the kind of stuff i do the 12 inch would be a better choice just based on thethrow of sound and all that kind of stuff so um yeah totally i totally agree they’re great um socongrats and rick also had a offender special run white princeton at one point in time he’s abit weird like that like if it’s not handmade he freaks out and buys the handmade versionthat costs twice as much and sells that one i should have probably purchased that off him itwas a great princeton but um yeah i don’t know any of my like immediate friends that have one that ijam with because they generally aren’t loud enough in most rooms but the 12-inch speaker ones areand i’m talking mostly about the 10-inch ones but yeah great great amps i could definitely seemyself getting one at some point i think i would get a princeton now over a deluxe reverbbecause i’ve already owned a couple of those over the years the chris stapleton one thoughis is right up there i’ll have to try this uh 68 as well i know i have tried the 68 i thinkis that the that’s the one with the like the has it got the black tweed kind of stuff on thereand uh guys thanks for the support i appreciate it um chris says good day shane i can’twait to get down to sky music greetings from mill park awesome stuffmate thanks yeah me too i’m i’m about ready to start shooting somemore videos i’m getting to the end of the stockpile before um or hopefully around rightat the same time the lockdown thing ends here there’s a princeton and deluxe reverb in myfacebook marketplace right now i want to pull the trigger all bad yeah i bet great amps youcan’t complain with either of those two uh tell us more about the doctor dude who plays withyou in some videos well dr rick’s been on the channel since 2010 so he’s not new if yougo back you’ll see him all over the place rick and i being good friends we met at ajam night years ago and um we didn’t really chat that night that i heard him play but i’veactually got a video of one of the first jam nights i ever went to and he was there he came inand he brought this way too big fender basement amplifier into this really small place and he wascooking like who the hell is this guy and then i was playing with another guywho couldn’t do a a cd launch gig where you know you promote the cd that youreleased or share it around or whatever and um mate of mine couldn’t do the gig so iended up getting rick and it was like this guy’s awesome so yeah it just sort of workedout i think we’d run into each other a bit at jams up until that point but uh yeah i can’t rememberthe year i met him it might have been 2002 and then i got to know him a little bit after thatlike probably 2006 or five somewhere around there i can’t quite remember but yeah rick’s great he’salso got a photographic memory for a lot of stuff so he can hear chords and music and recall thechord shapes and play them it’s amazing to watch uh and he’s in you know he’s a professional likehe’s played with tommy emanuel he’s played on albums and done a lot of session stuff too so he’she’s the real deal that guy and he’s a doctor so it’s crazy um what’s my favorite blues lick um anyone of the three that i play over and over again now i’ve actually got a chris kanelick i’m really digging at the moment i’ve been using it way too much soi’ve started experimenting with it but yeah there’s so there’s it depends onyour mood man it depends on the mood uh if particular gear says the princetonneeds an effects loop i guess it does if you if you really require that i i don’t reallyuse effects loops that much on any of my amps sometimes on the marshall i’ll use it at homebecause it’s just it’s already here but um i don’t feel like i ever really need to liveeverything for me it goes clunk on the floor out of my pedalboard straight into the front endof my amp i don’t do full cable method and all that kind of stuff i don’t think it makes thatmuch difference but i get it there’s certain pedals that work far better in effects loop andi totally agree hey todd flowers thank you man awesome stuff thanks thanks for the supportmate i appreciate it you’ve been uh awesome over the years like most of the guys in herethank you cheers if you missed your question just add in the blues me and i’ll i will uhreply i need a bit of this the old uh caffeine hey we got um barry pine from the hate ashburyhope you’re doing well man awesome stuff i i actually watched a news story on san francisco just just today and i was like i hope everybody’sdoing all right over there looks like the cops aren’t working or something possibly i don’tknow what’s going on but it didn’t look good so um yeah i hope you’re doing all rightmate and uh welcome to the livestream yeah no yeah everyone’s asking if rick’s areal doctor i get that on every livestream yes he is yeah absolutely i wouldn’t call himdr rick otherwise he did my back surgery so he he knows his stuff or he you know made it up ashe went and it worked but no no he’s he’s legit um what’s my opinion on the 50s epiphone lespaul gold top you’re playing through the jc m800 it’s one of the best epiphones i’ve ever playedeasily i’ve done a full review of that here at the house and played it a number of times liveand it’s it’s awesome so i’ve no hesitations recommending the new epiphones look up um i thinkit’s called my six favorite epiphone guitars some generic title like that that came outabout a month ago or maybe two months ago um and that was that’s as good as it gets ii really love it for for what i