Amazon Haul 2020 Affordable Fitness Favorites

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Hi you’allI’m Sonia and welcome today I’m gonna show you a little amazon haulI know some of us are back in the gym some of us are at homeum and some of this I use at home some use the gym but I was necessary to precisely showyou some of my brand-new amazon favorites the first thing Iwanted to show you I’m all lined up for you guys is my foodscale I actually gone through a lot of food scalesthey’re like 10 15 a piece and some of them have gottenwet uh somebody was cleaning them john I was submerging them because theyneeded to be empty and then our last-place one that’s how it wentthis one I do like though because it can actuallyI will seem and put it on it can weigh moreweight it can take more pounds some of the other ones top out I contemplate at likefour pounds so if you were impelling the only reason why I said this let’ssay you’re making a recipe then let’s say you’re making meatballs and you’redivided out by how many meatballs you make and you wanted toweigh everything together and then you’re going to divide it by how manyyou acquired that’s why it would be good plus I like this one this is waterresistant so John can bathe you can’t submerge itokay but you can wash it it also has a tare buttonyeah which is very helpful because you can measure one ingredient and then hitthat button yes and then hit it again because youput a bullet on it and then you affected that button most of them have beenput that button it’ll shape the button be the meat be zeroed out so that you’restarting with just the menu and then unitthat it’s nice because you can switch between liquid ounces, ounces, grams, milligrams, things like that i should have had John show it to youokay there you go next thing I’m going to show youkind of an unusual thing not for everybody but I simply want to show you isI suffer from plantar fasciitis only when I have likereally long run actually merely operating I meanyou are banging yourself into the ground especially on the asphaltwe’re at home right now I’m doing a lot of runs uh and sometimes you run thetreadmill just watch my tv whatever because i justhave planner pressure i spoke but if i am gonna go outi obtained these a tie-in below they’re kind of extra supporti still wear socks here i am thinking maybe some people don’t anyways it has right andleft threw them on and it kind of gives you alittle more support this leads this behavior i think i always haveto look at the picture um right where your arch your foot isand everything else and on long ones supposedly that’s whatmakes you have plantar fasciitis is because of your arch propagandizing downit’s like thrust on that tendon okay anywaysif you have plantar fasciitis give these a try they’re not that much it reallydid actually cure me on some of my longer runsto not feel better the next day okay next thing I was going to show you ifyou are filching at home or you’re back in the gym are you I hopewe’re all back in the gym soon I had this from before got it off amazonhere you go I was always coming a bruiseright across where the bar was hitting me when I was doing diddly-squats I’m justputting my appoint on it I actually have a leg bag that I bringto the gym with me that has all my nonsense I knowthat might seem crazy but I don’t want to get hurt and I don’twant these bruises so all you do is you slip itright onto your rail voila then you no more bruises and I know youthink well because it genuinely makes a big difference but it really makes a bigdifference the other thing I do that’s in my legbag that I bring to the gym are used at home is your littleattachment for your cables encounter um pink has my mention on it generally myleg luggage but I do have a small cable on here thatI use for my kickbacks I know they have like the big onesusually the gym they’re made for men and they’re likethose large-scale leathery ones they’re not pleasant they kind of pull into yourheel exactly buy yourself one through not very muchmoney again I will have all the links in the description the next thing I wasgoing to show you I actually bought this at homebecause my husband and son and we have a few friends coming over to lifthave these on the end of their olympic barsthese are so hard on my hands I don’t know i have likeweak mitts or something so of course staying with the pink I got mesome clips they open up they’re pretty easy I say that there you go regardless and youjust slip them on but you can see to the ends and you clipthem on okay that’s how it operates and I doin this height I do think it’s better it doesn’t really bother me on my smithmachine but we have my olympic table out i’m actually going to show you my landmy connect these are harder to get on and off okaythe next thing i’ve been affection from amazon how she was working out it’s alittle bit different though it has been sold out because ithink people are buying for different reasonsuh lysol’s laundry sanitizer i think some people buy it because corona virus ithink that it’s like on our drapes and getting off i don’t know if reallythat’s true that’s not why i buy it a lot of the newworkout robes specially the sweat wicking ones getso stinky like a weird odor anyway especially some of the likecertain labels it seems like they’re supposed tobe the most moisture wicking