Anti-Gravity Wheel?

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I am now at the University of Sydney wherethe mechanical engineering shop has built this incredible piece of apparatus for me. It is a forty pound, that is nineteen kilogramflywheel on the end of a rhythm long gibe. Can you imagine trying to hold this out horizontallywith really one entrust at this end? It is virtually … it was unable to, ok? No I’m going to let go. You going to be able to hold this at all? I hope so. Can you lift it out? Make it horizontal – hold it, impound it, holdit. Come on. Just try to – I demand you to hold it out horizontal. See if you can. Hold it, impound it! Ahh, come on! No.What I’m going to do is I am going to spinthis up to a few thousand RPM and then I’m going to attempt only that, to hold it fromone boundary and have it out horizontally. Five, four, three, two, one. Boom. I’m going to let go with my left hand. What you’ll see is that the shaft remainshorizontal, see it going around there.It almost looks as though the wheel is weightless. How does this work? Well instead of pluck the motor down tothe ground as you’d expect, the value of the pedal establishes a torque which pushes itaround in a halo. You may recognise this as gyroscopic precession. For a further explanation, click theannotation, or the link in the description to see my video on special topics. Now I want to try something more extreme. I’m going to try to elevator it over my manager withone pas while it’s spinning.Wish me prosperity. But before I fix the try, Rod wiselysuggests that I firstly check if I can lift the wheel above my principal without it spinning. OK, let’s is proof that I could lift it, justthis end, without it spinning. Here we go. aggghI mean it’s just kind of awkward with the pas. Careful! Ah, cheCareful! HaOooohhh Just scarcely. Oh goodness, do you even face-lift? Clearly I do not.Undaunted by my paucity of forte, I’m goingfor it, but I want to make sure the motor is inventing as soon as possible to give methe best chance of success. Give it ten more seconds. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Pull! Go. That was perfect. Now I’m going to release my left hand andholding merely with my right hand at the end of the shaft, I’ll try to lift it up overmy foreman. This is a forty pound, nineteen kilogram flywheel. Ready? Here we go: three, two, one. Beautiful! Let’s go again in three, two, one. Nice! Smooth. Three, two, one. It feels incredibly, improbably light as Ido that. When you said it felt incredibly glowing, yeah you symbolize when you’re lifting it feels glowing? Yeah.It shouldn’t! I know. HahahahaHonestly, I have hoisted it up with one mitt when it’s not inventing. Yeah. And it feels really hard to lift it up, likeit’s a big effort. Yeah. But with this, when it’s inventing it honestlyfelt like it was just … wanting to go up by itself. Yes. It was almost like I was not fighting like I wasnot putting in the amount of force that you’d think to lift that various kinds of heavines. I pot if you “lets get going”, it’d hurtle down tothe ground. It’s not weightless! We can’t do that though. We can’t do that part of the venture. What we have been able to maybe do is I could stand ona scale and we could see what the value of me plus that apparatus does, while I’m liftingit up over my ability, see if I get lighter in essence.You can see that simply my weight is about 72 kilograms. Now when I pick up the flywheel it goes upto about 91 kilograms, which utters ability because the flywheel itself is about 19 kilos, that’sabout 42 pounds. Now we’re going to spin it up and I miss youto make a prediction. As I’m lifting it over my manager, do you thinkthe scale reading will be more, less than, or equivalent to 91 kilograms. What do you think? You can induce your prophecy by clicking onone of the on-screen annotations or if you’re on portable you can click a join in the specific characteristics. Five, four, three, two, one ..

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