like right big neck great tone feels far more premiumthan the price so yeah it’s definitely worth it i can’t make my clones sound good why probablyyour amp’s not up loud enough would be my guess if you don’t have any problems getting agood tone out at your other pedals then the thing with the clon it always sounds bettergoing into something that’s either already dirty or about to be dirty doesn’t sound good on itsown so if you’re playing a clean channel lamp and you turn a cloth on it’s kind of awful rightyou’ve got to hear it in the mix you can’t hear it on or you can hear it on its own but whereit shines is when everybody around you is loud and you click a clone on and then you just cutthrough the mix like you wouldn’t believe i hated my clone when i first got it it was one of theworst sounding pedals on its own i’ve ever tried and rick said to me you know just try it when youplay live you know stack it into something or get on your drive channel on your supersonic backthen and and click it on i went oh now i get it yeah it’s not a nice sounding pedal on its own butit kills the room when you click it in for a boost think of it more as an off clean dirty boost off clean transparent sort of you know off cleantransparent same sort of term but it’ll give you a bit of grip but it’ll give you an uppermids frequency and a treble boost basically it cuts out a little bit of the low end andit gives you that punch through the mix so that’s probably what it is i would turnyour amp up or run it before something else ah romy says the princeton has theblack tweed yeah that’s a great ant-man super cool very cool um what’s youroh sorry i already took that one sorry let me scroll down kevin says how’s the jeff’s guitarplaying coming along she blew me away with how well she picked it up so in the videoi didn’t know she’d played before and this i think she had a guitar for like like sheplayed for about a month when she was eight so and and not once since then so she’slearning very very quickly it’s it’s great um i’m gonna do a one month kind of follow-upvideo i’ve given her enough chords to sink a ship and uh but all the basic ones rightall the open chords and stuff like that but she’s coming up with really good strumming patternsand it’s like i think this is going to be fun so hey we’ve got mike here welcome manhope you’re doing well have i tried the a of boogie california tweet yes one of thebest amps of all time if i could afford one i look i can’t really justify that sort of cashfor an amp they’re super expensive here but man those california tweed amps are like it’slike a super premium fender clean that’s almost a little nicer it’s hard to explain unless youplay one but beautiful sounding amps and yeah i did a guitar saturday at billy heights music andi got a chance to play one it’s it’s on my channel really really good just a great sounding amplifierand it also has a power attenuation thing on the front so you can switch it down and still geta really great tone i was shocked that it had a tone that i loved yeah i always thinkof boogie amps is the great rock and heavy amp sound with the exception of like thestudio 22 there’s a few that they make that are kind of blues and blues rock kind of amps in myopinion but that that’s a really special amp so uh type i’m not sure how to say your name thereand what is it jw um yeah awesome amplifier dr rick is also a real cooldude yeah he is he’s dude uh have i had any experience with theachilles two by twelve cabs no i haven’t mate um i tried a lot of their amps probably like fouror five years ago or something like that and uh yeah no did i try any they’re two by twelve caps you know what i can’t really remember matesorry i my quick answer would be no because i i feel like i’ve only really tested thecombos just just off the top of my head um oh chat just moved hang on bear with mehave i seen the third man triple triple graph pedal mine arrived the other day and it’s aton of fun i i haven’t even heard of that one mate i must be out of the loop sorry uh third manwhat does it do let us know what what it does uh calvin says he’s going to try at the apophone60s lefty this weekend it’s a really nice guitar too the biggest difference between that the 50sone will be the next shape over anything else so really cool hey we’ve got thrash metalstudio here hope you’re well have you tried a hip shot trim setter my ebh has floyd specialsand i need some more stability i i haven’t tried one of those before mate so no i i don’tthink so i don’t even know if i’ve really even seen one in a guitar in person to be honestas a lefty it’s kind of one of those things you you may seem sometimes i see stuff inright-handed guitars i go oh yeah there’s no lefties so you know i kind of just glaze overit it could have been one of those situations but uh no is the is the quick answer mate i hopeyou’re doing well too i enjoy your live streams um all right i’m just going to move this a littlehigher here so i can see what’s going on hang on looks like this subscriber chat thing’sworking i think i feel like i’m getting through more comments than i would normallybut i could be completely wrong uh all right uh i’m not sure how to say yourname man but uh i get asked any opinion on the tokai strats made in japan and new ones notvintage uh yes yeah the main japan stuff’s great i don’t know if i would the the thing that sortof sucks about tokyo now is the price has gone up so far that you’ve got to weigh up whether or