but a funk to them if you compute this intoyour laundry i’m telling you to make a real difference they likewise have onethat’s like a athletic one they’re both good whatever you can getyour hands on because right now they are sold out a lot of meters on amazonthey’re back but beings are going crazy the beginning of pandemic buying it buti’ve always bought it for my workout robes i think it makes a hugedifference next thing i was going to show youi got me some brand-new apple straps “i probably shouldve” one before and “its like” one ofthose ones that has like a little knob i have been able to never get onto and it reallymade me kind of itchy like um rashy underneath i think because isweat a lot anyways these have like the wholei’m gonna relate them underneath they have all kinds of cute onesand they don’t determine me itchy look at those they’re like the littledog paws leopard and this one’s like color with rosesnice cute regardless a attach below so if you have an apple watchyou want to change out your ensemble don’t need to waste a lot of moneythe next thing I have my bluetooth headsetand of course they’re in pink because why notand I’ve actually had these a long time uh actuallyum some of my friends have bought them since they are appreciate me they’re like where’dyou get them they cultivate really well they’re easythey’re bluetooth they fasten your phone they listen to your musicthey’re great and i only charge them like formerly a week i think they’re about1 9 they’re like 19, 20 dollars they’re alittle I don’t think so they’re 20 anyways i’ll make these underneath ireally like them i don’t need i symbolize some of the other ones are moreexpensive and i don’t want to deal with that i don’t want to be like i lost themor something happened you know i left them in my auto and stepped on themanyways i don’t like to buy expensive headsetsnext thing i would tell you if you haven’t watched my first videoto get started you’re finishing of course you need a pink tape measurebecause why not get wise in pink we’re on the pink thing I have differentcolors anyways but get yourself a tape measure so you too can do yourmeasurements got it off amazon awfully inexpensiveto get going on your fitness i’m telling youyou really need to measure yourself don’t get too caught up in your scalesomebody is very very close to me is caught up in her scaleand she’s just caught up in her calculations instead it’s messing withher attention too much and then for those of you that are likeme that want to do a little bit extra with their legs imean i use this for so many stuff i like this one i have bought umand i’ll give the label at the bottom says it’s max fit atleticoi have bought two other ones it did not work so wellthey’re kind of like the rubbery plastic onesthey’re embarrassing “i m feeling” they’re attract actually tight on yourlegs nearly some pitch of giving me a bruise so i lovethis one i’m gonna have to like maybe support you guys some workouts i’ve beendoing with some of this stuff i think that would be really cool let me know ifyou want it these are really great they’re inexpensivethere’s so much you can do peculiarly if i were at home doing your living roomwith your kids whatever these are great and then i have one morething i’m going to show you that’s been on and off amazon i’m hopingthat it’s still on there if not i’m going to show it to you andthen you can look for it because it on and off becauseit’s a hot item everybody wants one and now that i have onei can see why let me show you okay i want to show you my last thingwhich is called the land mine attachment and certainly it’s just attaching if youalready have olympic saloon you just slide it in and turn it i thinkit was like i don’t know sixty dollars i don’t knowwe’re gonna affix the link i’ll try to find it it was on amazonit’s on and on they’re like three different kinds but let me tell youyou can do so much nearly in my feeling I’m not going to make videoslandmine component Erin Stern if you haven’t heard of herlook her up she’s like i don’t know five really good videos i try to link herwith underneath with all our amazon stuff shehas some really great videos on your landmine feeling you can useit for your limbs uh like your shoulder draws you can geton the end i’m to show you everything and you canuse it for hunkers i mean you can use this thingi hadn’t really “ve thought about” all the things thatyou can use it for but you can use it for your shouldersyou can use it for rows like i said displays a lot of videos is oneof the best things we got because if you’re at home and we’re trying towork all our muscles we don’t have everything that the normal gym hasthis has been really great well sorry i hope you’ve enjoyed this videoand i hope that you uh this helps you maybe buy some more things off amazonnot like we need an excuse to buy more things off amazonlet me know what you have found in the comments lately onamazon because i’d love to know i’m certainly looking forward to new fitness thingsto buy new robes i might try to do amazonhaul but that will be a long time so if i’m going to show youleggings i want to try them use them and then show you anywaysi hope you uh adoration this if you like it devote it a thumbs upmake sure you subscribe and we’ll see you next time byeyou

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