notit’s a better instrument than just buying a strat from fender or or any other number of guitarsaround that price point so there was a time where it made a whole lot more sense to buy a madein japan es 335 for example over a gibson 335 and arguably we’re getting a better instrument butthis was going back you know like 2007 8 9 10. those years weren’t strong for gibson and in myexperience and i owned gibson’s back then too uh and the top eyes ate them alive but the greatthing about tockeyes which kind of sucks if you’re trying to sell them you can’t really get a lotof money back for them someone has to really know what they are to want to buy them so youcan usually save a few bucks buying amused and if you get a chance to that would definitely bethe best way to save some money i just feel like to getting to a price now where it doesn’t makeas much sense as it did um yeah another brand to check out is vola vola are making great guitarsout of japan as well so you can check them out um you will keep this stream up i will yeahi didn’t want to leave the last one up plus it went live right at the same time another videowent live too so uh yeah i didn’t really want to sort of have them competing for you know ijust figured it didn’t make a lot of sense now there is a video i think going liveall right i’ll make this tomorrow now i just wanted to change this 24th you’re about tosee the japanese telecaster 50 telecaster will be up this time tomorrow i’ll just fix that while i’mthinking about it right now all right uh yeah the stream will be up i’ll timestamp this got about 30minutes left and then i’ll go through all the the comments again and and time stamp it basementpedals welcome he’s from canada awesome stuff uh lincoln says have you seen some of the newreverends i’m looking at the contender it’s a love child between the les paul and stratum yeah we we actually tested pretty much well i don’t know if there’s new ones since theones that we’ve tested but there’s a whole video coming up on reverend guitars in the next i wouldsay in the next week i really need to get that video done it’s been sitting there for a while sowe’ve got a massive keys to the guitar shop video basically focusing on reverend guitarsso there’s like six of them in there and then i get to play some really great ampsincluding the fender chris stapleton amp and i don’t even remember now it’s been a whilesince we filmed it but yeah lots of cool stuff i think they’re great ants ah greatguitars i should say very cool um hey we’ve got aaron short here welcome mate vox ac 10 or super mini me mini beetle yeahi would if it was me i’d buy the ac-10 i think it’s a much sort of more grown-upamp the super beetle is a lot of fun if you want to play at home mostly but thethe vox ac-10s have got a lot of oomph we’ve got joe from uh washingtonstate awesome stuff welcome mate what would you take if you weredoing a solo show on electric you mean without a band you mean like solo on likeon my own or solo do you mean like take a solo doing a solo oh solo show you know i don’treally do that but if i did i would have delay and maybe an overdrive and that’d be aboutit maybe a looper that’d be kind of fun uh have i checked the uh more g250 that’s from susu ihaven’t no that that’s one of them i i don’t think i’ve tested i’ve done the 200 the uh what elsewas there um 300 and the 150 i think from memory really solid pedals i mean if you wantto record at home or you know get any number of different effects into the effects loopi think that’s where they shine but they’re really great just for going directly into a sound cardand recording that way all those all those things are really really quite solid and they’re notas expensive as buying something like a kemper um kemp is a different sort of thing you kindof use it to profile your own stuff but a lot of people don’t use it like that either they justuse it as a as a multi-effects pedal basically so yeah um they sound fine i i don’t think there’smuch of an issue tone wise with any of that gear and it’s all pretty much the same in terms oftonality but it’s the user experience that sort of changes between pedal to pedal i think thehot tone ampero is one of the better ones that i’ve tried uh i think the the more stuff ispretty good or more or however you say it uh what’s some of the other ones i’vetried i can’t recall i’ve tried a few um all right let me scroll down here uh just likeyou with the strat do you have a a good sg type guitar other than a gibson and epiphone arepreferably uh economy priced oh okay so you’re asking do i know any less expensive epiphonesi mean look there’s tokai as well which is the same brand we were talking about before buti know not everywhere in the world can get those i haven’t played any of the sg harley bentonsbefore but out of all the harley bentons i’ve played there’s only been one that cameto the house that was clearly damaged and scratched up and stuff but the rest ofthem were perfect so um yeah i would say harley bentons are pretty great in terms ofjust what you get for value for money but yeah epiphones are you know they’re making some goodones man it’s i i wouldn’t overlook them uh but if you if you want to spend far less maybe lookat a brand like sx see if they’re in your area oh okay we’ve got super chat here thank you uhoh thank you bill i appreciate that mate again you mad man thank you thank you for the supportum do you think it’s worth worth the extra money for a prs s2 custom 24 over the se you knowwhat my friend of mine’s got a the prs s2 custom 24 and it’s so very similar it’s it almostlooks like there’s no difference in it but i think the biggest difference is the the tuners are quiteyou know some of the actual physical hardware is going to be a little bit better but with that inmind i i don’t think there’s really that much of a trade-off when it comes to playability and allthat kind of thing so you got to work out if you can justify the price difference you’re basicallybuying a guitar with i think this is how it works for those guitars at least from memory anywaythey they got like american hardware on them and that’s what makes them at least slightly morereliable in terms of tuning stability and all that kind of stuff but i play my prs all of thetime you may also be getting a slightly improved well actually you know what it might be abetter option now i only say that because some of the mating career guitars or made inthe in sorry some of the the first generation of indonesian made prs guitars weren’t greatin my experience the switches felt crap they just didn’t feel like a good guitar in thehand but they’ve kind of remedied that now so if you can find a made in korea one theyfeel like a much better instrument in the hand there’s something about the finish thatfeels far less cheap but the new ones that like the latest series that i’ve tried all the onesfrom this year have been great as well so yeah it sort of just comes down to whether or not youhow much does the the difference in the hardware mean to you i don’t think it’s really going to bea huge difference in terms of playability um yeah again like i play mine all the time so yeah ithink the finish on the the s2 probably looks a little bit better as well just just betweenyou and me so and thank thank you again mate if you have any other questions mate just email mei’m going off top my head here with uh some of the details so it’s just been a while since i’vesort of had them side by side and compared them we’ve got jan who says hi shane thanks for allthe work and suggestions about the no-nonsense p90 guitar oh sorry sorry i read that asone sentence because my cursor was over the the excellent exclamation mark anysuggestions about no nonsense p90 guitar in the 400 to 700 usd price range um oh man so let me have a this is one of those tough questionsto answer because let me have a quick look here because i only know my i know a lotof the prices in my own country but um let’s see what we got so what was you what was the 400 to 700 price range so gretch make a few that look pretty cool umthey got one called the g2215 oh the epiphone sg special is a really great guitar that’s the pelhamblue one i did a review of that it was really cool um and i guess you could always go for like agibson i don’t know how much they are in the us but there’s a gibson les paul jr which mightbe at the high end of that budget possibly but yeah check out those that would be the threethat i sort of think of off the top my head uh harley benton 335 have you foundsomething better in that price range um you know another great guitar around thatsame price is the artist guitars version of it it’s really quite good so i’m notsure where you’re located either so harley benson is more accessible to a lot ofpeople just because they ship globally um yeah that you know you can buy guitars an epiphonedot is also a really good choice but that’ll be far more expensive in certain parts of the worldtoo so it’s kind of it’s kind of hard to really um i would say the artist guitars onewould be the only other one that is right around that price range that’s as good uh what do you think of the fender japan hybridtwo telecaster it seems it has a four-way switch you know i haven’t tried that one redcombut uh i’ll keep an eye out for it let me just scroll back up here i i think i mightmay have just like missed a whole bunch of stuff i’ll just quickly have a quick scan through herei know it looks like it i got through most of it decision this is from jeffhe says fender princeton or a deluxe reverb and i don’tplay out then get the princeton yeah that would be my my suggestion get itget an uh 10 inch speaker version as well um there you go another super chat here thank youuh felipe hey man do you eq the guitar signal mic amp in the door or do we hear the direct soundthat comes from the sound card yeah i don’t eq the the amp tones i only stuff i eq a lot ofthe time is the bass guitar because it sometimes it’s too prominent the way thatit records so i kind of scoop out the mids but i make it a point not to add eq toanything if i can now i do i record in a number of different ways right i’ll either usea short sm57 and a sennheiser e906 or a rode m3 or whatever in combination with each otheror i’m using the two notes torpedo capital x and i use that the majority of the videosand i have been using the two note stuff for probably six years almost now it works really wellit saves my ears and i’ve got the speaker impulse response and the mic that i’ve actually got inthe room so it kind of makes sense and i try to keep it really consistent that way and i don’tdo anything to the signal in garage b i’m using garageband on this computer right now becauseit’s got all the drums and stuff so um no it’s the quick answer and i’ve tried not to do that unlessi can’t get it to work in the mix sometimes when you record fuzz pedals or fuzz tones they kindof really need a little bit less bass because they can be a bit overwhelming this is some ofthe higher gain stuff i tested years ago but yeah i usually try not to do any of that stuffon any of my videos i don’t believe it’s a good thing that’s what put me off a lot of otheryoutube channels i knew there was a lot of post processing going on when i got something and itdidn’t sound even remotely close to what i heard on the videos so yeah you gotta sort of yeah ii don’t like doing that to people now the other exception to the rule is the keys to the guitarshop series we’ve got live drums we’ve got live bass we’ve got guitars we’ve got all that stuffgoing on i actually mixed that like i would i’d mix a band right and that’s it everythinglike any review video of stuff then it’s a whole different story i don’t do any of thatstuff hey we’ve got amanda coombs here welcome uh cos cosmic is it i’m sorry aboutthese name pronunciations everybody one of the best sounding guitars is alsomy cheapest one holly benton sc450 p90 gt no name pickups but they sound sweet very cool uh would you say there’s a significant differencebetween the tokai breezy sounds from japan versus china and other countries yeah the japaneseguitars are on a completely different level it’s they are there there might have been atime where the made in china ones were good but i don’t think they’re really any better than ep idon’t think they’re better than epiphones anymore epiphones have taken that to the next level uhwhich is which is cool for them right but um the made in japan stuff is as good as theus standard series remember the standard series you could buy a couple of years backnow they got like the 60s one all that you could just compare the made in japan stuffvery fable favorably to that sort of stuff um so yes is the quick answer i wouldsay they’re a much better instrument fuel wise pickups wise the biggest differenceis all of the hardware they use much better uh tunamatic bridges on a lot of their guitarsover oh no no well not on i’m talking about like the es355s for example but um same with thestrats man if you can find any main japan stuff it’s going to be a far more solid guitar and itwill feel better in the hand as well but that doesn’t always translate either right i alwaysencourage everybody to go try them if you can hey we’ve got janice here welcome hope you’redoing well thanks thanks for dropping in uh if you’re looking oh sorry i already read that uh what do i think about the super delta kingamps um i haven’t tried one of those grumpy mic i haven’t really i did watcha video on one of the smaller amps from that range i didn’t really like thesound of it i don’t know if it was just the demos but there was a few that went up that were likereally spiky in the high end they didn’t break up very nice i don’t know if it’s that particularamplifier but super makes some of my favorites so the royal reverb as i’ve said a million timesgreat amplify if you can lift it you deserve to buy it and the rhythm master both of those twoamps are some of the best i’ve ever used but yeah i don’t like commenting on amps until iactually get a chance to to try them but from what i think if that’s the one i’m thinking ofthe little tweed amp i’d probably give it a miss my direct signal sound is so fizzy andbright isn’t the mic position so anytime you’re recording anything it has to soundgood in the room this was something that a lot of people need to hear before they go ohyeah of course so if your amp tone sucks and imagine you got a horrible amp sound and youput your ear right next to the speaker cone it’s going to sound far worse right and that’sbasically what the microphone’s doing so to get a good amp tone you’ve got to have a good sounda mic position makes a massive difference to the tone i i never mic direct center unless i’ve gota secondary microphone usually i’m off to either side of the cones of the center cone slightly orthe cap so yeah that’s how i like to do it but there’s many other ways you can record an electricguitar amp but it should sound great with an sm57 on the grill if you’re doing it right oroff axis where it’s hanging down you can also get a really good sound but try and stay awayfrom dead center and get the amp to sound great in the room before you do anything else don’t eventry recording unless you haven’t got a good sound hey we’ve got column uh colin here sorryi’m having trouble talking tonight i had some salt and vinegar chips beforei’ve left my mouth like super dry lincoln says kiss to the guitar shop is the bestseries hey thanks man yeah it’s something fun for us you know like we like playing we actuallyprefer it over gigging it’s just like we can we can show up and just pick whatever we like off thewall and have something great at the end of it you know like there’s something cool about havingum like a something to remember the night by you know that’s why i used to always have an audiorecorder at my gigs or anything i could just to have something i could listen back to and to meand rick and the guys it’s just it’s too much fun hey we got dylan here welcome mate are youstocked up on pepsi max yeah i am yeah i you know what i’m not gonna lie i just bought a30 pack for 15 or 16 bucks from uh woolworth’s maybe an hour ago so i got one one open andone in the uh kitty over here just in case uh david says i’m really looking forward topicking up one of those new harley benton dc60s yeah i got one on the way at some pointum i just got an email back about it so hopefully the next month or so it shows up now i ever played around oh sorry that’sthe pepsi max man uh have you ever played around with a cigar box guitar i’ve neverseen a left-handed one anywhere so no i have seen them but never tried one hippie andgrumpy yeah that’s from janice yeah absolutely it’s funny some of the namesthat pop up in here it’s great um yeah recordings a great thing to learnjust going back to recording before if you can spend a bit of time on it it’sso rewarding it means you sort of like yeah it challenges you it is a complete it’salmost as much of a learning curve as like learning how to use a camera or learning how toplay guitar or learning how to edit videos or whatever it’s a different skill set again butbecause it ties in with music it’s definitely worth learning it and i don’t know if it’sjust the way that i learned but i’m a real like i’ll dive into something for a week or three orhowever long it takes to get as much information as i can about something and i’ll i’ll sit throughthe tutorials and i’ll watch 20 or 30 different videos just to get my head around a certainconcept and then i think i know what i’m i’m doing after you know experience over years so yeah getinto it if you play or just film it or mic it up uh sorry i’m just gonna scroll down here uhappreciate the insight that’s from pat hey thanks man cheers thank you i’ve got attilahe says hi shane and everybody welcome mate have i tried any prs amps i have yeah one ofthe nicest ones i’ve tried the john mayer one we tried i’ve tried the song zero 20 20 oneit was on one of the keys to the guitar shop series recently great little amplifier myfriend brian actually ended up buying it so uh yeah i i think some of them are good i reallythink they shine on their clean channel which is a bit it’s almost a cop out saying that with anamp because most amps have a good clean channel but there’s something really nice aboutit takes pedals well and it’s got this big like it’s got six l6 output tubes in a20 watt amp which is pretty uncommon so you get this really great throw of sound areal sort of gritty uh not gritty but just huge kind of tone thanks to those output tubes soyeah i don’t mind those i’m not a big fan of any of the drive channels on prs amps unless you’reinto so like fusion i feel like they sort of suit that kind of music okay but the cleans mancleans are pretty cool and if you’ve got 15 grand uh the john mayer amp is still still at theshop i think we tested it like two years ago uh philip says man your videos areso well produced i didn’t know how i don’t know how you don’t haveuh 10 million subscribers anyway on youtube for so long hey thanks matei appreciate that look i don’t know it’s i don’t do too many clickbait title videos ithink that’s a big part of it i know people i know it’s an easy way to get videos and i’m notsaying like the content around the video isn’t strong like a lot of people are really great atcoming up with titles that work well and that also are fun to watch but they’rereal clickbaity kind of videos um i just i try not to do thati just want people to search for stuff and have my videos pop up that’s kind of thegoal um i’ve done videos like that in the past but yeah i just i don’t know thank you i appreciatethe i’ll take that as a compliment thanks man hey drew’s drum tracks here you go he says heyshane i couldn’t agree more i love grabbing cymbals or a snare from upstairs and sky musicand jamming all night with you uh rick and dave so there you go thanks man no awesome stuffand drew’s one of the guys that learned how to record and and do all that stuff and mic upstuff properly and he’s on my last album and the keys to the guitar shop videos so yeah thanks manthere’s something fun about that series it’s like just having a play getting to test stuff outputting it all back and you kind of get your fix you know you’re like it’s like going to a guitarshop well it is and checking out whatever you like you know and and there’s no pressure to buyit’s just like all right they know we’re here to to make some videos and they let us do ourthing so hey thanks man i know i probably didn’t reply properly to your text i was in thecar when you uh sent the reply but thanks man uh are some of my favorite australian megaguitars so i recently tried a vander guitar which was really good i i thought that was one of themost sort of unique electric guitars i’ve tried in a while it was a bit like a telecaster but ithad firebird style mini humbucker pickups in it uh which was great and they’re affordable littlecrow guitars there’s another one that i actually have one of their guitars in the cupboard you’llsee that pop up a bit more this year uh the rest of this year because uh man i had i had to get somany of my guitars fixed because of like i’m gonna say weather damage but it was like moisture inthe cupboard that kind of wrecked a few things so let’s get a lot of them fixed and someone askedearlier if i’ve still got my 52 tally because they haven’t seen it in a while that was one thati needed a lot of work done to it the neck had moved and a few other things so you’ll see thatpop up more uh in the future but um yeah they’re probably the two that i go that i i would beconfident sort of recommending there’s a lot more expensive ones than that i’ve owned a mate andelectric guitar kind of sucked it was all right when i got it for about a week and then i was likethis is the worst buyer’s remorse i’ve ever had um so yeah it’s i don’t really like mate and electricguitars at all i haven’t seen too many as lefty with make me go wow this is amazing but they makegood acoustic guitars and col clark also make good acoustic guitars but that’s probably about it ihaven’t really tried many more than just those um oh chat just moved sorry gotta respectavoiding the clickbait titles hey well you know sometimes it works and sometimes it it actuallycorresponds to the video what i’m getting sick of is like videos about 80 piece of crap guitarsthat get hundred thousand views like man and you know there’s another one comingtwo months from now or a month from that particular video i’m sick of cena man i i just yeah oh how amazing is this for 89.95 it’s likeit’s crap don’t recommend that to people it’s like man i’m not saying they’re all bad but yeahi see that way too much it just drives me crazy uh lefty cigar box guitarwhy don’t you build your own yeah good good point maybe maybe there’ssomething i can do in terms of a kit i don’t really have a lot of tools for stuffwhere i live i don’t really have a place i can i can do like any kind of like sanding properlywithout just being outside or on the deck here so it’s not that kind of house it doesn’thave a garage or anything i can work in um but yeah that might be fun i might doa kit at some point i i just don’t um yeah i’ve said this a number oftimes i always almost feel like the sandwich someone else makes you is betterthan the one you make yourself i feel that way about guitars and and gear like that i alwaysfeel like if i mine would suck in comparison to one i could buy for the same price that’sthat’s sort of how i feel about it but maybe it’s worth doing i i absolutely oh the chat justflew by here uh drew says oh no hang on where am i uh arya is it art are ya sorry if i’m notgetting this right um what are the pros and cons of being a left-handed guitarist uh lovefrom nepal uh welcome by the way thank you you know it kind of works both ways likenearly every product show you go to i don’t go to many product shows but when i did goto product shows or if i walk into a shop there’s very little in there for me other thanamps and once it’s it almost works in my favor because there’s not always something betterthan the guitars i already love right i might see something different but it doesn’t mean it’sfar better than what i’ve already got because over the last 20 years i’ve kind of like refined thecollection of the guitars i play the most sure some stuff comes in and out but the long-termguitars have been here for a long time so i feel like i don’t have the pressure of feelinglike everything i just purchased is junk anytime nam is finished or you know anytime the hypetrain gets behind the new guitars i feel like the stuff i’ve got is pretty greati actually it’s funny i’m so used to walking into a guitar regular guitar shopsnot jerry’s or any of these other places where i i’m i scan the wall and i see two or threei can appreciate right-handed guitars but it’s it’s kind of i’m lucky in a way i think thateven though the selection isn’t there i can get all the kinds of guitars that i really loveif i chose to buy them like there’s at least one from one or two from most brands i go wow theseare something i could play for a long time so that’s pretty much it i just feel like theselection isn’t there but at the same time it does me probably more of a favor in many waysover wanting more of more stuff just sitting around not getting used so it’s sort of like acould go either way depending on how you look at that but that’s it i think the only other thingthat kind of sucks is being being a lefty is some pickups are you know if they’ve got staggered polepieces they’re always designed for right-handed guitars but i’ve flipped them up in a lefty beforeand they they work fine so that’s pretty much it how do you keep the kangaroos out of your yard i tell you what where i live there’s a parknot far from me where we saw two of them the other day just hopping through the the grassyarea it was pretty cool and they were big too all right i’ll just scroll down here all rightwe’ve got four minutes i’m gonna wrap this up so uh yeah thanks again to er everybody forjoining in on the live chat uh this was just a test for subscriber only uh comments andyeah welcome to new subs if there are any um what do you think about having both thedslr 40c on the origin 50 i already own the orange and origin but i’m kind of i’mkind of tired that it needs so much but yeah i think i get what you mean yeah so theorigin you got to crank it to get a good sound the dsl will sound better overall in in myexperience i think it’s a much better amp i’ve tried them both back to back the origin isn’t badon the 50 is the best one out of the bunch right but the great thing about the dsl is you canswitch it to 20 watts which might be exactly what you’re looking for so yeah uh drew says justlet you know my new recording setup is happening now got the mo to adat into the new artura uheight pre into the new imac running big sur very cool mate midi is working and all uh veryhappy with it all cool what do you use midi for by the way for your recordings i i never do usepads or anything like that is that what that’s for uh lincoln says do you think that one thousanddollars is too much for a guitar that doesn’t come with a case or a gig bag depends on the guitarmate if it’s two thousand dollar guitar and you don’t get a case then it’s a deal um it’s a bitof an open-ended question that it just depends on the guitar not everyone not everyone will havea case for their guitar either they might have purchased the guitar if somebody that didn’t sellit to them with a case or whatever the case may be pun intended so i know i’ve sold guitarswhere i’ve not given the person a case because it didn’t come with one so yeah it iswhat it is man just weigh it up based on the retail price of the guitar and uh see what theactual case will cost you there’s plenty of great cases out there for all kinds of differentinstruments at different prices too so you have to spend 40 or 50bucks on a gig bag that’s good instead of you know spending an extra 300just for a hard case it’s probably worth it all right i’m just going toscroll down to the bottom hey we’ve got speed for higher here he saysin the blues hello mate i’m viewing from from the midwest usa welcome mate i appreciatethat um thinking of buying an original oh actually before i take this i just want to say i don’tthink the origin is a bad amp by the way but i think for what you’re looking for for thatlast uh question 20 watts is a better deal than than 50 and you’ve got a gain channel thatyou can really get some grunt out of it lower volumes as well again though thoseamps sound best loud but i think it’ll be more usable we’ll get a 5 watt amp get the dsl5just for home use that’ll kill that’s a great amp um i just saw your video on the artist versionof the 335 what pickups do you recommend uh you know they’re great they’ve got bull bucketpickups in there if you buy one of the current ones and they’re some of the best humbuckersi’ve heard especially in a guitar at that price so see if you like it first i i don’t believein just replacing pickups for the sake of it you’d be better off spending money on a betteramplifier if you’ve got a you know if you’ve got a great guitar and a crap amp not to sayyou got a crap amp because i don’t know but your tone won’t be good if you have a reallygood guitar like something like that or harley benton you plug it into a great amp it’sgonna sound awesome so spend your money on what you need to buy don’t just buy a guitar andreplace the pickups it might not sound better it’s one of the guitars that yeah all thosebullbarker pickups are pretty pretty great uh mound of sound says hey man lookingfor a reasonably reasonably priced bridge humbucker ideally pretty hot for ales paul style guitar for hard rock and metal what’s the best bang for buck seymour duncan’sor uh bare knuckle you know i i don’t really use either of those two brands man for thekind of stuff that i play but you know the best thing you can do is listen to as manyvideos or sound samples as you can with people who play in the same sort of style that you doi’m not that guy so i can’t really recommend one of those two brands i know a lot of peopledo like the seymour duncan’s and all that but um it’s not something i’ve had experience withso i don’t like recommending seymour uncle pickups for you and then saying i’ve never used thembefore so uh yeah i’m not really too sure i think one thing i’ve learned that a good humbuckerpickup will generally do everything that you want it to do just because it’s got moreoutput doesn’t mean it’s going to sound better it means you generally lose a bit ofthe brightness and sometimes a bit of the what makes the humbucker great so don’t gotoo hot with humbuckers a lot of the time and also do a little bit of research and findout what kind of sound you’re looking for and then find out what other players in thatsame genre are really using because you might it might surprise you they might have olderpickups in like hot rodded guitars so who knows all right guys we’re going to wrap this upthank you for hanging out i appreciate it thanks for all the super chat and support anduh the new member uh cheddar thank you man i appreciate that that’s super cool and if imissed any questions i apologize it gets to the point where after midnight i start losing theplot so i’m gonna go time stamp this and we’ll uh i’ll leave this one up um uh i’ll just see if there’s one more questionhey shane you’ve become skinny any tips on how uh here you go go to the gym just lift someweights don’t push yourself too much but yeah the diet makes the biggest difference andi’m guilty of having a crap diet from time to time but when i’m exercising regularly and i’mi’m also training uh sorry when i’m eating well and i’m exercising regularly whetherthat’s just walking or if i’m going to the gym two or three times a week it makes a hugedifference even if you eat poorly and you go to the gym you’re gonna see results or if you justchange your diet and don’t exercise you’re gonna see results i found for me personallybecause i put a bit of weight on a while back the the best thing for me is to have my mealsready to go and if i do that i eat far better and there’s plenty of options for that as wellthat’s the most off-topic question ever but i appreciate that thanks all right everybody thankyou so much for watching and uh subscribing and supporting the show and i will go time stamp thisbefore i fall asleep that’s that’s the plan all right guys take care and if i missed your questionleave it in the comments section of the video and i’ll get back to you when i timestamp this so vsaudio welcome mate and goodbye and uh dms as well sorry guys and we’ll catch you uh very soon seeya how do i turn this off again oh yeah over here you

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